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  1. Up here in Tha Ton its been 10am for the sun to shine and about 4.30pm the fake sunset. We were better off for the first week when Chiang Mai was very bad but its gotten worse. Our village has a holding ban on burning but somewhere nearby is obviously setting their hills alight. Very bad today (Sat).
  2. When people choose to burn their own countryside something is seriously wrong.
  3. What would Abhisit know about democracy or integrity? Past experience showed he valued neither of them.
  4. He particularly needs to safeguard his elevated position and that of all his friends in uniform who otherwise wouldn't be socially important, wealthy or in positions of power. The problems with the 3 pillars he so desires to protect is that it doesn't include the ordinary citizens who under a democracy are the owners of this country. Please Thailand, go out and vote in any way possible to keep the military in the barracks and give Thai youth the chance to get out from under the yoke of feudalism.
  5. The Thai police tackling crime? Now there's a novelty. Just imagine what could be done if this happened every month of the year.
  6. When motorbike riders top the injury lists people blame the bikes but this tells us much about what goes on in reality. That number plate could be brought up and read with the right tools.
  7. But for all the wrong reasons. Once more going against the majority who dont see this as a way to bring peace between Israel and its neighbours.
  8. Perfect. Took any ideas I could think of away and had me chuckling in my coffee.
  9. Trump showing us just what he is and what he stands for; small minded, angry, petty, vindictive and callous. Ne really does introduce a new low to all he touches.
  10. Have I slept, did I miss something? Massive efforts made via constitutional and voting changes, laws to criminalise free speech, the selection of a senate and a 20 year military plan are not doing much for a civilian led future.
  11. After feeling the need to resurface very few years, remove politicians, shoot some demonstrators and continue in a way that suits their interests, the military have now laid down a long term plan that avoids all those messy things. So, disappearing people, torture, free speech and most regular features of human rights can be swept off into the distant future. Truly amazing, even more so when you consider the public have no choice. And if you do voice a complaint they have made more laws to ensure your arrest for defiance.
  12. And there you have it. Money passed down to village leaders that will never be accounted for and very unlikely to ever get to the regular citizen. Corruption all the way down to the local level, everyone getting their cut and all unlikely to care about this so called free and fair election.
  13. The usual nonsense with stationary vehicles so officials can pretend their job is done. As we are all aware collisions (not accidents) happen when vehicles are on the move, when they are overtaking on corners, speeding through built up districts, driving close enough to look like they are being towed. Enough years have passed for us all to realise they just wont do their job properly.
  14. These 22 wheel twins need serious restrictions. They are often moving along at 90kph and more empty (I clocked one today where I live in the north) and despite loads of wet sand at 50 tonnes are still doing 80kph while hovering just a few meters from your rear bumper. All these vehicles need to have a huge red speed number painted on all sides in red with a telephone number under that to ring when they are speeding.
  15. Being here for quite a few years before Thaksins rise to power it was quite obvious that Thailands politics was already a shambles. When Prem stood down there was instant corrupt activity, probably equal to that taking place when he was in power but now out in the open. Chatchai's buffet cabinet was infamous and illegal logging was so rampant it was depicted in a cartoon with a forest of tree stumps. That led us back to the military via Sunthorn and Suchinda. And that ended in violence and killings. The problem is and has always been that politicians have 'persuaded' police and justice officials to take sides and laws have simply been bent and broken. Then the military come back and it all goes underground by silencing the media, scaring the populous and stopping the scandals coming out. Thaksin just epitomises the political way, and now Prayuth the military way. Both use the lack of proper laws to try to get more for themselves and both have no love for the general public. Finding someone to vote for that cares for your ideas and opinions is the real problem for the students, farmers, factory workers and young entrepreneurs of today. Selflessly serving others doesn't appear to be a common trait. An after thought; Thaksin is just emulating the military, he wont give in. Just like they keep coming back albeit with different faces, father and now son.
  16. Well, there you are, a man in 10 million, someone who has the creativity to announce Trump honest. Anyone with that amount of comic humour belongs on stage. If you seriously consider Trump honest then there is obviously no point in further discussion.
  17. Poor old U.S. of A. Being seen for what it really is, losing its importance as a legal and moral upholder of peoples rights, no longer democratic and slipping further away from the majority who uphold the idea of world justice. How long before they attain a position similar to how they now view Iran. A comment made on this subject, included in an international newspaper added this; James Goldston, the executive director of the Open Society Justice Initiative, said Pompeo’s remarks reflected the administration’s view that international law matters “only when it is aligned with US national interests”. Which pretty much agrees with all Naom Chomsky has been saying for years. A criminal state.
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