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  1. We will probably end up with yearly vaccinations same as flu, to cope with new variants for years to come.
  2. Pure gold, there has to be a good reply to it but I can't think of it yet.
  3. As I have said before, Pattaya should concentrate on what it does well. Cheap sleazy bars full of girls is what it can do better than most cities in the world and is world famous for it already. Why try to reinvent itself into yet another bland family resort where it has to compete with Spain? When I first came to Thailand it was not to be with families - I came to get away from them and experience a totally different type of holiday. Personally I preferred Samui 20 years ago but since families took over there Pattaya was one of the few interesting places to go even though I now am with
  4. Being vaccinated reduces your chance of infecting others as well so not just a personal choice. Your decision whether to vaccinate or not can affect others.
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