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  1. Hopefully the green wire goes back to a CU that has proper earth. A 5 amp meter is actually 5/15 which can handle at least 15 amps measured accurately. A 15 amp meter is actually 15/45 which can handle at least 45 amps measured accurately. A "tingle" is (always) from ungrounded or poorly grounded equipment.
  2. For a small yard, electric mowers are the way to go IMO. The catch bag isn't very big so fills fast. And you don't want to cut when overgrown - electrics don't handle that very well. RE electric hedge cutter: I'm fine with the one I have. But, my wife won't touch it - prefers the manual cutter (that needs to be a good one).
  3. Reflective insulation is good for this climate. It reflects radiated/convected heat.
  4. Small job for sure. Suggest you buy the tiles you want, probably one "box" will do. Then use the "ask a friend" network to find someone to do it. The cost should be B500 at most.
  5. Can you put something under the extended end to support from the bottom? Even a single rod would probably do it. Oops, I just noticed Denim beat me to it. Unless that completely screws the look you wanted, I think best, then you shouldn't have to worry about load.
  6. My wife is considering renting out a room or two in our house. I know a TM-30 would be required for foreigner stay but wonder if a permit from the government is also required? Tax forms to complete? Not looking for speculation of the "rules" - just experience/knowledge of government branch we need to contact or...?
  7. And that is why leaks in that area are usually from back flow. Either chemical or snake to clear blockage is needed.
  8. Obviously you would get only 2 cuts per rotation with a single blade so the 4 blade disk seems "better" to me. More important is how it attaches (or not) to the rotor.
  9. I think Rudi has been mowing rocks. I wonder how that top blade got into that position? Do you replace the whole disk?
  10. EBAY has some. Not for my electric mower and don't recognize the brands they do have. Why do you need a new blade? A trip to the local welding shop could probably fix/sharpen whatever the problem (maybe).
  11. Those look like furnace and sewage vents to me. IE: no fans.
  12. Please try to understand that MCB, RCBO, RCD, etc. should only trip when there is a fault in the wires connected. When nothing is connected, the device should not trip. When the device trips with nothing connected except mains (which is the case here), the device is most likely defective and should be replaced. There is nothing to eliminate when the device is the one and only factor.
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