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  1. Been watching Singapore for a while. Most of the regular population, very compliant, very low average infection rate. 300k dorm workers of whom more than 1/6 were confirmed to have the infection. However this mass testing was carried out between May and August, ie well after it started. They are not sure how many might have been asympotomatic and not tested, or had recovered by the time of the tests, but it would be some but not in the 5 to 10 times range as elsewhere. Serological tests are required to determine this. But herd immunity could not be obtained according to Professor Cook unless a
  2. Say for instance Biden wins and Trump stands aside so on 21 January Biden is there and the virus remains rampant in the middle of winter. What kind of lockdown would they have to endure? If Melbourne has had 3 to 4 months of very draconian restrictions to control a few hundred cases what would USA have to be. I dont know I'm asking. Surely it would have to be longer. Would the people accept that? Some might but I get the feeling with the current events it might be a bigger disaster than that just endured? Even in Europe now one gets the feeling that the hastily cobbled together patchwork lockd
  3. Sorry NZ is not open to any of Australia and has not been at any stage since March. Ardern has stated that there is no intention to open the border before a vaccine. A two travel bubble has been mooted, at the moment it is some one way, NZ can come to some Australian states. The problem for NZ is her stated long term strategy is elimination of the virus, Australia has opted for suppression, supposedly. Even though it might look the same, Australia says it will live with a few cases and suppress every outbreak. Australian state Premiers might not be totally on board with this, and thats a probl
  4. Whatever they were escaping from they fell into the hands of truly evil people.
  5. No, I mean the only grounds for attack pre-election were failed promises from her first election. But fortunately for her Covid saved the day. Now she has to deliver with no tourists and not enough farm workers.
  6. Jacinda Ardern is cautious and a nice person, but an airbag. Those parts of the job that require niceness she does well, hugging Muslim women while wearing headscarf etc. The caution was good at the start of the epidemic, but it will cost them big time from now on. The airbag part refers to unfulfilled promises. And for the record I have heard her state that NZ will not allow any border opening without quarantine until they have a vaccine. There is no Plan B.
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