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  1. Except Nuon Chea, brother number 2, just died last week at age 93. He spent far too long as a free man. Now to get rid of the Khmer Rouge leader Hun Sen who has been a ruthless dictator since first coming into power in 1985.
  2. Left Thailand in 2001 after 12 years living in Bangkok. The reason was so that my luk krung kids, 16 and 14, could finish their schooling in the USA. I really like being back in the USA. I have a good job and am doing well. Kids are all grown up, finished their university education, and have good jobs in their chosen professions. I always thought that I would have returned to Thailand after my youngest one finished university. The longer I stay here the less inclined I am to do so. Most likely after I retire I will spend about 4-5 months in Thailand and the rest in the USA. If the visa gets to be too much of an issue I might just stay closer to 3 months.
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