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  1. All I would say something written in 2008 is more than likely out of date and science medicine technology has moved on.
  2. I raise a glass to my Queen on many occasions not just her birthday. Grew up with her there in my time and proud that England still has a Royal family and History.
  3. Until Thailand is level with USA, Europe, UK financially NO.
  4. Good to hear the same sentiments as me, I know I'm old school but my bike doesn't have anything on it that it doesn't need. My bike is a bike not a load of unnecessary claptrap that's on bike these days and turned them into laptop.
  5. The people with use are always local people a they are over 50 or 60 and they get a price for what We want done so they take as long as they like.
  6. Nah many people who know and ride supersport type bikes here in Thailand know what I am saying. At 170 mph the bike s still accelerating.
  7. You can now go 275 kph like I do for a couple of seconds or more.
  8. Have you got one of those buckets where you spin the mop in the bucket to rinse. Looks like part of the bucket spinner.
  9. Yeah I lied guilty as charged because I didn't want the thread messed up with non drinking health and safety brigage. Only went at high speed getting there.
  10. Yeah I've always been a great fan of hers, she can send herself a telegram.
  11. There's two covers one if it's Your fault and one if it's Not Your fault look up Frank in Google CTPL and both lots of information you can read in English.
  12. No problem where we live maybe a brown envelope needed where some here live that's there problem.
  13. Agree so go to London and your see much worse off people in shady awful places in a rich country and it's bloody cold and wet most of the time.
  14. Not heard of it but our DLT has a drive through tax disc and DTPL insurance renewal.
  15. It's classed as an unnatural so no claim could be made you would have to claim from what dicks that built it.
  16. 80/90 Deestone tyre good. Balance manual OK. We would ride from (Korat) Nahkon Ratchasima to Khon Kaen then to Nong Khai. Nong Khai to CM is hard work but can go by way of Loei then Nan then Phayao then CM. CM to Pai then to Mae Hong Son then Mae Sariang then CM or Lampang. I look forward to dancing with the devil again on our bike rides. We ride for about 1•5 hrs, Pit-stop small can Chang and snack another 1• 5 hrs or so, another small of Chang then go look for Guest House/Resort whatever, I look forward to it again when this dam covid has gone
  17. Of coarse it's correct how ridiculous to not pay the tiny amount of CTPL.
  18. Mostly all Thai people in our village even the poor do not have a good thing to say about drunks and druggies. We don't get many sad people lying on sidewalks our police will take them away if we did.
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