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  1. Not certain, but I don't think render ever goes under tile. Just the mortar they use for tiling.
  2. My last 3 orders (within the last month) used 3 different carriers but Kerry was one of them. The only time I have had delivery take longer than 3 days is when shipping from China. I don't use COD because if not home when delivery attempt they can just leave with a neighbor - which has happened dozens of times with no issue.
  3. We used Super Block but didn't do anything different that I am aware for tiling. Are you saying they used the "glue" that goes between the blocks as render for the walls? Wow. There again, mine was done using normal render.
  4. Using a DMM to measure voltage at a socket by "plugging in" the probes can be problematic if the probes are short or you just can't make good contact. Get the plug-in tester Crossy posted. Much simpler.
  5. Hope that is for inside the conditioned home DIY projects. I've never had them last outside for more than one rainy season even when painted with "waterproof" paint.
  6. Right. Maybe I should have said the dew point is not a concern for an inverter since the compressor is running (almost) all the time. If it is dehumidifying then it is condensing water vapor. If it is not, then the RH is low enough that dehumidifying is not needed.
  7. There is no dew point when using AC because it is dehumidifying. When cool outside but still high humidity, I use the "Dry" setting which keeps RH at about 40% give or take.
  8. Ours has at least one 90o bend with no apparent issues. Edit: That's a curved 90, not a right angle.
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