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  1. Can't wait to see what 'Normal' looks like by 2023 ! Chinese investors must be licking their lips at all the possibilities in the redundant Hotels market by then.
  2. As the majority of 'Teachers' are inept and useless along with the majority of Policemen it would surely be better to leave them unprotected entirely !
  3. Thailand has been screwed for Decades and this is just Double Bubble. They are incapable of fixing anything.......especially fast !
  4. Is there anything he doesn't forbid other than outrageous Corruption at Government and every other level right down to Lottery Tickets ?
  5. Been there, done that and now after six trips to Blighty over the last 15 years the Mrs has decided she would rather live in Thailand !
  6. In many of the Villages around our way it is impossible to seperate the old from the young; they live together, sleep together and eat together, in many cases just living in one big room. I could show you a dozen homes like this within a ten minute bike ride and there are tens of thousands of them all over the country.
  7. If that fails the HIso's won't get any poorer and they don't care about anyone but themselves. If it is a success the Hiso's will become a lot richer becuase they all have a stake in Siam Biotech and that is why not enough Vaccine has been ordered elsewhere. Following that they will be lining up to tell you how clever they are !
  8. Thailand never learns anything from the rest of the World. Don't you know the Thai's are a superior race who know far more than anyone else on The Planet ?
  9. And stop paying the Police for 'protection'; as they never have done anything for you and never will but they will keep coming for the payoff !
  10. Problem here is most 'Degree's' are not worth the paper they are written on !
  11. Chinese influence; the Chinese think everything like Rhino Horn and anything that comes from endangered animals will cure them of anything.......dimwits !
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