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  1. As someone else has mentioned, Guantanamo Bay sounds like the kind of Butlin's camp that would suit her (orange-suit) her down to the ground. Let's make use of the so-called Special Relationship between the US and the UK. (However, slight problem: Obama told the Brits to go to the back of the queue if they were daft enough to vote Brexit...)
  2. Since he doesn't actually "have" the "body", Chomper, the words do not apply to him, whether he "likes" them or not.
  3. Don't worry, Emma....I don't think the guy would be interested in you, anyway.
  4. What a quaint and wearying list! [which I took the liberty of cutting]. You would have to be very naive to believe all those Trumpisms. (Set aside the problem that you could construct a similarly quaint list of "lies" about ANY politician alive or dead in the long course of the planet's experience of elections. Granted, some tell more lies than others...but...) As you may not have noticed, I did not mention Trump when querying Harris's trustworthiness or capacity for viciousness. And I certainly did not mean to imply that Trump was a more decent human being than Harris (or indeed almost anyone you could care to mention in modern political life!!)
  5. It's possible that there are more than just "Log Cabin republicans" who have a reservation about trans this or trans that and all the other "No Trespassing" identities of the Social Justice Warriors.
  6. there was a 50 per cent chance that the global average temperature in 2019 will break the previous year’s record and become the second hottest year ever in history. Ever in history? How far back would that be???? What pure bull these people in white lab-coats utter?
  7. Infantino is a worthy successor to Blatter. Sorry, I can't at the moment think of a more cutting insult.
  8. Thank you for reminding me of this mis-attribution. I had a senior moment and was probably thinking of the brilliant line that Prince Hal (rather cruelly) arrows towards the very fat Falstaff when he says, "The grave doth gape for thee thrice wider than for other men."
  9. Yes, well put. The thing is, every single person in the world (and on this thread!) is a dying human being. As Shakespeare put it: "we are born astride the grave". The problem is that, especially in the West, we somehow expect to be immortal. Only the other guy, down the street, has to die. And if some doctor tells me I have X months to live, I will "battle" this horrible enemy called Death (Cancer whatever). This notion of "battling" Death is what makes us miserable (and allows the pharmaceutical companies (not to mention the Naturopaths and all such quacks) to make millions from our fear of Death.
  10. Arm bears? As if bears were not already a serious danger to innocent backpackers. Why give them rifles too??
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