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  1. Brexit means Brexit. That's not the only thing it means.
  2. As I prepare for my annual Extension of Stay, I have photocopies of the owner's ID card and house registration, containing her photocopied signature (undated). I am presuming that since these were accepted last time, they will be again. Any recent experiences ? Surin (Kap Cheung) Immigration office.
  3. And if the UK is not out the door on the 29th, it should be kicked out on the 30th. An extension ? To what end ? UK; "We're leaving !" EU: "Is that a threat, or a promise ?" 41, 40, 39,...
  4. In reply to Post # 7; like anywhere else, I walk around with a neutral expression on my face. That enables me to use a smile as a greeting. And to be honest, there have probably been times when I substituted a smile for a wai.
  5. - I never return the wai of a complete stranger. -if I encounter someone I "know" on the street (such as a store clerk I have dealt with many times), I wai them only after they have waied me. - teachers don't return the wai's of students. -with respect to young people; 15 is something of a watershed age in Thailand; - if he is less than 15, you don't return the wai. If he is 15 or more, follow the rules I have stated above. - one more note re the workplace; age trumps rank. I used to work at a school where the department head position was filled on a rotational basis. When a younger teacher took the chair that had been previously occupied by an older one, I saw the younger one still initiated the wai, even though she was now the department head.
  6. -one doesn't wai strangers, unless for some reason, they have waied you. If you are waied on the street by a disheveled stranger, he is a beggar. -one doesn't return the wai of service industry personnel such as waiters, hotel desk clerks and store clerks. The exception would be if it is someone you have dealt with in the past, but even then, only if he went out of his way to give you some exceptional service in the past. - in the workplace, the younger person wais the older person first, who then returns the wai. This exchange of wais is done only the first time you encounter each other each day.
  7. Over the years, I have had fixed-term deposits at three different Thai banks. All have had the same structure; you can walk in any day, deposit some money, and that starts a new term deposit with the same time limit as the others in that account. It does not affect the maturity date of any other deposit(s) in that account. Same bank book, same account number. If, for example, you already have a 6 month account, and decide that you also need a 3 month account, you will be given a second bankbook with a different account number.
  8. I highly recommend that you open an account at a bank near your Immigration office, to avoid this sort of problem on renewal day. And, neverleave your renewal until the last day.
  9. I have now consulted with a teacher I know. He doesn't yet have his 5 yr. teaching licence, though he almost does. As you are probably aware, you can't apply for a Work Permit yourself, it has to be done by the employer. My friend says that if you have a 5 yr. licence, there is no need to involve Khrusapha again, just submit a copy of the licence along with your contract, university degree and transcripts. I presume you know that they will want to view the original copy of your degree and transcripts. And of course, they will want a copy of your passport and photos.
  10. I am going to leave your first question to those whose experience is more recent than my own. With regard to cancellation of your Work Permit. You can do this yourself, with nothing required from your school. If you expect that your new job will be in the same province, try to ensure that your current school does not cancel it until your new school is ready to apply for your new one. And the same for your Non-Immigrant "B" Visa, or Extension of same, whichever you currently have. If you are proceeding to cancel your own W.P., simply take it (and your passport, to confirm your ID) to your Labour Dept. office. They will give you a T.D.10 (taw-daw 10) form. This is your receipt to prove cancellation. Keep it to present in conjunction with your new W.P. application.
  11. Yes, Post 22 is correct. In prior years, I had always got a longer letter. Last year, at a different bank, I was given a one-sentence letter, stating only that my account xxx-x-xxx contained Bxxx,xxx. I questioned the manager, who assured me that I needed nothing more than that. He was correct.
  12. It seems to be only the Brits who face the hassle the OP mentions, though I have seen one or two posts from non-Brits. It seems that other foreigners can get sufficient co-operation from their respective embassy in Bangkok to have this attended to there, if it is required at all. If the degree appears to be original and has an embossed seal next to the signature(s) of the officer(s) of the university, it may be accepted at face value. If Immigration does not accept it at face value, local embassies seem to be providing authentication, using whatever internal procedures they consider necessary.
  13. Off topic in terms of the OP's circumstances; mine were a little different In 2010, having worked in Thailand for many years. I switched my Extension of Stay to "Retirement". Immigration did want to know where the money had come from. I provided them with copies of five years' income tax returns, which was enough to satisfy them.
  14. Nobody is "half" anything in terms of citizenship. You are a dual citizen, with obligations to two countries. I don't see why you would be able to use your British citizenship to negate your obligation to Thailand.
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