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  1. Thailand is indebted to China, China wags its finger, Thailand Bares its U know what.
  2. Just a re-hatch of the old diversify scheme, back in the early 2000, mushroom , fish and chicken farms and the middle man got the money.
  3. Nothing to worry about here unless you are a pig, African Swine fever has been out of control in China the past two years, so pig farmers watch your piggies..
  4. Over the 45 years of friendship you've had some toss pots as leaders of both countries, nothing has changed much.
  5. Keep your eye on this crowd , cannot be trusted to do the right thing .
  6. The video clips are not fake, they showed us on the OZ news the little elephant baby being taken away and its mother crying and the baby crying, basically you never separate a mother and baby elephant, its a part of the pack , these morons people should be exposed about this cruelty and the full force of the law administered.
  7. Like everything , what you want and what you get are entirely two different things , I wanted to win lotto and ended up with 5 b/r 6 car garage villa on the beach front at Monaco , but thats another story.
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