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  1. Having invaded every aspect of Thai social life they now pretend that the purchase of subs and tanks are for the good of the citizens. Are they really suggesting they will be bringing military equipment into the settling of disputes over dam building, coal fired power stations and water sharing? Not being able to justify them for military use this is a very sad excuse for the waste of billions of baht.
  2. Its interesting that the very rational and obvious idea of a reduction in the size of an extremely bloated military, in a country with no war, brings about a return of a song linked with the murder of students. If a group of students suggested this was the best way to deal with right wing military extremists there would be sedition charges in days. The very idea of a free and fair discussion going into an elections scares these people to death.
  3. If passing laws made a country a safer and better place Thailand would be top of the heap after the magnanimous efforts of the NLA who never fail their boss.
  4. Quite simply the number of retired, elderly Western men here increased hugely in those 30 years. You are now, by looks, included in that group who often dont speak Thai.
  5. The national emergency is not the immigrants who could harm the country but the president who is destroying the foundations the country is built on.
  6. With the continued road widening and addition of multiple lanes on ring roads Chiang Mai can kiss goodbye to any hope of improvement in the near future, especially considering how many vehicles are big engined diesel. Staying in Doi Saket a few days ago I left home at 9.30am with the sun just beginning to warm the air. Just over half way to the city I realised there was now no sun, a dull haze had taken its place. With Bangkok in full, ugly view for everyone to see Chiang Mai proceeded in the same destructive manner. The 'blessings' of car ownership in cities.
  7. The lawyers are having a field day with Trumps presidency. He is determined not to let truth get in the way of his opinion. I am reminded of this lovely observation; Trump later continued his long-running war on observable reality..
  8. The Brexit fiasco is at least informing us on the dire situation British politics is facing. The chosen winners of the last election have shown themselves to be totally divided over this issue and the opposition is making little or no inroads into its fight to overtake. Perhaps the British have finally decided that politicians are just not to be trusted to do what the electorate want but the time appears to be ripe for new parties to make an appearance. The old ones look to be intent on just pulling themselves apart.
  9. Leaving the safety of our food and ground water totally in the hands of people who have shown no inclination to make those changes. These 3 chemicals are almost the total stock or our local agri supply shop. With no options to revert to how will change ever take place.
  10. In this world of international travel there needs to be international regulations governing luggage weights. A visitor on arrival from the US can have his normal sized bags loaded with no extra costs in LA. Then he flies internal and is told its oversized or too heavy. What can they do? As a tour manager that organised trips Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand I was constantly involved in these disputes because the airlines dont share a common rule. Some even had 15kgs for main check in and no tourists wants to be dumping clothes mid holiday.
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