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  1. bankruatsteve

    Septic tanks ?

    Most toilet paper these days is biodegradable and not an issue for septic or other systems. Well, within a reasonable wipe which I'm sure some people do abuse.
  2. bankruatsteve

    Stotz BBC S61 Circuit Breaker ...where to buy??

    Crossy is your man for recommending CU, but just to say... you don't HAVE to have a "Safe-T-Cut" to get RCD protection. Schneider Square-D boxes can be fitted with RCBO as well as the DIN styles. BTW: RCD function just as well without ground and are especially important to have in that case.
  3. bankruatsteve

    Fridge has R134a leak, price for fix?

    If the local guy didn't even look at it, then the price is too much. In any case, are you sure it's worth trying to fix?
  4. bankruatsteve

    Slow running taps!

    Possibly scale build up somewhere. Try checking the filter on the end of the faucet (should screw off by hand - but might need a wrench if corroded). If the flow is still restricted with that off, you will need to check the hose, stop valve, and faucet separately.
  5. bankruatsteve

    anyone know where I can buy turf?

    This type of turf fills in on it's own. IE: you don't need to fill and patch. Maybe re-assess your opinion after giving it a few months to mature. Cheers.
  6. bankruatsteve

    anyone know where I can buy turf?

    Can't say for sure, but the turf you bought sounds just like the turf we used to make a beautiful lawn. The sand is important and needs plenty of water. Ours developed within a few weeks. BTW: Seeding may not be an option since it's likely you will not be able to find.
  7. bankruatsteve

    Stotz BBC S61 Circuit Breaker ...where to buy??

    Well, it's not to your question but somebody will ask: Why do you need Stotz? There must be a decent selection for DIN breakers that will meet your specifications.
  8. bankruatsteve

    Pipe Extractor

    A needle nose worked for me. Took a while picking at it, but finally opened up.
  9. bankruatsteve

    Cost of building a house

    Debate? As others have pointed out, there are several threads in DIY that discuss costs and give advice for home builds. If you post here again, try to provide as much information as you can. Lot's of talent here to help.
  10. bankruatsteve

    Tiny leak

    Boonthavorn is a safe bet for fixtures and fittings. The "Home" places still have a mixture of quality - mostly crap - and it's not always obvious.