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  1. Is the wage from 2 - 3 hrs./week enough to support yourself ? Assuming it isn't, how will you be supporting yourself ? Making another assumption, I presume you will be drawing down the B 800,000 you have in the bank. Once that is gone, in 1 - 2 yrs., what will you do after that ? I switched from an Extension for Retirement to one for Employment, but I was being paid over B 18,000/mo. or approximately B 4600/week. on a 12 month basis. I have now switched back to Retirement.
  2. You will need your passport, and should also take a copy of the owner's ID card. Have the owner's copies countersigned by them. That's it; Immigration will type everything into their computer for you.
  3. Probably the cheapest is Bus Route 563 from the Bus Station. Departures every 45 min.or so, probably from about 6 a.m. to about 6 p.m. Travel time is about 3 hrs.
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