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  1. The 1-fan DIY design shown in the OP is not as powerful as most Xiaomi models, however in terms of the overall parts cost and ALSO the amount of pollution cleaned per baht, it is definitely cheaper. The 2-fan DIY design shown in the OP, while noisy and not pretty, actually cleans more pollution PER HOUR than the commercial unit I was comparing with (which wasn't a Xiaomi but I think the commercial units are pretty similar to each other) in addition to being much, much cheaper. So it depends on your desired trade-off of cost, noise, space, effectiveness, ... and also whether you already have a fan or two sitting around and like arts and crafts projects with cardboard and tape. For more info see https://slice-of-thai.com/air/ TELL SHOP OWNERS / THAI ENTREPRENEURS THAT THERE IS A WAY TO MAKE SOME GOOD MONEY: this would be a good time to order a bunch of real HEPA filters for the coming incineration in February! I want to make sure as many enterprising hardware stores and other business folks get the word NOW and stock up on those filters, so that when the actual pollution comes in February (and everyone is running around unprepared looking for a quick fix) there will be a good supply in Thailand available for quick order. We want to avoid the situation of the last few years, where 100% of Thai inventory is out of stock by the end of February and the only ways of ordering (from China) take 1+ months.
  2. Here is a public service announcement for those (including locals) who do not have enough cash/rights to leave Northern Thailand during the smog season or to buy one of the overpriced room air purifiers currently on the market. Using the trick below, you can make a purifier with your existing floor/desk fan and some filter material. Be sure to check out the English- and Thai-language images included below. More info at: https://slice-of-thai.com/air Please help share to all pollution-affected communities in Thailand and around the world. ----------------- What are PM2.5 particles? PM2.5 particles are the most dangerous ingredient of today’s world-wide pollution. These tiny particles get into our lungs and blood stream. They cause bronchitis and other lung diseases, and, over time, increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer. ----------------- Ways to protect from PM2.5 1 Wear an N95-rated mask. Only N95 masks will block PM2.5 particles. Don’t waste your money on cheap/fake masks! 2 If you have an aircon, buy a roll of 3M Filtrete and install the sheets in your aircon filter. Follow the video at: https://youtu.be/ka8aMHpddUw You will need new sheets every 10-14 days. 3 Buy an overpriced commercial air purifier for between 2,500-14,000 THB, plus 1,000 THB for replacement filters every 2-3 months. 4 Make your own DIY air purifier for around 400 THB using the fan you already own! Read on... ----------------- DIY Air Purifier Step 1 Choose a small room (not more than 15 square meters). Seal up windows and doors with tape/weatherstripping. Seal wood floor with carpet or linoleum. (see pictures) ----------------- DIY Air Purifier Step 2 Buy a true HEPA filter from Lazada (search for “HEPA”). Dimensions at least 30 x 30 cm, accordion-fold. Price around 200-400 THB. (see pictures) Example Lazada listings at this time: 36cm x 46cm one for 308B: https://www.lazada.co.th/products/oscar-store-pm25-filter-element-hepa-element-filter-replacement-filter-low-noise-smog-indoor-air-purifier-parts-dust-air-cleaner-officehome-modern-fashion-i306902965-s534642044.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.27.33224d4dCi5Exe&search=1 30cm x 30cm DIY one for 284B: https://www.lazada.co.th/products/diy-air-filter-hepa-dust-filter-for-air-conditioner-cold-fan-air-cleaner-fan-i262587968-s404515424.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.1.cddf66c9scd8px&search=1 Two of above for 226B each: https://www.lazada.co.th/products/diy-air-filter-hepa-dust-filter-for-air-conditioner-cold-fan-air-cleaner-fan-buy-1-get-1-free-i285486364-s465578550.html? Do not cheap out on the filter. Only a true HEPA filter blocks PM2.5 particles: cloth, foam, and car air filters do not work. You cannot make a HEPA filter yourself. Lazada delivers everywhere in Thailand with cash COD. Help the locals by encouraging your hardware store to stock HEPA filters too. ----------------- DIY Air Purifier Step 3 Grab some cardboard and tape and make a tube behind your fan with a hole for fan neck: (see picture) All your tape joints should be as air-tight as possible. ----------------- DIY Air Purifier Step 4 Tape another tube to the front of your fan, then tape the filter to the front of that tube: (see picture) Now run your fan on the highest speed and enjoy clean air! It takes about 1-2 hours for air to become clean. Don't open the door too often. You will need to buy a new filter every 2-3 months. Washing or vacuming the filter will destroy the fibers that can catch PM2.5: it never helps. ----------------- DIY Air Purifier SUPER POWER If you happen to own two fans, you can make an air purifier that is more powerful than the 6,000 THB commercial units. Rich people will be jealous of you. Just tape the second fan to the tube behind the first fan. (see picture) ----------------- DIY Air Purifier TESTS AND INFO Please check out: https://slice-of-thai.com/air where you will find: • more info about this DIY design • English and Thai version of this info ภาษาไทย • performance tests with a PM2.5 measuring device • links to other DIY air purifier designs Please help to share, adapt, and improve the design!
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