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  1. But a good idea to get your heart and fitness checked out before using it. I only say this because in UK they won't give you it without a check up that's what happen to me anyhow.
  2. Firstly apologies I realise that now. Secondly it's naive to think you cannot get a gun in UK it's quite easy you just need money.
  3. Yeah sorry I was playing with the London violence thing it has got worse among the black community if I'm aloud to say that, only zero contract jobs no real work employment available, crime in London will rise, it's been like that before Brexit.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if they do and I hear what you say, will shall see later how it develops.
  5. When we have a trip there in summer we go high up into the mountain areas, I have always found it cooler. It gets too cold at night winter season. That said this year in Suk the so called winter season has been same as summer.
  6. So what's the problem. Reminds me of a funny time in our village when a policeman was stopping people not wearing helmets. He would say you bike is seized and I'll write you a ticket fine which you have to pay at the police station or you can go buy a helmet from the stall over there. His wife use to sell the cheap m/c helmets.
  7. If you want to stay Thailand Phetchabun is a nice place in the northwest is characterized by forested mountains, streams and a cooler climate but not for you I guess.
  8. Good grief...... Hence the saying " The Laws an Ass " . The " Law " is what is reasonable, it has been ruled by a lawmaker that she will not be allow back in the UK which I believe as reasonable she was over the age of 10 years when she left.
  9. The mafia EU bosses they've being saying things like this from the start. If someone like Maggie had of been in charge the UK would of been out already deal or no deal.
  10. Why not do as other photographers do.
  11. Yes those dam low down electric and phone/internet cable are always in my way too.
  12. I agree but they won't, I always remember the 7 year old girl who died as a result of dogs attacking her when these report come out. There should be more " Shamed and named " out there. From a report :- Thailand has an estimated 10 million stray dogs, with 1 in 10 dogs in Bangkok estimated to be infected with rabies.
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