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  1. I was gonna say go slow, I think you already have good advice. Have a multi gym and use it as gentle exercise. I ride my sportsbike which can be demanding. The farmland is good for me where I do Archery and walking 35 metres back and forth from target is exercise. Caring for the Farmland and farmhouse is another activity.
  2. In the UK use to use bulbtite rivets which were aluminum so nice and easy pull never seen them here. I have to use two hands with the rivets here and it take 2 - 3 pulls. I would say that tool drill attachment is definitely worth a try.
  3. Never ever heard of such a thing. Plenty of ad site to look at keep looking, contact them and see if you can go and see it. I wouldn't let anyone ride any of the bikes I've sold without them putting the money on the table first. I ride it up up down in front of them and then they decide whether they want to buy it.
  4. Not my motorbike but my scoot I was drinking a glass of Chang when my delivery from Shopee arrived a Chang battery gel type 12v/5v @ 277baht c.o.d. including delivery charge.
  5. I've used email to IPC and it takes a long time to get a reply back with an apology for reply taking a long time owing to covid.
  6. I have returned stuff to Shopee and Lazada but don't think I would order a mirror from either.
  7. Was you happy with the result I always got a bit upset seeing my bikes go away.
  8. I would ring em up is best the IPC just have your NI number ready. From what I remember if you ask for 4 weekly payments you get it 4 weeks on from your birthday.
  9. A bit of a cynical view of which I don't worry about, Que Sera, Sera.
  10. Yeah I was already living in Thailand when my UK govt pension was due. It was paid on a Monday every 4 weeks into my joint Thai Bkk bank a/c and forget how long after, it was changed to a Thursday.
  11. You miss out " wealthy". Not an economic retiree the likes of me.
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