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  1. Perhaps you might want to apply to one of Thailand's many universities and teach there until you are able to satisfy the requirements to obtain a teaching license for primary and secondary schools.
  2. I'm not an expert at all on the different types of visas available to those wishing to be in Thailand for whatever reasons. I will say this, and I am not promoting or denigrating their religion, the LDS Church has a lot of missionaries in Thailand. They must know very well how to obtain the proper visas for their missionaries that are living in Thailand for 18-24 months. Perhaps one could contact them for advice on how to go about securing a volunteer visa.
  3. My luk krung kids squeezed me a lot more with university fees in the US. Luckily they graduated a few years ago and have pretty successful careers in high tech and business in the US. Despite growing up in Bangkok, I doubt that either will ever live/work in Thailand. They might come for a visit every now and then but that's about it.
  4. Looking at your avatar, the way that Liverpool is playing since the first of the year might drive many back to drinking! It's been a dreadful year for us LFC supporters.
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