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  1. Oh; what a shame, but who in Bangkok gives a stuff when it's bad in Chiang Mai ?
  2. Zzzzzzz; wake me when something really positive is done like teaching people to drive properly, proper testing and proper Law Enforcement !
  3. Just another way to extort cash from the Minnions but would never surprise me if they made it law for Farang owned vehicles, as we are apparently the evil ones in their midst !
  4. He is doing what he and all other Thai's are brought up to do....break every law and rule there is to break, show selfish disrespect to everyone and anything that doesn't suit their own purpose !
  5. They just love adding 0's to their numbers don't they...unless it's death on the roads and then they subtract ! About two months ago we were told there were no more overstayers in Thailand, they had all been caught, so have these 45,000 all overstayed in the last two months ? Mickey Mouse and his Chums would make a better job of running this country !
  6. What happened to using rubber for road surfaces; thought this was going to solve the problem and make the rubber farmers rich ?
  7. Only one part of his statement hits the nail on the head.....''Thailand needs to keep up with the changing World ''. Problem is they have no intention of keeping up with, or being interested in, or being part of the rest of the World. They are only interested in protecting the 'few' at the top of the 'Ruling Class' and 'showing off' their latest hardware to the Neighbours; the defence of the Nation and the protection of the majority of its people is furthest from their thoughts !
  8. To be 'qualified and approved' just depends on how thick the brown envelopes are !
  9. It's the way their Mummy's taught them and you can't expect the poor darlings to become real men and do things properly now can you !
  10. All very commendable but the Firemen around our way wear T Shirts and Flip Flops on the job !
  11. One month ago it was announced that the TM30 'problem' was being reviewed and there would be an announcement about changing laws etc in two months. One month has now passed and you can bet your last Baht that in one months time there will be no announcement or another one announcing another two month delay. They think if they sit on their hands long enough all the problems will go away and the money can continue to be collected in the same old way.
  12. I must visit the dirt poor villagers living around my way and give them the message that their Government is making every effort to 'talk' them into being a lot better off !
  13. Remember it well; and what happened to the follow up of mass prosecutions that 'should' have taken place ?
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