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  1. If we cant get better driving at least try to restrict vans speeds to 80kph. Forget the GPS for everyone, fit a tachograph in every van, bus and lorry and have all daily records checked. This stupidity needs to end.
  2. This will go the same way as riding in the back of pick-ups, a few days of talk and then it will disappear with the wind and pollution. Not a chance they will get GPS in m'bikes.
  3. Yet another 'fact' thats just too big to swallow! 8000 in 3 days? At that rate they'd be over-spilling the jails and needed to use empty hotel rooms.
  4. I did my 1 year extension for marriage at C Mai 2 weeks ago. I live the far side of Tha Ton so have to drive down one day, go in next morning. It often takes 3 days. This time I was there at 8.30am, they never sent us away, I did have all the correct paperwork, finally got number 7 and was done before lunch. Never had it so easy before. Just shows how things change from day to day and the mood of that person was handles the copies.
  5. Been living here 32 years and still never visited Pattaya let alone a certain street. Note; I had to read the other comments to find out what WS stood for. Have I missed anything?
  6. Yes, the builders, labourers and manual workers from all over the country are desperately waiting to pack their belongings in their Fortuner, drive to the beach and enjoy the low prices and cheap accommodation awaiting them. Will the airlines allow them to take their shovels for playing in the sand and will the Phuket stores be outfitting them with silk suits and shirts?
  7. It was strange choice of "main negotiator' wasn't it. A man from a family in the top 50 richest in the country, an empire in construction and property are hardly likely to understand what its like to be poor. Govt and its citizens are, and have always been, miles apart here in Thailand.
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