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  1. Had a Neighbours 23 year old Son lost his life in a similar accident two years ago. He would drive flat out wherever he went, didn't need a Pick-Up as never carried a thing in the back, just used to race it everywhere he went and thought he was 'Lord of the Road' as he put it. Never worked and still lived with Mum and Dad. His Parents were warned about the way he drove but they would always laugh and say he knew what he was doing !
  2. Akin to moving the Deckchairs around on the Titanic; nothing will change and this useless and overmanned Monster will die anyway !
  3. 25 years after it was first mooted, Chiang Mai is till waiting for its 'Rapid Transit System', so somehow i doubt this 'project' will be taking off just yet. They love talking and setting up Panels, Committee's, Feasability Studies, anything that will enhance their free pocket money. The only things they are any good at is talking and corruption.
  4. Smoke and Mirrors to deflect obvious questions being asked by the Public. Sadly; it's carry on calamity !
  5. Prayuts Brother should fit the bill ; the man who knows nothing about everything and gets all the best jobs !
  6. Love the photo's they use of these Guys; they all look like dead men walking !
  7. Ah yes; that excrement airline where you get treated like excrement while trying to eat the muck they call food with your quickly splintering plastic 'cutlery'. Did it once; never again !
  8. Board Room should be cleared and disinfected anyway; they are about as useful as a Chocolate Teapot !
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