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  1. A report with no actual facts apart from the death of the m'bike rider. His bike was under the back of a Ford pick-up and a truck 100 yards away reported "feeling something under the wheels". I cant remember every reading a more confusing and useless report as this. RIP to Karl-Heinz Adami, who may have been completely innocent, or the total opposite, we will probably never know.
  2. Their favourite topic, laws. Not whats good, right, decent or morally correct. They have produced laws that suit their purpose, laws that pardon them from their criminal behaviour and laws that outlaw dissent. We now have a whole library of laws but a govt armed with S44 for when laws are not enough. Legal is not always right.
  3. Such a short sentence but so much to argue with. Without doubt and suggested by many, the computer crime law is not 'normal' but a tool to deal with political opponents. It wasn't just one, but one of several created by the NCPO to deal with opposition and dissent. And they were not created to attack a particular group, but teachers, lawyers, academics, students....... anyone who stands in opposition to military rule. The amended computer crimes act has been criticised by almost everyone outside of the NCPO and i will post just one of several comments online: The Amended Act is rife with broad powers that are susceptible to abuse and could severely punish legitimate political, academic, or social expression.
  4. Some sort of odd contradiction going on here. Just a few days ago I read about Trump telling the European countries from which hundreds of ISIS fighters had originated (France, Holland, Belgium, Britain, Germany) that they must take these people back and not leave them running around to cause more havoc. There was some sense in the idea, suggesting I think they be sentenced and imprisoned in their country of origin rather than go on to fight again somewhere else. Now they suggest they wont take a recruit back. Legally it all gets rather confusing, and it seems Trumps administration isn't sure either.
  5. Showing that the long delay in which they made 'laws' to suit their wishes was always the game plan and that early elections were never intended. We now have the 'crimes' of criticism under the guise of false information, or sedition if they so wish. Making a constitution that furthered their purpose obviously wasn't enough, so the computer crimes act was added to tighten the noose. This desperate attempt to stay in power is as others have mentioned, in the style of Cambodia who "locked them up."
  6. Having had time to consider (while watering the plants) I have decided that this could, in fact, be a blessing. That a military general should show such contempt for the citizens and the ideals of democracy that an army should be serving the peoples elected government, its a perfect time just before an election to see them for what they are. His angry retort should be shown in every news media for Thai citizens to read how little the military think of their opinions.
  7. Rattled military resorts to ‘hate’ strategy; Its what they know best! Perhaps the Thai public have finally understood the true nature of what the 'army' is and how it works. Many different political figures are discussing the reduction of both generals and funding which would of course bring an end to their elite position in Thai society, something that worries the them enormously. This fight is only just beginning.
  8. It cant be easy for a country riddled with corruption and a poor history in safety standards to maintain the standards set by the international community. This will always be an uphill climb for a nation determined to remain 3rd world.
  9. Having invaded every aspect of Thai social life they now pretend that the purchase of subs and tanks are for the good of the citizens. Are they really suggesting they will be bringing military equipment into the settling of disputes over dam building, coal fired power stations and water sharing? Not being able to justify them for military use this is a very sad excuse for the waste of billions of baht.
  10. Its interesting that the very rational and obvious idea of a reduction in the size of an extremely bloated military, in a country with no war, brings about a return of a song linked with the murder of students. If a group of students suggested this was the best way to deal with right wing military extremists there would be sedition charges in days. The very idea of a free and fair discussion going into an elections scares these people to death.
  11. If passing laws made a country a safer and better place Thailand would be top of the heap after the magnanimous efforts of the NLA who never fail their boss.
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