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  1. Opening a conduit to TVF? No doubt. No more masks or social distancing. Soon everybody's gon' be runnin' around naked and fornicating on the beaches and in the temples.
  2. On your part, yes, and the usual victimism, poor thing. Thais already have local insurance that covers them to the max.
  3. Well, we understand "pigeon English" quite well here, because we've often heard birds speaking it. We'd use it a lot, along with Brummie and Geordie, if only it were permitted by the forum rules. We've never heard of "pidgeon English," however, and definitely wouldn't trust any translator who purports to understand both that and Queen's English. We've also never heard of "pidgin English," so don't even try to go there or you might "loose" all your remaining credibility.
  4. As for quality/cost, it'd undoubtedly be cheaper to outsource nowadays to, say, Bangladesh, India, or Pakistan to contractors with proven track records and references. Plenty of them over there, but--ah, no, for obvious reasons.
  5. Was waiting for the obligatory general bash and assertion of farang superiority. Wrong. In fact Thailand has some great web developers but they ain't cheap. Any of them could knock out a readable, usable site in about a day that does what the Immigration site attempts. Or an afternoon if just going for Brutalism (plenty good 'nuff for Warren Buffet), but Thais do love the glitter. So what we have here is just a "pay peanuts, get monkeys" situation. Or maybe they paid a lot for some student relative of an IO to spend weeks on it. Contacts are everything.
  6. You're referring to those who can still afford mopeds and cheap accommodations. Sadly, most of our most distinguished Economists, who created the very Foundation of classical TVF Poster Economics, have had to return to the UK for lack of funds. They were, after all, primarily academicians and seers. Notably they all foresaw, decades ago, the doom wreaked, as it happened, by the coronavirus. Finally. So it happened with one of our impecunious former distinguished TVF Economists: Professor Emeritus Joe Bloggs, DPhil Econ.hc. (TVF), who'd famously predicted the immediate failure of CentralFestival "for charging Bangkok prices." Nearly a decade later, CentralFestival still standing, he also authored a key indicator of imminent shopping mall failure: the stalls of doom indicator, seen when Thai stalls appear near an entrance to a mall. This, even though Central Marina had always had them. Though lesser known, it's now taken its place with our other key shopping doom indicator, the shopping bag count. In the absence of The Founders, our lowly noob wannabe Economists, unaccustomed to the rigors the discipline, the long hours spent reading in the Bodleian, merely parrot the Principles passed down from thread to thread over the decades, as if original.
  7. Care, because missing that purpose. You don't seem to understand the purpose in its entirety.
  8. You can merely Google "racial slurs against Asians" for yourself to get such a list.
  9. They do, one of the conveniences and somewhat charming cultural traditions here. Daily therapy as well, with beautician as psychologist. But OP seems to have no problem with that practice. Must have grown accustomed to it. What upsets him so much that he must immediately leave is the weirdness of a Thai barber's shaving of hair from a Thai man's face. One wonders what sort of trauma, or abuse, might have happened to him in childhood to create that strong of a repulsion.
  10. Did you ask? Or are you referring to the ladies' salons. It comes as a shock then to think that perhaps the OP didn't go to the expensive "hairdressers." So this would be a solution to his problem.
  11. Triggered by a memory, I watched Shaft again a couple years ago and realized what a bad movie it really was, all considered. What saved it was the immortal theme from Isaac Hayes.
  12. Good. At least a few people on here should push back against all the bigotry. If it gets bad enough, the bigot can reported, the post removed, and a warning or suspension given. At least the rule against the use of racist terms is being pretty strongly enforced even against "our lads."
  13. Google will of course give results for a misuse. The normal term is straight razor (which is what Thai barbers use, or even more accurately, shavette) and "knife" will be understood thusly: https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-shave-with-a-knife-Is-it-more-or-less-effective-than-using-a-razor You may know that, but simply need "knife" to suggest "utility knife" used in construction and electrical trades or the like for the silly categorization of Thai barbers into the same group. And if you really meant "straight razor," why suggest Thai tradesmen use straight razors in their work like barbers? Or, as is more likely (having never seen a shave at a Thai barber shop or, like the OP, at any other), you're simply ignorant and haven't a clue. Either way, you don't have a point of any relevance to Thai barbers' shaving technique and merely wish to bash. So you may now proceed to answer the questions in my post you've carefully ignored.
  14. Does what? And what kind of "knife?" I've probably lived here a lot longer than you have, but I don't recall ever seeing Thai barbers using a knife for shaving customers. You? Why would they? And I've also seen Thai tradesman do some really good work. How is it that you've managed only to see bad? Merely the usual ignorant stereotype, refuted here already by some testimonials. So you can't see a Thai doc or dentist either. I do feel sorry for our forum Chicken Littles. Well, the OP tried to have a nice bigoted Thai-bashing thread of the sort particularly loved by our Brits but it merely backfired on him. That's no fun. Maybe we can still pull it out by creating some fantasies and then bashing the Thais in the fantasies. Hee.
  15. But barbers in the UK also offer shaves, so you don't have any twist to make at Thai barbers. And farang and other other nationalities, not just Thais, also get shaves at Thai hairdressers. Often more affordable than back home.
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