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  1. You a lot busier in retirement than you were during your working life? I suppose you can just lie there in your hospital bed staring at the ceiling or you can pull out your laptop or tablet and watch The Departed again or replay one of your saves in Call Of Duty or Skyrim. I'll take the latter options, thanks. Or would posting gloom & doom on ThaiVisa be preferable? Will that take up all your time? It might, to judge from the output of some old farts here. 'Course, to follow your Just In Case fallacy, you might be blind or paralyzed at any age, no? Suddenly, too. The idea is t
  2. I know. Subtitle Workshop, however, doesn't show the waveform along with video, a critical disadvantage when compared with Subtitle Edit. It can be used in a number of ways and in general gives much finer control. And it can indeed do the poster good if he pauses the video from the remote server, notes the times of the dialogue, and syncs his subtitle file accordingly. If he's lucky he can just set the start time and adjust all those following automatically. Trivial. Otherwise, he can, for example, enter several times and do a "point sync" that will adjust all the gaps dependent on
  3. HGST and Toshiba fare best in the Backblaze stats: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/backblaze-hard-drive-stats-q3-2020/ One may hope WD learned something from HGST. I bought a couple of 4 TB Toshibas several years ago and they've been really great. Don't usually like Seagate either but got a deal on a 6 TB I couldn't refuse and just use it for the occasional backup.
  4. Poldark's basically a soap opera w/ the usual tropes and comic book villains. It finally degenerated into pandering to PC. It has its moments, however; nor can one be too unhappy w/ some of the visuals. Amusing exchange in the 1st episode: Ross Poldark, British Army Officer, returns to Cornwall from the American War of Independence unannounced and very much battered, having been presumed dead: Mrs Chynoweth: Do tell us, Ross, how we managed to lose the war! Ross: By choosing the wrong side, ma'am.
  5. Agreed. GOT was pretty good and I liked Westworld. 1st couple seasons of Better Call Saul were tolerable, then it went downhill (like so many series past the 2nd or 3rd season). I'll try The Queen's Gambit soon, looks promising. In the past few years since BrBa I've tolerated watching or re-watching the following series: Twin Peaks Season 3 The Killing The Event Bloodline Brideshead Revisited Great Expectations (2011) Bleak House (2005) Our Mutual Friend (1998) Lonesome Dove Travelers The Frankenstein Chronic
  6. Yup. You have to consider not only movies but series spanning multiple seasons. Some older series are hard to find; once you do, you want to keep them. Games - PC games can be pretty large, setup files + the installations. Also you may have a few backups of your system drive, other archives, etc. Yeah, space can get eaten up quickly nowadays.
  7. Opening a subtitle file with a text editor ain't gon' get you far. There are times when you've got no choice but to bring out the heavy artillery: https://www.nikse.dk/SubtitleEdit/ Shows the video and the audio waveform. Offers various ways to sync. If you ever want to create a subtitle file from scratch, it's the go-to. Bit of a learning curve but tutorials are around.
  8. I've relied on Filebot for years to find subtitles automatically from opensubtitles.org and also to rename files in bulk (including the subtitle files). Does a good job, will put the subtitle file in the same folder and rename appropriately according to language chosen. Recent versions are payware (B180/yr, no expiration but no support thereafter; worth it). https://www.filebot.net/ Runs on various platforms. There's an older free version (4.7.9) floating around that still manages to work passably but is a bit of a hassle to setup (you've been warned). Both versions req
  9. One can only wish. Problem is, a large number of old retirees here have nothing else better to do than to sit at their keyboards and peck out the same ol' same ol', day after day. Many are in hawg heaven now, having prophesied The Doom more than a decade ago for reasons currently irrelevant. The only kind of topic more beloved is a more optimistic one, like Pattaya bursting: Upbeat report shows crowds visiting for long weekend. Then sneers, negative arguments, and dire predictions will fill up 5 pages or more until another comes along to take its place. That, and mention of any pos
  10. Tokyo, Singapore. Of course malls here do it up quite nice. Big holiday w/ sales through after New Year. The big difference is that shoppers shop in malls elsewhere. Here, TVF Econometricians track the shopping bag count in Thai malls closely at all times and have determined that Thai malls never have any shoppers. So the Christmas decorations here are merely part of a money laundering operation.
  11. Been sleeping under a rock, eh? Pattaya was determined DEAD about two decades ago. Since then our ace TVF Pattaya Coroners yearly exhume the Pattaya corpse (usually twice, low season and high) to perform fresh autopsies, confirming all the same reasons for the Death that supposedly occurred decades ago, and issue their own new Final Death Certificates. For n00bs with low post counts, it's a rite of passage towards achieving coveted forum cred. You see, the absolute final FINAL DEATH BY VIRUS of Pattaya was announced 7 months ago by @swissie. Then thre
  12. Tough market now, obviously, but TQ's surviving. Needed to cut back on opening hours, staff, and salaries. Won a break on the rent from the landlord. The quality of the lineup and the music improved. Talked to one of the honchos and received no sense of foreboding. I wouldn't pay much attention to rumors. Will and Supertom are having a b'day party on Nov. 21, so good at least until then. Tip generously.
  13. Wrong again. Talked to the brewmeister yesterday and during the week isn't necessarily dead. Some nights are, others aren't. Business meetings in town, for example, are particularly helpful. But groups of holiday makers can come in anytime. In general the domestic and international weddings/company holidays/business meetings/conventions market is always ignored here for the myth that Pattaya is only about farang mongers.
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