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  1. Without a site inspection my suggestion would be as rough sketch shows if there's any doubt of frailer, as for the present future monitor the footings for movement & any cracking of the concrete posts..
  2. There, you have just wrote answer yourself.
  3. Yes definitely when your ecu adjusts it will be ok.
  4. I like to ride my bike out and about and have a few beer stops. As for the rest of my hobbies I shoot guns and do all my hobbies with a beer I couldn't give a flying fling about what the neighbours think.
  5. Forget it loads of 125 little engine bikes here the R15 in Thailand is cheap and a nice bit of kit.
  6. Hobbies I have many. I like riding and and maintaining my 25 year old motorcycle cause there ain't anyone around where I live that I can trust to do it. My favorite is Archery but hot weather restrict that to early morning or colder season. Sniper shooting my B.I.L. 22 rifle on my farmland is fun I have set up targets and safety barriers at different distances. Using my Samurai Katana Thai sword to cut bamboo poles is good exercise, wish i had money to buy a Japanese one. Throwing axes at trees is good exercise too and fun. Throwing my homemade Javelin is good exercise too. Throwing my hunting knife at a tree is good fun too. Just into looking for a crossbow. Can do fishing but a bit boring these retirement days I find unless there plenty of beer about to drink I guess, drinking beer is something else you can add to my list.
  7. I guess Thailand I'm happy with that I'm retired and was working my bollo's off everywhere else I've been in the world.
  8. Of course I do I have a Thai wife and if you wanna mess with her good luck with that.
  9. Hey there bike buddy there's many places that can do what you want if you can't do it yourself but bear in mind the cost may outweigh the cost of selling and buying something else that suite your own frame. I like a full on sportsbike position those who moan about wrist ache are pussy's.
  10. Fair call but that would not be my concern, you pointed out quite rightly before if i recall correctly that the concrete post foundation is the whole key to a project like this, and I agree.
  11. Not bad for Pattaya here in Sukhothai one place when it's open does like 2 litre Chang draught beer in jugs forget how much but a reasonable cost. I like a pint of draught Guinness in CM when I go there in the Red Lion pub I think it's called near Burger King, expensive but cheaper than UK i'm told.
  12. Very funny it's 15 years old, things all over a car/truck get noisy over time doesn't mean somethings worn out just getting to be that way.
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