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  1. IMHO Vespa is in Thailand expensive so therefore label's you HiSo kinda sad really. Yamaha grand filano non hybrid is a sensible scoot to buy..
  2. Yeah it's funny here I know but no one should rely on 7 year motors inspections as a safety check. I check my own vehicles if you're not able to check an older vehicle then there is places who can and my local Cockpit is great. That said our trucks only 3 years old. Our Yaris & City they only inspected with a tape check of VIN number and engine number at the place we go. My 28 year old big bike they just stick a exhaust pollution gauge down the exhaust box and I get my road tax disc, CTPL from the inspection place two days later.
  3. Lift sanctions and the balls in Iran's court, if they don't comply put the sanctions back on again or it's gonna be another brexit.
  4. Jokes apart it's no bother really over and done in no time if there's no que.
  5. Yeah you can do that if you want. In our village we have an inspection place now the scoot is 540 all in for CTPL, road tax disc and pick it up 2 days later. They do big bikes and car/trucks too very handy.
  6. Inspection motorcycles 5 years old before you can get road disc. For car/trucks 7 years old and every year after that.
  7. Absolute nonsense OCD behavior. As for ( "Do you live in a dangerous area or ever had your house robbed." ) No I don't, I left that behind when l left the UK.
  8. What ignorants are you English besides the race card has already been played. The parents should be deported as well. How can a 15 year old girl leave UK without parental consent.
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