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  1. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about. Positive reinforcement of ignorance helps a child????? What fatuous nonsense (but at least you do admit that this latest offence against rationality is occurring.)
  2. Yes, I can "imagine" those things, having spent most of my adult life opposing things like apartheid and knocking on doors to get out the vote for "leftish" parties. Racist tropes such as you seem to favour are diversions from the more important fact of CLASS differences in most societies (and nowhere more obviously than in Thailand). Don't you see how useless it is to bleat about how "privileged" whites are over blacks, when in the US and also UK and other "white" democracies the most under-privileged person in society is the young white man without a job. He not only does not have
  3. Which parts of "white" civilization would you like to abandon? That which says good grammar is racist? That mathematics is racist (because for a child all answers are "correct" -only white culture insists on what is "correct" and "incorrect"?) Shakespeare because he has a black man die (yet again) or portrays a Jew in an unfavourable light? Socrates for daring to suggest that debate of all issues is rational and necessary? (And on and on and on and on....)
  4. May we assume that you also occupy this "privileged white position" - even more so in Thai society... If so, why do you hate your own race so much?
  5. Why bother with these putative "books" when the whole racist policy of many Thai governments over many years is to treat "farang/expats" as inferior human beings, who are tolerated only because their wallets are still worth infiltrating?
  6. I bought some Aunt Jemima just the other day. Now she beams sweetly down at me whenever I open the cupboard in my kitchen. Partly I bought the pancake mix (which I rarely use) simply BECAUSE I was so pleased that she had escaped (so far) the cancel culture so breathlessly exposed in your long rant.
  7. Note how Wokeville does not allow you to say "Chinaman", only 'Chinese man.' So, it's improper to call an American man American (or, more accurately, Yankee).?? Note also how it is seemingly ok to use the grammatically (but non- racist) parallel construction "Welshman" "Englishman" ..etc... My Woke daughter-in-law tells me that I must not use the word "fat" to describe fat people (but I'm glad to see that Dr Seuss found nothing wrong with that nice, satisfactory, monosyllable that the English language is so adept at producing.)
  8. Trouble is, the "issues" are not being "discussed", just cancelled.
  9. Brainless guy. That's two (2) mothers-in-law he's now saddled with....
  10. JFK and Castro? Nixon/Kissinger and Salvador Allende?? It's a bit naive to hope that American leaders who (or whose regime) carried out or attempted to carry out assassination of foreign leaders would rebuke the Prince for something that Americans have themselves been content to do in the history of the last 50 years or more.
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