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  1. If the company name is on the house book and the land title, what gives you ownership? Not sure which is used for PEA to install meter and set up billing (I think the house book). How does your partner (assuming) register for anything without her name on the house book?
  2. Dunno. But an answer is not likely to come from a forum. You should stop in and talk to your friendly PEA.
  3. Do you own your plot? Is it registered? The "3rd party" may hold the book for the whole "village" and needs to be plotted and registered. (?) The PEA normally determines how things are set up otherwise.
  4. A trimmer, whether electric or petrol, is meant for trimming only. For a hedge that large, you will likely be needing to cut branches that a trimmer simply cannot. Heavy duty pruning sheers or even a chain saw is probably going to serve you better.
  5. We rent out our scaffolding, ladders, welder.
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