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  1. Sounds like if she passes, then she will get paid. Problem solved.
  2. Any ex-pats who cannot even get hold of 800k, quite frankly should not be retired and need to go back to work. Maybe they have the funds but they are tied up in investments? I don't know. But by Western standards we are not talking about a huge sum of money. If you are retired and going into debt to meet the financial requirements of what is basically a third-world country, then I hate to say this but you did not plan your retirement properly, if at all. I fully understand why people may object to it on principle and want to leave. For me, I would be concerned that this is only the first in a series of changes that could take place over the next few years to make things harder and harder for ex-pats because of xenophobia. Jumping through so many hoops to live in a country which is doing everything it can to get rid of you seems a bit weird, but I can fully understand that people who have family here and can't find that kind of money must be in a really difficult situation. I'm sure there are lots of ex-pats bringing a huge amount of money into the country, particularly those who may be supporting their wife's family etc, so it may be a case of the country cutting off their nose to spite their face.
  3. So don't turn up with a suitcase full of rubber jonnies and viagra then.
  4. It's disheartening to hear of so many people leaving, either because they can't deposit the money or they just don't agree with it in principle. Do you think that the government (or military, whatever) is doing this purposefully to get foreigners to leave, or are they just doing it to protect the country and it's citizens, by keeping 'undesirables' out? If the motive for complicating visa issues for long-stay foreigners is xenophobia, that could be extremely concerning.
  5. I'm sure there are lots of retirees in America who can't afford to retire.
  6. 40 quid to get a card which charges 220 baht per ATM withdrawal? Do you not use a Thai bank?
  7. If you want to cancel that card, get a new one sent out to your UK address, I would be willing to bring it with me when I fly in a few weeks. Activating a card whilst it is still in transit is not a great idea, especially with contactless nowadays meaning no pin required.
  8. Which bank is it? Sounds like they are fobbing you off, call again and email them a screenshot showing that the payment didn't go through. I hope you used credit cards, with debit cards it much harder, nigh on impossible to get the money back if the bank can show that you gave the correct details. The online reviews for this company suggest that they could possibly not be the best company to use and you might struggle to get any kind of redress in this matter.
  9. Why don't Thai people understand middle names?
  10. I need some sunglasses. Now there is no way I will buy Oakleys. Thanks for the info.
  11. They might not notice or care about such a small transgression. Obviously if they do notice it, then apologise and offer to pay a fine. If this is a situation that cannot be resolved with a fine then you are at their mercy.
  12. Then why do so many English teachers not get work permits? I always seem to meet a few when I go to Savannakhet to renew my visa, and they're always on tourist visas.
  13. Thais only listen to Morlum and LukTung, so if you know anything about modern music you have a special skill haha. 15 years ago all the DJs in KhaoSan seemed to be farangs, I spoke to a few and they were all being paid cash in hand. But bouncers and "hostesses" - no way have they got work permits.
  14. But how would the postal worker know what was in the box? If they ask, just say computer parts and leave it as that.
  15. Be aware that gastroscopies can often be inconclusive. Ask for a biopsy at the same time to avoid having to come back later for something they could have done at the time.
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