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  1. Maybe, but less exciting. Gotta read those reviews, though. Newegg, Micro Center, Amazon, and Best Buy seem vying for the lead: https://old.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/ Lot of geek buzz about Fry's there: https://old.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/comments/lr5j05/meta_frys_electronics_closing_all_stores/ Walmart's doing a bit of me-too. Well, I don't see Amazon going out of business anytime soon.
  2. I'm sure I still have something or 'tother from Fry's. Fantastic in its day--I know that San Jose store--but the business model didn't keep up with the times & competition. BestBuy had the mainstream and aggressively moved online, Micro Center offers a lot of loss leaders and combo deals--in stock, no consignment model--that require a visit to the store. Visiting the store, a.k.a. Mecca, always means buying a lot more than intended. Computer City, CompUSA, Circuit City, Radio Shack . . . Fry's. Next.
  3. Check your box daily. Sometimes the postman's late, so that may be twice a day.
  4. True. I'll add that a major part of the impetus to resume "normal," or worse, eating is that the CICO dieter can't eat to satiety and so always remains hungry. The torture finally intolerable, the diet's abandoned. Calorie restriction's much harder for those with metabolisms already prone to overweight and obesity. Most of the CICO diets seem written by people who've never actually suffered excessive insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. They may be naturally slim, even athletic to a degree, and so find it relatively easy to restrict calories.
  5. French, English Canadian, and Filipino accents are still understandable throughout the world, however, unlike Brummie and Geordie. So, good move, Thailand.
  6. Not quite that simple. We always hear this dire warning. The link may refer to the OEM's site, or one may choose to download the software from there independently and whatever's downloaded can be checked via hash and scanned before and after installation. That said, I have bad memories of McAfee taking over my computer worse than any virus. Defender + a weekly scan w/ free Malwarebytes (scheduled automatically) will do for any normal purposes.
  7. That's not our TVF Thai Standard Practices narrative by our cultural experts. This is so awkward, though, 'cause no other Thais joined in--a big contradiction to what We All Know. But here ya go: Soon, a news article will appear about a Thai Good Samaritan, maybe a taxi driver who returned a wallet. In fact, one driver did recently w/o any preceding crime against a tourist, so we can just use that as preemption.
  8. I received a final bill and legal threat from TOT 6 years after I cancelled my landline. When I went to pay, even the office ladies had to laugh. Thai Post's always been good to me. No complaints here.
  9. Pioneer's always good. Panasonic, Sony, LG. See Lazada. Personally I'd go thru that collection with the missus, see what she really wants to keep, and rip them to mp4 or mkv files to play via a thumbdrive, media player, or stream from your PC. I once had a large collection of DVDs, VCDs, and CDs; no more, ripped all I might ever want to see or hear again except for a few kept as mementos. Some I just downloaded, better quality anyway.
  10. It's a good idea to run a scan with free Malwarebytes, say once a week or after some event, in addition to relying on Defender.
  11. It amuses me how our "crusties" (as our UK members might say) typically deal with their newly discovered strains. Rather than do any work to overcome them through PT, strengthening counterbalancing muscles, stretching, etc.--and then carry on w/ healthy activity--they merely give up, gobble pills, or even, sooner or later, resort to surgery. I remember pointing out to one of the biggest Cheap Charlies I've ever met that if he'd just diet and exercise, he could save the small fortune he was spending on pills and doctors, not to mention feel good again. Huh? Didn't compute. Died at age 58.
  12. But they weren't interested in such proof, and they didn't ask for any, as he was applying on the basis of bank deposit. Try to keep up.
  13. You're probably confusing it with The Handmaid's Tale. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5834204/ Totally different. The Handmaiden is a kind of erotic Korean film noir.
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