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  1. About 10 years ago my Australian doctor diagnosed me as pre type 2 diabetic. My levels were just above 6 (about 108-110 US). I've taken 1 x 500mg metformin for years since. In November just gone i did another blood test and in December she told me the control was showing 16 or about 300US. She got me to join a government scheme for diabetics, the primary aim of which was to get a subsidised meter and test strips, I couldn't wait (as I was coming back here early new year) so I bought one on line. She doubled the dose of metformin and got me thinking about diet. I maintained about a 60 hour work week throughout. On 28 December I took my first reading and it was 22.4 or nearly 400 US. Anyway by the time I got back here on the 7th of January it was about 16 again. So I stopped drinking beer, the missus got all sorts of herbal things going, I cut out bread and most kanom, and withing 2 weeks it was under 6, the lowest reading was 5.3 and it has stayed around there. I've had a few drinks here and there mainly whisky and soda only beers once. So far it has been 7 weeks and I've relaxed the diet a bit but as I was bored of drinking 4 bottles of beer every night it seems that has stopped and I'm now just a periodic social drinker. i did drink beer at that rate for a long time, maybe 20 years. So I didn't get to see the doctor again before I left, wont see her until May. i'm wondering whether I should reduce the metformin back to what it was. Secondly I just feel pretty ordinary, a few headaches which I've never had, succumbed to 2 fearsome colds and extremely sore and at one stage swollen feet. I thought I'd be getting a much bigger boost from the lifestyle change but so far it is underwhelming. i've had no trouble sleeping but some pretty weird nightmares. Any comments appreciated.
  2. I had a Thai health insurance policy once. When I filed a claim for dengue fever they realised I had a pre existing condition (unrelated and disclosed to broker who failed to advise them), cancelled the policy and refunded my annual premium. I cant wait to see what sort of coverage I get at any price.
  3. I don't know about British, American or Danish embassies. Senior staff at the Australian Embassy would not give a stuff about some old expat, they are in the middle of a juicy career at a plum posting. To complete the posting without having made a wave, having avoided responsibility for anything and having as little as possible contact with the unwashed Australian masses is the goal. All the while enjoying a tax free salary, luxury paid for accommodations, flextime and balancing work and life and other benefits thrown into their workplace agreements. The plan is to then return to Canberra for a few more years to do the same thing but different in the mandarin scented halls before proceeding on another plum posting at an even higher grade. An offer to such a class of person of an option to opt out of a function they whilst not performing, have had some unpleasant responsibility for, is not going to be refused. Or even the possibility with a minimum of fuss to stop doing same ie wait for the Americans to stop it first.
  4. I know its been covered before, but I don't carry mine except when going on longer trips. In ten years I've never been asked for it at any place on the road or even country resort hotels. I travel a lot on Highway 317, between Chantaburi and Sa Kaeo, literally hundreds of times. There is a 24 hour checkpoint near Pong Nam Ron always with an armed soldier on the southbound way and occasionally police on either way. Usually its just a wave through, perhaps half a dozen times I've been asked for a license or where I'm going. I should say a lot of Cambodians seem to get arrested here, I think its because they are going beyond where their permit allows. These are people without passports. 2 weeks ago I got asked by the soldier for my license, duly shown and waved through. Today with wife, sisters in law and child, the soldier asked me to pull over to the left. Another 3 soldiers came out, one started taking photos, and one came to the window and asked for my passport. I said it was at home and I showed him my license. He lost interest and sauntered away, vaguely waving me through, however the last chap was right at the window straight away also asking for the passport. The wife answered that it was at home and we were going on a innocent expedition. There was a further conversation during which he basically said that if his boss was there I wouldn't get through. All this was in Thai. Off we then went. Then there was an argument with the wife where I said I didn't have to carry it, and I wasn't in a hurry to listen to a boy with a gun, and she said just carry a copy. Which I will probably do. I think its probably just the Army flexing its muscles in the run-up to the election. But I did wonder if anybody has had similar recently, and what is the exact position?
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