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  1. No, hundreds will get killed and maimed but a couple might feel slightly ill with the flu. erm, that's what I said!!....sorry if it's confusing...
  2. You're quite right. As King Lear said to his silent daughter: "Nothing will come of nothing."
  3. Surely it's not Covid-19 that needs to be feared this weekend, but rather the carnage on the roads.....
  4. Mate, you doubtless mean well, but don't you see how condescending or patronising those last two sentences are? As for the protestors being peaceful...well, it would seem you have only been watching CNN (the American Pravda). Have you not seen those masked crazies going right up to the cops (standing peacefully there) and shouting the most foul abuse at them, with the cops just having to stand there and pretend it ain't happening??? Who'd be a cop with masked yahoos like that spitting their mental illness into guys just trying to do their jobs. And incidentally, how about the "peaceful protestors" who confronted the idiot Seattle mayor in front of her home, the woman who suddenly saw how much she needed a police force, having abandoned the guys to the sickos in CHAZ?CHOP??? Peaceful suddenly becomes moronic aggro when it's right outside your home.....
  5. Ah, only a "crazy right winger" would object to lockdowns???? Anyone, right or left, could quite reasonably object to the deprivation of freedom involved in lock-downs, especially since they tend not to be "approved" by votes of provincial legislatures or the House of Commons. (Commons??? I've heard the word....) See how easy it is to have your head fked about by Pravda (aka, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).
  6. It's difficult to "argue" with rants like this, where "right-wing" is somehow seen, before we even start talking, as something utterly reprehensible. (I have been "left-wing" all my life, but I am not able to discern ANYone on today's "left" who represents views I have held for a rather long lifetime). (Perhaps I hold rather old-fashioned views about class and economics, far removed from the virtue signalling and identity politics that today passes for "left' thinking.) You condemn Canuckamuck for all his political opinions, thus implying that you believe the exact opposite of what he believes, which makes you a kind of clone of some of the worst exponents of Trumpophobia on CNN....and THEREFORE a human being of superb moral integrity. Look in the mirror to see if you can question some of your own blind prejudices.
  7. You're a close friend of Canuckamuck are you? You seem to know an awful lot about his inner thought processes.
  8. This may be pure speculation on my part (it is), but the soldier who attempted to have a face-to-face conversation with the guy who is (temporarily) the PM of Canada may well have been disgusted by all the hypocrisy coming out of Ottawa about Trudeau's "take a knee" solidarity with the BLM movement, when all of Canada knows that their "inclusive" PM was once a happy Black-Face-camper when he was a young guy and didn't know better. From Wokeville to Pukeville....enough to make any red-blooded Canadian angry beyond reason.
  9. How on earth does one define, in this or any other age, "inappropriate sexual behaviour"???? It means just what one wants it to mean. Such judgementalism. I am reminded of a schoolmaster portrayed by Charles Dickens. Faced with this kind of stiff-necked, frowning dismissive moralism, I can't help recalling some of the great adulterers of history, and wonder how Lords Nelson and Byron would fare in this dark satanic world where anyone can be labelled "inappropriate" "in a heartbeat." I also recall one of the greatest geniuses ever to touch a football, whose private life was notoriously "inappropriate." George Best, one of the best.
  10. I guess we will when it happens. The thing is, guys welcome, within bounds, a certain amount of sexual attention (what the #metoos would call "harassment.") The moral for males who have never heard of #metoo is: Never dip your pen in company ink.
  11. NO, no no....to call him an "organism" would be to admit that he is alive.
  12. They already are [carrying Mao's little red book] in a manner of speaking. When the mob bays for the head of a professor who refuses to apologise grovellingly for something "white privileged" he may have said, [and when weak cowardly presidents cave in and throw him to the wolves], then you know that America has finally caught up with the China of the 1970s. In fact, the revolution got so out of hand in China, Mao had to intervene to cool them down. I wonder how a president Biden (or Harris, Warren, Abrams whatever the real president's name might be) would handle the hotheads of the Democratic cultural revolution.....
  13. "Biden attacks Republicans for blocking law on foreign election interference" I guess Slow Joe doesn't realise that such a law might help to protect him from possible prosecution for his skullduggery in Ukraine and China....
  14. Erm....there was indeed a bit of a kerfuffle round about last Christmas (ooops , a white word, sorry) when a lovely gentleman by the name of Schiff did try, without success, to remove the present president. I think Mr Schiff has since then been "shipped" out to the Ukraine, where they truly appreciate his kind of lying.
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