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  1. She might give Amitriptyline a go. Start small as it's known for leaving one groggy the next day. Maybe with use that will go away. Available OTC.
  2. Clear your browser cache and all cookies. Turn off ad blcoker.
  3. BigStar


    Good points. Love the scenery outdoors, never got bored running there; when I did so, I also listened to an mp3 player thru earbuds. Great if you can run on dirt. Asphalt, not so much. I'd take the treadmill in that case. Overall an exercise bike is safer of course. Sadly, gym memberships aren't very useful at the moment in locked down areas. Cardio at home can be made less boring by putting a vid on the big screen to watch or listening to music. I always do. Having complete control of the aircon at home helps immensely also. One of our biggest whinges here about local
  4. KISS used to be notorious. The only way was to go get your own menu from the stack near the cashier. Call it self-service. In recent years, they've improved, even before COVID, and raised their standard to "average."
  5. BigStar


    Funny thing is that a couple of hours ago I ran a set of sprints on mine. Felt just like hard exercise; I was pretty tired at the end, too. So I can't understand your analogy. Get on one and crank it up. OP, SuperSports has been having a lot of sales in the past few months. Quite a few treadmills, too: https://en.supersports.co.th/catalog/?q=treadmill I'm not familiar w/ those brands, but you can Google around and perhaps find some reviews. I've had a Marathon for years, good machine. Not sure they're still made. Bought it from the shop on Sukhum
  6. Impossible to know exactly what's going on with your heart based on that limited info. Your appt is only 7 days away. If the meds are working and you feel OK, then simply wait patiently for the further tests and professional diagnosis to come. Millions of people exist on BP meds, so no safety concern there. Suggest not doing any stressful exercise but at least do a daily walk if you can.
  7. Nice article, thanks. I've always been an admirer of JL, have his book in fact. My momma bought his first big product, the Glamour Stretcher, innovative precursor of modern resistance bands. Your post will probably be removed for excessive quoting and lacking a direct link (that I noticed on first reading, anyway) , so I'll give the link here: Learning From Superhumans: The Incredible Fitness and Success of Jack LaLanne Excellent points about lifestyle and consistency for success. I fear that most of his Glamour Stretchers, like Mom's, ended up as toys for t
  8. Oh, bodyweight can be "nice" after a few months, too. https://www.google.com/search?q=bodyweight+training+transformation&pws=0&gl=us&tbm=isch In fact merely lifting weights can be a limiting factor--for doing gymnastics, hence gymnasts don't do all that much of it. Different goals. I suspect anyone reading this thread, except for yourself, would be quite happy to achieve and maintain forever the level of fitness shown in many of the above examples. Functional strength with health (avoiding injury and repetitive motion stress) is probably the mo
  9. I can't. You can make that fridge extremely easy to resist, mate. Mine contains only meat, veggies, berries, eggs, flax seed powder, unsweetened soybean milk, and coconut milk I use in a protein shake. That's it. You really wanna pigout on any of that? I suppose you might drink enough coconut milk to gain a pound, but then the diarrhea might take care of it. Otherwise, you're low carb; eat till you're full.
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