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  1. Don't know what you mean, sounds like we have different views. All I say is my UK family want out of EU and were sick of TM stretching it out, she should be tried for treason if I could enforce it.
  2. Reading Thaivisa is being negative and positive, up to you.
  3. Cheers buddy I will go with this guy in P/lock as this workshop is the nearest type of big bike shop who knows of the legend of the CBR900RR Fireblade also it is the nearest to me, he speak some English and understands that I have a classic old bike as such so that helps I have more than just clutch bearings to sort, need carb overhaul kits, brake pads, brake hoses, tyres and maybe a front rim change from 16 to 17 which I don't wana do but finding a 130/70ZR/16 in Thailand is proving difficult.
  4. Well you asked, I can only tell you what has served me well and GS are not expensive, I say the same of motorcycle batteries Yuasa are good.
  5. For my money and 15 years in Thailand I've stuck with the inexpensive GS heavy duty batteries in 4 vehicles 5 to 6 years no problem, better the devil ya know in my book of life.
  6. Went to big bike Honda big wing Phitsanulok today, show them Honda OEM part No. for 2 clutch bearings, mai dai, they as useful as a fart in a spacesuit. Bike Villa Phitsanulok is the place to go.
  7. For flig sake why go on about law, the consensus is if you come to Thailand and want to drive for more than 30 days say get a Thai DL using your home DL
  8. Don't Laddie me, I guess your another TM & EU mafia supporter who knows nothing about me. My family is fine and wanted out and sick of the wasted 3.1/2 years.
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