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  1. I understand that the term "transgender" is variably used for anybody from a transvestite to a person who has fully transgendered chemically and surgically, and whenever I read about somebody referred to as a transgender I can't help wondering at what point on the road to changing gender this person is. Does anybody have this information?
  2. Sorry, the speech bubbles in the image are in Italian, but here's a translation: He: I shall be yours yesterday, today and tomorrow. She: What a shitty week! Edit by Maestro: Link to image deleted because of a problem.
  3. Immigration Commander is only only one of several jobs currently assigned to Pol Lt-General Surachet Hakpal.
  4. Legally speaking, a man rented two motorcycles from the shop and sublet one bike to another person without a valid driving licence.
  5. However, Col Yossaphat also added, “The operator explained that they had rented the motorbikes to a second man who was older and presented a valid driving license to rent the two bikes for himself and for 17-year-old Ryan.” Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/patong-bike-rental-shop-fined-b2k-after-death-of-british-17-year-old-70342.php#ae6bWtBFhoK0x4Y8.99
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