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  1. And what point are you trying to prove with this list, pray??? Everyone knows that it was the communists and a few homosexuals who stood up to the Nazis inside Germany. (And a few brave Germans....) However, I was referring to the people (in the UK and its Commonwealth and the USA later) who joined up for the war and "did their bit" (like my own father) to eradicate the poison of fascism from Europe and Japan. I have no idea whether my father voted for the Tories (most unlikely), but for sure, though working class, he was what I would, at any time, call small "c" conservative, even right-wing in the sense that he never, as far as I know, advocated radical change. But he sure as hell knew the difference between good and evil. The ignorant rejection of "the Right" on this particular thread (see ALL of Chomper's contributions) is truly SAD to see, b/c it means that clear-minded debate is pretty well impossible.
  2. The US should just get the eff out of Afghanistan. They have the examples, in history, of the British and the Russians, of outsiders who could never control that rat-hole of a country. I stand to be corrected, but I don't think there has been a foreign terrorist attack on the US mainland since 9/11. So it looks like American intelligence agencies are doing a good job of keeping the bad guys out. If that is the case, it eliminates the need to keep the flag flying in Afghanistan. Let the drones keep an eye on the ISIS and Al Quaeda mobs...
  3. You can just hear the aide in the PM's office telling him to "take full responsibility" for the breach of ethics (that way you will do the necessary virtue signalling), BUT (wait wait Justine [sic]) in the very next breath tell them you were being unethical so as to bring more jobs jobs jobs to Kanada. Hypocrisy, thy name is Trudeau. '
  4. Yawwwwnnnnnn. Another disaster gloomster....has this woman met the Swedish teeny-bopper - oh no, it must be the AOC, who wants us to eat grass in the dark if we are still alive in 2030....
  5. My God but you're busy, Chomps. I suppose the appropriate answer to "Leave hasn't happened yet" is "Neither has Remain". And long may it Remain that way....
  6. Very quiet thread....oh, I forgot, the stats might have the effect of being positive for Leave!!!
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