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  1. Thanks both for the suggestions! Am away from Hua Hin now but will try (and re-try) them next time I am there.
  2. Looking for some Western-quality bread anywhere in Hua Hin. Ok if I have to order ahead from a restaurant. Ideally sourdough ciabatta/baguettes/boules. Not looking for heavy dark breads or anything with Caraway seeds. Want to hear the gentle cracking of the substantial crust as crumbs and flour fly off in every direction, to reveal a soft inside with giant air cavities and smell the sourdough flavor. The bread-shaped objects sold at Villa and Tesco and other large Farang grocery chains are not even close. I tried Op Oon and it is a step in the right direction, but the inner texture is still lacking and they clearly spend the large proportion of their effort on the shop decor. Where is the good stuff? Thanks in advance.
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