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  1. They have just sat around for 2 months. Am I missing something. What the hell are they waiting for!!!!
  2. For a long time now I have been wondering why so many accidents in Thailand have been suggested as being caused by brake failure. Well the one thing I did know was that there is 2 different brake fluids and lwanted Dot4 to do a repair job at home. At this time and. I have to point out that the 2types of brake fluid are Dot3 and Dot4. Dot3 is perfectly satisfactory for motorcycles especially small scooters. Some time ago now it was found that with the emergence of large trucks and Big heavy cars and pickups Dot3was overheating and causing brakes to fail so came the birth of Dot4,and as I have said l wanted Dot4 so l was not just surprised but quite horrified to find that out of 5 major new car suppliers only1 in the whole of Udon Thani could supply me with Dot4 and the others seemed to be surprised that I was making such a scene about it. I am also surprised that nobody has picked this up. Especially as most of the vehicles involved seem to be Buses, large trucks and other big vehicles. Anybody else got any thoughts on this?
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