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  1. It's not surprising that this day has finally arrived. I'll definitely miss the old movie house. I saw a lot of movies there back in the 80's and 90's as well as the other nearby theatres.
  2. I'm lucky as I have never had a problem with getting sweat in the eyes whether road or mtn biking. I don't think I do anything different than anyone else. Up by 0630 and out the door by 0700. Get home about 0900. Sometimes meet friends outside of BKK for a 1300 roll off. I always wear a helmet and always wear eye protection, usually sunglasses.
  3. Earlier it was mentioned about pay of teachers in the west and how low it was. In the US it depends on the area you are teaching in. It does vary widely by State and school district. I know of a number of school districts in the outlying suburbs of Seattle where a teacher with a master's degree and 15 years of experience can be paid between $115,000 to $124,000 a year plus all of the usual benefits such as medical, retirement, vacation, holidays, etc. There's also extra pay for other assignments including coaching sports. Retirement is based on 2% for each year served. Standard retirement is 30 years at 2% per year. That equals 60% of your salary based upon your five highest consecutive years. At $124,000 that works out to $74,400 a year. Let's say you started work as a teacher at age 25. You could then retire at age 55 on $74,400 a year. You could even wait until age 60 and retire on $86,800 a year. This doesn't even take into consideration social security which you become eligible for at age 62. This is why I said in my earlier post retire first and then come to teach in Thailand at a bigger international school.
  4. I taught at a Rajabhat back in the very early 90's when the pay was terrible. Salary of 13,5xx and a housing allowance of 8,000 per month. In 1994 or 95 a government issued raise increased the salary to 17,5xx plus the 8,000 for a grand total of 25,5xx per month. In 1996 I left and went to a very good government uni in northern BKK. The pay was exactly the same but the conditions were much better. A/C in classrooms and office and the students were a bit better academically speaking. Teaching classes in the evening for an extra 700 baht an hour at the uni. Costs were lower back then but I feel the salaries have not kept up with inflation. I wouldn't suggest teaching in Thailand unless you were a certified retired teacher from the west and could teach at one of the big three international schools in BKK that cater to western expat families and follow British, American, or Aussie curriculums.
  5. I know. I was agreeing with you. Perhaps that's not usual for Thai Visa.
  6. Add the Uyghurs to that group as well. They have been repressed for quite some time with no end in sight.
  7. Exactly! They are not the police, aka BIB.
  8. Marc Wilson, NFL QB with the Oakland Raiders/LA Raiders and also Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots. He won two Super Bowls. Lived in the same town. I went to school with his younger brother Shea. Shea was a very good athlete but didn't like being compared to his older brother so didn't really pursue sports that much.
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