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  1. Chef,

    Did you stop producing Amatriciana and Arrabiata? Can't find any at Villa already for a few months - only Mushroom, Regular and Artichoke (which I thought you discontinued some time ago) - and I really miss the Amatriciana!

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Which branch of Villa are you referring to?

    Could be a matter of purchasing....

    If you let us know which branch, we can contact them, review inventory, and make sure they order correctly.

    If you like, you can also request to talk to the section manager, and ask that he order what you need.

    If they have excess inventory at another store, sometimes they can transfer product fairly quickly.

    Their ordering cycle with us is once a month.

    - We still have some cases of Artichoke remaining at the factory - once those are cleared it will not be available.


    The Villa at Suk 33.


  2. De Jong kung <deleted> kick reminds me of Diego Maradona kung <deleted> kick long time ago in a world cup match

    Must admit I was surprised with De Jong last night. I'm a City fan and really rate him but I think he let himself down last night.

    This has nothing to do with Fair Play, Jongs license should be cancelled for 1 year

    What license are you talking about??

    Drivers license?

    Pub License?

    Marriage License?

    Probably 'License to Kill'

  3. I am not sure what he could have done differently other than perhaps send off either van Bommel or de Jong to really send out a clear message. You might want to argue about two or so of the cards but all the others were absolutely justified.

  4. Dear all,

    Thanks for you reply. I am well aware of salaries, income taxes and all other issues. Some of you have answered my question,

    @Arkady has given correct answer. I also tried to get some information to having a second WP. They said :

    1. Adding a second job may not be complicated in this case they may require permission from first company.

    2. We can add the second job in existing work permit but both jobs will be expire on same date.

    2. Next year during WP extension (first job), we must present second company paper too, so both job can extend same time on our work permit.

    If I am wrong, please correct.

    I think what asiawatcher suggested is by far the easiest and most economical way:

    You/your own company should write a monthly invoice to your new employer and charge them for your service (salary). No need for a second work permit and you still get paid.

  5. Paul already predicted the finals result, a win for The Netherlands.

    So yes, I believe him.

    Sorry, but you have to wait a bit longer for that. Paul will draw the winner of the third place match later today (4 pm or so) and after that the winner of the final - not sure whether this will be today or tomorrow.

  6. I'd like to know that too but for the Dutch side. Where can i find a Dutch pub in BKK? <br>I know about the place in suk. soi 23, but that's not what i call a dutch pub. I've seen a building on rama 9 road with a big sign on top of it saying AMSTERDAM, what's that?<br><br>If there ain't any good dutch pubs in BKK then i'd like to see the game on a big screen with a lot of people. Somebody told me the final will be displayed on a huge screen at siam square, is that true? <br><br>Viva Holanda<br><br><br><br><br>

    I believe you will find the most Dutch fans at the Green Parrot in Suk Soi 33 - in a sub-Soi now renamed Soi Holland.

  7. Just a quick comment.

    In my opinion Sneijder's goal should have been disallowed as Van Persie was clearly in off-side and has distracted the GK even though he did not touch the ball.

    Paraguay had a disallowed goal against Spain in quarter final for a similar reason.

    Anyway, Congratulations to Holland and good luck in the final.

    True - always a problem with these 'passive' off-sides. Didn't see the match but if van Persie did as much as moving his foot it should have been an off-side.

  8. If anyone played dirty in this game it was the Uruguay team. Robben has the reputation of diving a lot however he really hasn't been doing much of that during this World Cup. Van Bommel should have been send of tonight?? Sure he made some fouls as do most players but certainly not anything worth a red card.

    Agree in principle - but the thing with van Bommel is the number of fouls he is committing and and in the addition he deserves a yellow practically every time he plays.

  9. Agree with Black Mountain. Very nice course and club house and very good restaurant. Never played Banyan but a friend told me that they force you to take a cart - not allowed to walk - and the cart is not allowed on the fairway.

    Palm Hills is okay but I like the Imperial Lake View. Very relaxed atmosphere and they have 36 holes which comes in handy on busy weekend. You should also play the 'Railway Course' - very convenient location and the oldest course in Thailand. Just make sure to take enough balls - you might loose a few to the monkeys.

  10. Our collective top two predictions wrong, wrong, wrong! dam_n.

    Not really - according to the poll, Holland was the number 2 favourite. Or not?

    Not! Read the thread. People voted after the voting was deemed FINAL --


    So what. From now on I will support Paraguay. This is their numer one fan, Larissa Riquelme, and she promised to run naked through the streets of Asuncion if they become World Champions.

    Beats Diego by a mile...

    post-87618-054139800 1278182327_thumb.jp

  11. It's not the first and won't be the last time that a field player handles the ball on the goal line.

    Nobody would talk about it if Ghana would have converted the penalty.

    But most would have walked away with an ironic smile maybe, not crowing in the press claiming divinity and rubbing the noses in the %^*^ of a team who played with notable dignity.

    Agree with you that he is a &lt;deleted&gt; - but if you want to ban or sanction every football player because of stupid post game interviews you really have a mountain to climb.


    4-0 to Argentina.

    Absolutely superior to the Argentinian team who never came into their game.

    I'm very curious if Spain will be able to beat this German team; they play soooo easy, correct and with an unbelievable defense system also.

    I'm smelling a SUSPENSE FINAL.......Holland - Germany :rolleyes:

    This also shows something else but very important to world football:

    If Spain wins tonight over Paraguay of which I have little doubt, the WORLD CUP will have 3 European Continent countries with the last 4 and just one -small- South American country - Uruguay, having to play against Holland without their best player in the team, Luis SUAREZ who got a RED CARD :redcard2:, last night for stopping the ball with his hands and thus, indirectly, throwing Ghana out. A pure drama for the entire African continent. :(

    3 European countries with the last 4....Holland - Germany - Spain

    1 South American team : Uruguay

    What does that mean ?



    Well, basically it means that they are doing one better than in 2006 when we had 4 European teams in the semi finals.

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