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  1. Given that Boris has said that the U.K. is leaving on Oct.31 "come what may", what is there to discuss, except possibly, an accelerated departure. The EU should convene a meeting for tomorrow, and then tell Boris that the U.K. is expelled as of 12 noon Friday. (11 a.m. BST) . 74, 73, 72,.....
  2. A friend has lost his TM6 Arrival Card. What, if anything, does he need to do before his eventual departure ? Is there a fine applicable ? He lives in Petchburi.
  3. The Pinned information is somewhat contradictory, as well as being 3 yrs. old. Does Petchburi now have its own Immigration office, for Visa Extension purposes ? If yes, address please ?
  4. In situations like this, walk in and ask them. The worst that can happen is that they will say no. If they do, then do a visa trip.
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