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  1. If the company had put a 12 year old at the wheel would you blame the kid? The company put that driver there so it is ultimately responsible. Do they require him to do the checks? Do they make sure he is rested sufficiently? Do they sack drivers who say they are too tired to drive safely?
  2. The government and law enforcement must also take some responsibility for companies getting away with such poor safety standards.
  3. Don't just jump on the easiest target. Look more at the real problems that contributed to this accident. The picture shows a red light still on, on the tanker so assuming that the lights were working and the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel, let's consider why. Most likely the driver had not rested sufficiently. You just want to blame him, whereas I would be asking why he had not had enough rest. I have been injured due to a sleeping bus driver so know it is a serious problem in Thailand. I put the blame on the bus company owner/bosses. They are ultimately responsible for that man behind the wheel. They control most of the factors that should safeguard passengers. Was he vetted, license checked etc.? Was he regularly drug tested? We're his hours limited? Was a tachograph fitted to the bus? Did he have a second job? Did he have a history of passengers complaining about his driving? Did he have regular medicals? Was the journey too long for a single driver? Was there enough breaks on the journey? These are just a few of the checks and procedures that the company should do and they will only be done if the owner/bosses want them done. If the company does everything right and the driver went to work without resting even though he had plenty of time, then he gets the blame. If a new to the job, window cleaner falls off a ladder do you blame him or his boss for not teaching him to use the ladder properly? Are you sure the company took the drivers welfare seriously?
  4. If the gun has not been found and examined, how does he know it is the shooters gun that he sold to a friend?
  5. Years ago, I had 2 days overstay because Biman Bangladesh Airways messed up my return flight. 1000 Baht fine and that was it. I have been spending around 3 months a year in Thailand since. If they had made a fuss I would never have returned. Also many others would have been going elsewhere as well. They really need to understand the damage that this sort of treatment does to their tourist industry. I now advise people to go elsewhere because of all the problems they face in Thailand now. For those that say "he broke the law and deserves to be punished", How was he hurting Thailand? Then look at the rip off taxi drivers on Samui that illegally refuse to use the meter and are never punished, yet damage tourism every day. If you overstay more than say a month then you deserve punishing but less than that, it should be dealt with by the fine on departure.
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