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  1. Hanuman2547

    Time To Call It Quits.

    Sounds like one big Troll........and so far he got six pages out of it!
  2. No idea. My kids left the school in 2001 to attend high school in the USA.
  3. Hanuman2547

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    I thought that Mexico was paying for the Wall to be built? At least that's what Mr. Trump said was going to happen when he was campaigning for the Presidency.
  4. Back in 1998 to 2001 it was roughly 10%. Most were Buddhist. There were even a few Muslims at the school.
  5. Hanuman2547

    A Gala Dinner with Frank Bruno in Hua Hin

    Thanks for the report! Good to hear that it went off ok.
  6. Great news to hear that she survived. Coping with what lies ahead of her is no easy task. Hopefully her abductor never sets foot outside of a correctional facility again.
  7. I pretty much agree with this statement. I am a condo owner as well. I paid cash for it so no loans or anything. I own it outright. I bought my 3 year old condo in Jomtien in 2006 and still have it. I have never lived in it. Over the span of 12.5 years I have owned it I have spent the grand total of maybe 4 nights in it and that was back when I first bought it. Although it has nice furnishings and fittings, it's too small for my liking. It hasn't really appreciated much and I think it would be hard to sell although I have never put it on the market. Currently I have had the same tenant for the past 4 years. As I don't live in Thailand anymore, but visit yearly, I have a property management company take care of it. Now when I visit Thailand I use the baht in the bank from the rent collected to finance my holiday. The one nice thing is that means I'm a little more protected from the currency changes in the baht.
  8. He will be a guest of the Kingdom for a little longer than planned, staying in a place he probably won't like, but hey, the weight loss program will suit him quite well. Then after he is released they will hit him with the overstay fine!
  9. Hanuman2547

    Don't ride your bicycle in Chiang Mai

    Looks like that didn't go so well!
  10. Hanuman2547

    Thailand ready to play role in Kim-Trump summit

    Thailand cannot plan this successfully on such a short notice. They would be mired in too much red tape and too many people afraid to take action as they might "upset" someone else's department. Leave it to Singapore to pull this off.
  11. Hanuman2547

    Don't ride your bicycle in Chiang Mai

    They built a very nice bicycle path down in Prachuap Khiri khan along the water front. Then all the cars went and parked on it so bicycles can't use it and the police have know intention of ticketing the cars parked illegally.
  12. Hanuman2547

    Altercation with a taxi driver

    You pay cash.
  13. Hanuman2547

    Very sad goings-on in Pattaya

    In reply to the original poster, by her something to eat and drink. She can probably use both.
  14. Hanuman2547

    Altercation with a taxi driver

    I used them up in CM and they were great! I highly recommend them especially if you are in a party of 3-4 people. It is often times cheaper than taking the red songtaews. In Bangkok I don't use them as much but perhaps on Soi 11 at 10pm it might be a good idea.
  15. Hanuman2547

    Altercation with a taxi driver

    As was mentioned earlier by Bangkok Barry, I believe the number is 1584. They might tell you to call the tourist police who in turn might tell you to call DLT.