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  1. There is a list on another current thread, I think in the visa sub forum. Geoblue was one of them. I ran a quote through at age 61 for 4 months nearly 500usd
  2. Sounds good. One previous poster did mention COE would not be issued until right at the end after the pre 72 Covid and fit to fly documents had been uploaded. This would appear to be different unless you are flying now/tomorrow/Monday.
  3. What about the review panel to see where Covid came from etc. Headed to China this week to discuss the methodology etc with Chinese experts who are providing them with initial research data to save them the trouble.
  4. The decision was announced. They are reducing inbound numbers by 50% which is expected to be 4000 passengers a week less. When Melbourne and Victoria are good to go it will be reviewed probably another change around mid-end August with a view to increasing the numbers again. Also every state is now moving to make you pay for the 14 days Quarantine (A$2800)
  5. I've seen it a long time ago, many times. I did not see any chains or cruelty, or animals left out in the rain. I did think that the largest monkey was trying to aim the coconuts at the boss rather than just letting them fall.
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