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  1. Bit out the way not cheap but a safe place, I would think more towards Philippines, UK gov pension not frozen, suppose to be as cheap as Thailand.
  2. Pattaya well that at last explains. And the phone numbers are does that make sense ???
  3. Nonsense the immigration office you use is bent if you think it's not then tell which one it is.
  4. Immigration are all in on it, that's part of the trick, embroil everyone You are in cloud cuckoo land in Thailand, asked for agent in dealing visa's Sukhothai " not for you " so come on where these agents.
  5. You can wear a mask in CM, cops do still stop and hand out speed tickets, fires are real too some you can stop some you can't, pigs can't fly which is the same as finding legit agent to get you a legit extension.
  6. Sounds about as useless as the petition to unfreeze UK gov pensions.
  7. I knew someone to who has been told by the agent they use to wait because although some immigration offices are carrying out the new rules, legit agencies do not know what there position will be at the moment. His gone from Thailand now anyhow.
  8. Getting a extension of stay by an agent is not possible at the moment according to a legally operating agent, you must talking illegal agent.
  9. I think an educated person would know there's a culture difference, they either can adjust or leave. My mantra is " WOOSAH ".
  10. How an agent help when you have to show 400,000 baht in the bank all year.??
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