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  1. Yeah, that IO wanted to "help" the OP by giving him back his paperwork and telling him to go away.
  2. That could happen anywhere, not just in Thailand after marrying a penniless Thai lady.
  3. I always get sweet dreams mixed up with good teeth.
  4. Just look at Kev-in-Thailand. One day he gets a bit of indigestion. Goes to the doctor - oesophageal cancer. No insurance. Has cost him over 1.6 million in treatement so far. He's 58 years old. 400k is not enough.
  5. A good plan B is Cambodia. No visa problems. Much easier to work legally. Much lower cost of living. Just don't have loads of possessions in Thailand if you are leaving the country to get a visa.
  6. Well, what's going to happen is that Savannakhet will start to ask for the 400k in a Thai bank account, and not a joint account. Combine that with the fact that the banks are becoming more and reluctant to open an account for a foreigner without a work permit, then many people will be up sh*t creek even if they do have the finance required. Hopefully if they do want to see 400k/$13k or whatever it is, then they will accept foreign bank statements, but knowing Thailand, they will not accept them unless they are printed on original Egyptian papyrus and have been countersigned and verified by Mahatma Gandhi and witnessed by two people. I.e. not possible. Next time I am in Bangkok I am going to Kasikorn to try and open an account - tempted to put my phone on record in my pocket. Is that legal?
  7. So it's at the embassies, the airports and the border crossings. There MUST be something coming down from the top about keeping people out. As this guy buckled under the pressure from the wife, it's clear he was just chancing it and probably was fuming that he had to accept your paperwork. 99% of the time his charade would have worked.
  8. I can see how booze could be a problem here - most of us aren't allowed to work or derive an income in any way, so inevitably there's more time for boozing. If they had any booze worth drinking around here, I could be tempted to start again, but am teetotal now after many years thanks mainly to the Thai's inability to brew a beer worth drinking. Saves me around 300 baht a day or 9000 a month too, so I'm not complaining. To be honest as I don't work, all the days seem the same. Especially with all the Buddha days, it's hard sometimes to know whether it's the weekend or not. But what do I do in my free time? That would be a better question. In fact all my time is free. So it should just be what do I do here? Fishing, gardening, cooking, studying Thai, reading ThaiVisa, playing World of Warships, watching movies, spending time with the wife and her family and lounging around on the wooden perch at the front of the house picking my nose.
  9. Every time we get one of these stories on here, lots of people think it's all made up. Are there really that many people with nothing better to do than come up with fake stories and post them on here? Why would they even bother?
  10. The nice helpful people already screwed you for the visa fee, now they're getting even more pleasure by taking one of your passport pages to ensure that your passport runs out faster causing you more headaches in the not so distant future.
  11. So to get back to the original topic - is there a bank account I can open in Thailand whilst on a marriage extension which doesn't fleece you with charges when using in Cambodia or Vietnam?
  12. Thief will most likely be selling to a computer shop anyway.
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