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  1. Is his wife Thai?

    "Karl and his wife (who is still in New Zealand) planned on teaching in Bangkok" - so probably not thai and can't speak thai

    yeah, his wife isn't thai. anyway, he might be in a hospital in Minburi. We're still trying to figure it out.



    Wow, just stumbled on to this one. I met Karl when we were caught in the start-up of this mess on Friday afternoon in Rangnam. Shared a beer and then made a dash to Soi 14.

    I do hope he is alright. Let me know if you have any up-date.

  2. Yep - know him or at least his kind. They go on for Hours - night and day - and other than a loud TV there is nothing to tune it out. Once you picked up that call you can't go back to sleep.

    I believe it's their mating call and it will only stop once they found a mate. They are black and white - a bit like a smaller magpie.

  3. Just heard from a friend who tried to book a room at VERANDA RESORT (in between Cha Am and Hua Hin) and they claim that they are fully booked. I guess we will see a lot of Chinese and Japanese next week as they also have a long holiday.

    Might be better to make sure you have a bed before you drive down.

  4. I reckon if Pleat, Arthur, Doughty had got their act together & backed BD in January we wouldn't be entering this lottery now !!!

    Anyway, come on you tricky trees !!!! :)

    To be fair - I think it was simply that West Brom came good at the right time - they seemed to be able to go up a gear just as we went into neutral - well away from home anyway. Mind you I just had a look at the results for Forest over the last few months and we did actually beat the Baggies 1-3 in January - so your theory could be right :D

    I reckon Forest will get in the playoff final at least - I hope by then I can find a decent venue to watch it - mind you if you look at the recent results of the 2 teams that could get that 4th spot in the playoffs, the in-form team at the moment is Blackpool !

    If I understand the rules correctly and they come 6th and we come 3rd, dont we have to play them in the first stage?? I will have to google the rules...

    Come on U reds...

    Correct - 3 against 6, 4 against 5 - home and away and then a one game final.

  5. Dear Chef,

    I am a fan of your products which I usually buy at Villa Soi 33.

    The one 'complaint' I have is that I find that the jars open too easily i.e. the lid comes off (including the shrink foil) without any resistance and the usual 'plop' which you get when opening a glass jar for the first time. It might not matter but to me there is always a small doubt as to whether the product is fresh.

  6. I usually go to Cha Um and drive to Hua Hin but Cha Um is pretty boring. I haven't actually stayed at Hua Hin and this Songkran will be the first time. The times that I have been in Hua Hin, I haven't had any bad experiences. Going with the gf so I won't be hitting up bars or whatever. We don't look like the typical foreigners, so I'm hoping that I'll have a good time. I'll let you know how it goes.

    So what do the typical foreigners look like?

    I think that Hua Hin is a lovely place. Been going there regularly for the last 8 years and other than the traffic in town I have nothing to complain about. It might of course be a little different once you live there full time - but its definitely one of the better places.

  7. Lived there long time ago. Been out of touch for a few years but one thing you definitely should not miss is the National Museum in Taipei - really fascinating. A trip to the '101 Tower' should also be interesting.

    Check prices with China Airlines and EVA Air.

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