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  1. Anyone with a scrap of brain knew from the start that the 'good stuff' would be for the 'Important People' and the Chinese <deleted> would be for the Cannonbfodder...i.e. the rest of us !
  2. To a Lunatic Asylum. Oh ;sorry i forgot, Thailand is one big Lunatic Asylum !
  3. Eventually they will enrich it enough for the Israelis to bomb their backsides off; even if the U.S. doesn't agree with what they are doing !
  4. We all know this will lead nowhere; what's needed now if a full blooded revolution by the people but they are so brainwashed into passive bunnies from the word go that they can't find the 'oomph', so it's left to just a few hundred students to at least try to do something.
  5. Ah; this weeks 'Probe', can't live here without at least one every week !
  6. If he did that to my Cat then far worse would happen to him; cruelty to Animals is inexcusable !
  7. Didn't we all know this would come down to money....because money is GOD in Thailand !
  8. Didn't attempt to go and stop it himself then; being a 'Police Chief' and all that with no doubt Medal Ribbons Galore plus 'Wings' etc etc, all awarded for bravery beyond the call of duty.......Lol !
  9. The RTP is listed by the UN as 'A Criminal Organisation'; not that we need telling as it's widly known both inside and outside of the country. Likelyhood of change........ZERO !
  10. Thanks for your reply; don't know where this place is, can you give me any directions please ?
  11. Thanks for that; i will try again and be more patient ! In England we use crumbled up Mc Vities Digestive Biscuits for our Cheesecake base. I find these Biscuits in Big C normally stacked next to the Chocolate Digestives, usual price 69 Baht but often on promotion at 59. Depending on what size Cheesecake you are making you will most likely need two packs; works out a bit expensive but with the rest of the ingredients it's an expensive job here anyway !
  12. 'Temperature Controlled Transport'. Ah; that will be our Water Delivery Geezer then who leaves everything out in the sun all day on his clapped out, filth emitting Pick-Up Truck !
  13. Anyone seen frozen Short Pastry (Pies etc)in Chiang Mai ? Plenty of Puff Pastry in Makro and Yok but can't find any Short Pastry anywhere. Made it myself a few times but a chore for sure !
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