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  1. Anything you don't take will probably be asked for - better to take everything, with signed and dated copies.
  2. Hi guys, I am in Thailand on a Non-O visa, and in the last 30 days of the visa's eligibility, I would like to upgrade this to the 1 year extension of stay based on marriage, for the sake of pure convenience and not having to keep leaving the country etc. (it'll also save many thousands of baht from all the travelling, hotels, restaurants, visa charges and the rest). The paperwork, although extensive, confusing, and different between offices, is not my issue, I will get everything in triplicate, dated and countersigned, and my Thai bank book will be updated on the morning on the way to the immigration office. I might even have a yellow tabien baan by then if things go as planned. My question is the photo requirements. How many photos are required? What types of photos do they want? Can I provide on an SD card, via an email attachment, or do they want them printed out? And if so, how big should they be, is black and white ok? I know there is a good chance that whatever I do will be rejected initially, but if I could find out from anyone who has done this recently it would be a huge help - I've read a lot of conflicting advice and heard different things from the people I have spoken to. Thanks in advance.
  3. On a multi entry non-O visa, if you leave the country and then re-enter on the last day of validity, you will still get a 90 day stay, which can still be extended by 60 days at your local immigration office. So on one ME non-O, you can get 365 + 90 + 60 days total, which is 17 months.
  4. No way will you ever have a problem - there's a weird old Indian guy who lurks close to soi 3, who manages to get hundreds of Bolex watches into Thailand without any issues at all!
  5. That could describe the life of almost anyone who has ever existed.
  6. Thanks. Platinum was basically rack after rack of very cheaply-produced women's clothes, panthip plaza seems to be suffering from the shopping mall equivalent of cancer, and the traffic is insane - will stay somewhere with a bit more going on next time!
  7. Be aware that almost all the Asian carriers will require you to produce the card that you booked the ticket with before they will allow you to board - a friend of mine booked online and had his wallet stolen about a week later, thinking nothing of it he went to Suvarnabhumi but was refused boarding, which caused all kinds of problems, ended up having to buy a new ticket, but they refunded the original ticket to his card so was more of a hindrance than a financial issue. If you book online with the carrier's website, you should get a good rate, but the websites like Kayak, Skyscanner and Expedia can usually offer a lower rate, and booking through a third party means that you won't be asked to show the card when checking in. Last time I needed to buy a ticket BKK-LHR, I bought a ticket from a travel agent near Khao San Road for 12000 baht which was about £50 less than the price on the carrier's website (Eva air - my favourite airline by far).
  8. Hi guys, I'm staying a few nights at a hotel in Phaya Thai - can any of you knowledgeable guys recommend any decent bars, restaurants or things to do in the area? Cheers.
  9. Hi guys, I would like some advice. I have been overseeing the sale of a property in the UK, but am now back to square one, waiting for another offer. I don't want to hang around in the UK for months on end in an empty house waiting for the sale to complete. Because of Brexit, things are painfully slow and I don't have a great deal to do here. My question is: can you forsee any pitfalls with me coming back to Thailand now and dealing with the sale remotely? Is that possible? I looked at giving power of attorney to a friend, but it's not cheap and I'm not sure I trust anyone enough to do it. Has anyone done this kind of thing? It's so miserable and expensive in the UK, I can feel my mood sinking as the days go by.
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