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  1. The rice farmers may have a case I'm not a rice farmer, what I do know, farmers can't handle change and to prove that how many young people are working paddy fields , my experience with my family, the young in the village go to agriculture schools learn new ways, go back to farm, Grandad, Father and uncles kindly ignore their suggestions, after a year of trying , the youngsters head to the city, you only have to see the thousand year old tradition of burning off, to understand lack of progress.
  2. I agree at the expense of becoming a recluse and loosing your sense of humour, lighten up on that daily intake of "T" bone steaks and that carton of piss and keeping active thats the key all else follows, unfortnutley not everyone can do this, the other way to keeping young is of course die young.
  3. Amazing Thailand the Army Chief doing media stops , warning people with threats of retaliation if they step out of line , and nobody even voted for this person, where's the relevant Minister ( who also wasn't voted in by the people ) to put this guy back in the box. What a stuffed system of government Thailand has, in the west most people in their country of origin wouldn't even know or ever see the Army Chief.
  4. There's not much difference in supporting a social obligation than propping up high speed rail programs.
  5. May as well have a fake coup as they gained nothing with the real one, anyroad, I thought the fake coup was to get rid of Prayut , seems Prayut has miss read the whole shebang and thinks he's tossin out some dissenters in the ranks , how wrong can you be , bring on the fake coup
  6. Undoubtedly Thailand will be in the mix for years as far as retirement goes, however because of the new immigration rules from on arrival cards to retirement extensions, newbies seeking adventure will now divert their attention and favour the more easy path to Cambodia or Vietnam, that's not to say in twenty tears time those countries will be upping the antae on their boarders as well , then maybe Somalia and so it goes.
  7. Be like in Australia , they force the demand up and squeeze the locals out , now the market is about to crash.
  8. The out come was the best for all concerned , however it shouldn't have escalated to the height it did , the main concerning factor was in the past Thailand has erred on the side of dictators or totalitarian governments when making decisions about refugee people or groups, leaving western nations scratching the heads as to what direction Thailand is heading.
  9. Unfortunately this is the end result of countries changing or enforcing policy, one good reason to never cut ties with your country of origin.
  10. Well someone lied for six weeks the last time there was a coup, why can't they do it again , highly improbable but never the less, Thai military can't be trusted and neither can section 44.
  11. Just like other places in the world and what of the locals wages, just like else where in the world stagnated.
  12. As long time Thai watches will testify , you need to be careful when attempting to reveal corruption, otherwise you might just disappear or wake-up dead in the morning.
  13. Quite obviously Interpol needs to clean up its act in regards to its understanding of International law, regarding refugees status.
  14. With the same old establishment running the country, the country will remain stagnant, not very vibrant and will rely more so on China and Chinese tourists.
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