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  1. I assume, if the traffic lights are red you have to stop. This is when pedestrians can cross. How this works if the lights are on green and a pedestrian who should have waited gets run over, I don't know. The road traffic act doesn't mention pedestrian crossings that aren't controlled by lights.
  2. I mostly agree with you. When I first came to Thailand it was another world but now it has become like Spain. I was a backpacker then and we'll able to look after myself in that rough and ready environment. We have to face the fact that Thailand is developing but important things like safety and law enforcement are lagging behind. This case highlights just how bad they are. Zebra crossings don't give pedestrians the right of way. If they did Bangkok would grind to a halt (when it does get to move). They are there to indicate where pedestrians should cross when safe to. They are usually at junctions with traffic lights so should actually be pelican crossings (no stripes, just lights). Zebra crossings should be safe places for pedestrians to cross quieter roads away from other distractions (traffic lights, junctions, roundabouts etc). The US developed over time and we can't expect Thailand to stay stuck in the past just for our pleasure. Thais should have a safe environment to live in like we do. I now have a young son and don't want him to end up as yet another road kill. So anyone who helps Thais wise up to where things can be improved should have our respect. It is a hard task and needs unconventional methods to get anywhere but every little step in the right direction helps. Back to your post - I could just as easily say "If you don't want to be in a modern safe Thailand then you should move to somewhere like Africa or parts of the middle east". After visiting family in Thailand I intend to go to Vietnam or the Philippines - they may also be unsafe but at least they are still fun.
  3. If you ever have children your attitude will change completely. If you already have children I pity them.
  4. And many more say "I spent my entire life being trod on by everyone without a thought of complaining".
  5. No and doesn't look like it. Now watch the video in the post after yours. Maybe if more people did do this, that woman would be alive today.
  6. And you would just accept that as well. How about standing up for yourself (and others) instead of just giving in? A small change like being more assertive at zebra crossings (while being very careful) will help drivers become more used to giving way and make a change in the law more likely. If everyone waits until there is not a car in sight nothing will ever change. Or if you are less agile and a car driver, give way to pedestrians more often even if it does confuse them.
  7. What a can of worms this has become. A quick scan through the traffic laws gives no mention of having to give way to pedestrians on a zebra crossing. They do say pedestrians have to use them though. If a vehicle is turning into a soi then they have to give way to pedestrians even without a zebra crossing. So on the face of it he was in the wrong. This doesn't mean what he did should be frowned upon though. He was standing up (or in this case sitting down) for the rights of pedestrians. We all need to cross roads on foot so anyone trying to make that safer should be applauded. Those saying he will not change anything should look at how any people led changes happen. If no-one stands up nothing will change but if one person does then it can start to snowball. He was seen by many on TV. Many times I hear "this is how it has been for many years, no need for any changes". Usually said by older people (not only the stupid ones) who seem oblivious to the changes that have occurred making the old ways unfit for purpose. Just because no-one else makes changes doesn't mean changes are not needed.
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