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  1. I just noticed that there are over 1,500 emojis available on this forum. Therefore, I now propose that the category "Default" with its non-working emojis be eliminated. This will solve the problem once and for all.
  2. For some flights, some airlines may require a test report even if the destination country does not require it.
  3. For a start, your name must be typed in Thai, exactly the same way it is printed on your pink ID card but leaving out the title.
  4. This is what I get on my screen. It would really be nice to have them back, if possble, even tough I rarely use an emoticon.
  5. The US government cannot simply send vaccines to American citizens in Thailand before the Thai FDA has approved them for imprtation and sale in Thailand. Once they are approved, the person to whom the FDA has granted the permission to sell the vaccine is free to import and sell it under the terms of the Medicines Act.
  6. From a news article I read earlier today in the Thailand News forum I understand that an appplication for the Moderna vaccine is currently pending at the Thai FDA, wheras Pfizer had not yet submitted an application.
  7. THE DISPATCH FACT CHECK Could the mRNA Vaccines Lead to an Increase in Neurodegenerative Disorders? The author of an article claiming such is a noted vaccine opponent. haya Himmelman Apr 8 A viral Facebook post suggests that the messenger RNA vaccines produced by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna could lead to an increase in prion disease years from now. The post relies on a screenshot of a purported research article from J. Bart Classen, who writes that “we will see a rise in prion disease in 5-40 years.” Read more: https://factcheck.the
  8. Apparently? Are yiu saying that there is no way if knowing, of analising whether there are prions in the Covid-19 vaccines?
  9. On the online payment order form there is also a section where you have to select who pays for the fee of the recipient bank. Be sure to select the recipient for that. With some banks, one has to choose ¨split fees¨, which means that the sender pays for the fee of the sending bank and the recipient pays for the fee of the receiving bank. I once selected by mistake ¨all fees for my account¨ and this resulted in an additiol fee of EUR 25.00 for my bank´s trouble to settle the fee payment with the receiving bank.
  10. Can you get the Foreign Exchange Transaction Form from the Thai bank for a remittance received via TransferWise?
  11. Transfers in home cuurrency give you a much better exchange rate.
  12. I would print out the digital copy.
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