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  1. When 40% of drivers don't have a license anyway, how is this going to help ? It doesn't matter what cockeyed idea's they come up with after they've eaten their free lunch and argued about who should pay what when they don't have a professional Police Force that upholds all the laws. Just another case of talking but never doing !
  2. If he steps outside the Equadorian Embassy in London he will be arrested by the British Police and probably extradited to the U.S. He no longer has a valid visa for the U.K. either, so in theory he could be deported to who knows where ?
  3. Lemons also at Tesco on 108, huge pile of them there today. Also saw them at Big C 1 , near Makro on Tuesday.
  4. He didn't see them because he didn't look; he was doing what most Thai's do, the 'I'm going there' attitude and everyone else can get stuffed !
  5. What is ploblem ? We have many tins of black paint ready to cover name of Thai company when plane clash !!
  6. And what about 'The Natives' who break every traffic rule on a daily basis, including Policemen, two of whom passed me this morning on Motorbikes wearing flat caps instead of helmets ?
  7. More talk for 'the next one' and when the next one happens there will be even more talk !
  8. Like all Thai 'statistics' these details can't be trusted as they love to make up any story that will help things look better than they actually are. Why else would they only count bodies that die at the scene of accidents instead of the real numbers including those that die as a result of injuries later ? They know the real way to stop drink/driving and needless deaths; get the Police to do their job properly and enforce existing laws but nobody has the guts to sort out the idle Police who are merely a money collection agency !
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