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  1. I ordered a Kindle with a leather cover with integrated book light online -- for delivery to my sister in the US. She put it in a padded envelope and sent it to me by USPS Priority Mail. "CONTENTS: One Book." Using this method, it came right to my house, no taxes or duty. I would strongly urge you to buy the 3G model. I did with a view to the future, as I live in a place with no 3G. I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered books from Amazon and they started automatically downloading – via 2G (EDGE), which covers most of Thailand. The EDGE downloads were slow, but absolutely free. I have no idea how it works as it had nothing to do with my phone or phone plan. The lighted book cover is wonderful as you can read books when riding the bus or train at night or in bed without annoying your wife or girlfriend. I am a person who said NEVER to electronic books. Then for the same reasons cited by the OP, I gave in and bought one. I love the thing. There are 10's of thousands of free books you can download, many from Amazon. I have been reading out of print classics like Jules Verne, all free.

    Not a 100 % sure - but you might soon get a mail from Amazon telling you that need to pay additional roaming charges for your 3G.

    The 3G is free in the US but not internationally and since Amazon can detect that you order/download your books from outside the US they will soon get in touch with you for additional (monthly) payments.

  2. No issues at all.

    A while ago I ordered a Kindle plus a few other things, ordered on a Sunday (from the US website), the parcel arrived on Thursday. Amazon debited me with the estimated cost for tax/import duty (total appr. 20 % of the purchase value) and apparently they will even give you a credit if the actual amount turns out to be lower than that.

    No hassle - excellent service.

  3. La Piola, after the 7 eleven at the end of soi 11 is a bit sad atmosphere, but good pizza. Mamma is a typical Italian small 'trattoria' host :rolleyes:

    Went there a couple of years ago and as far as I remember they did not even have a proper menu - 'you get what Mama decides to cook today'.

    The food was really good but agree that the atmosphere is a bit dull - not really the venue for a big date.

  4. Is this a mountable model or one of the free standing ones? I have been looking for an over as well. I even roughed out an opening in our outside kitchen for one, but haven't gotten one yet. Will it bake a turkey? If it can do that, it can do anything else I would throw its way. ett

    It is free standing and can bake a baby turkey, go look and you will see.

    Can you advise me, PM or open, of the brand and which place to buy.

    I live out in the sticks but not toooo far.


    It's in the OP - the brand is 'House Worth" (Chinese make) bought at Robinsons.

  5. If you need to park later than that, another (expensive) option is the Hilton car park - 400 baht for 24 hours, but it's very safe.

    Otherwise just park down on Dechanuchit Road (soi 57) as there are usually spots all around there.

    ...or before you leave you have a drink at the Hilton bar and have them stamp your ticket. A few times I also managed to get a stamp at the reception desk - they did not even ask for a room number.

  6. IMO, Kinokuniya is the best. They have a large shop at the Emporium and an even larger one at Paragon.

    I try to avoid Asia Books which I find totally disorganized and also quite a bit more expensive than Kinokuniya.

    There used to be a second hand book shop further down from the Emporium just pass Soi 26 - I think...don't know whether it's still there.

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