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  1. Russians are loud? U ever been in Benidorm, u pretentious highbrow intellectual?
  2. BS. Most of vaccines now approved for "emergency use". I think u know what exatcly it means. Phizer went tru US FDA as a speedball. Less than a year. It takes up to 10 years to test/register. Experimental mrna vaccine? Less than a year? Give me a break and gospeed!
  3. Today i saw a funny picture. For some reason CCSA moved Russia from red list to yellow list. Funny coincidence right now russia living thru its 3rd Rona wave. So it gives a clear idea that not only Sputnik will be approved but even clear saline as a proof of russian vacination would have a go in thai MoPH. Looks like russian tourists are only europeans crazy enough to go in Thailand en masse no matter what.
  4. Jomtien will never be the same now. Russians were last bastion against chinese "organised tourists". And least caring by the way. Bad weather? We going! Right after tsunami? We going! Red shirts bruhaha? We going! Russians were perfect lab rats for this "reopening". While brit consulting his lawyer if he can go to Los or no, russian is already packing his sleevless shirts and flipflops.
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