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  1. In 2010, in Bangkok, I did it with money I had earned, and saved, in Thailand. I provided copies of 5 years' income tax returns, which was enough to satisfy Immigration had not come from some sort of illegal activity.
  2. I responded to an advertisement in a Canadian newspaper, from a Canadian agent who had contacts with Thai schools.
  3. US cash is acceptable, Thai Immigration knows the approximate value of it. Oskar, with a "k"; in my earlier posts I was guessing that you might be Filipino. They don't use "c" if they can use "k" instead.
  4. - when I came here from Canada, I had a job offer in hand from a Canadian agent, on behalf of a Thai School. I entered Thailand on a 90 day Non-immigrant "B" visa. This was extended to 1 year once I had obtained a Work Permit. -To the OP: You didn't mention your country of origin- This return/onward ticket requirement is sometimes overlooked, if you come from a developed, western country. (It is presumed you have, or be readily able to obtain, sufficient money to fly yourself home.) If you are from some lesser-developed country, you need a return ticket. Buy one, and hope that you will be able to throw the return half in the garbage, after you find a job. - and have B 20,000 in cash in your wallet when you arrive, to show that you can support yourself.
  5. Most come here on a Tourist Visa. If you have a job offer in hand before you come here, you should be able to get a Non-immigrant "B" visa in your home country. There are other possibilities which only apply in a very small percentage of cases.