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  1. "Whole cities like this have been changed all over the world." So why fly to somewhere that is the same as everywhere else? Spain is cheaper and closer. After my first trip to Thailand, in 2000, I talked about and showed my mates pictures of, the Spaghetti wires, dodgey pavements and other such differences to what is normal in the UK. Shopping did not get a mention. What you describe, as your ideal, to me sounds utterly bland - not somewhere I would travel half way around the world to see.
  2. Another mall = another reason not to come to Thailand. When will these people realise tourists have malls at home, so have no need to fly thousands of miles for a shop. Walking street is/was something worth coming to see and experience. People don't go to Amsterdam to buy handbags and cameras. Street food and bars are what many travel to Thailand for as Thailand does (or more accuratly, used to do) it so well. Every city in every country has malls already - even Pattaya. The day I choose my holiday destination by the quality of its malls will be a very sad day - but I doubt that will ever happen.
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