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  1. I'm pretty sure the reason you haven't found it is because it doesn't exist. I dare say there might be something where he admits to investing in the fund management group but as mentioned, the fund wasn't worth $1.5 billion when he bought into it - and he hasn't earned anything from it anyway.
  2. I don't know where you're getting your information from. He absolutely and definitively did not get "a deal worth 1.5 billion from the chinese." Those totally false claims have been comprehensively debunked many times, by various fact-checking organisations and major media outlets. Hunter Biden bought a 10% share in a financial management group set up to oversee an investment fund by a Chinese businessman, Jonathan Li. While the original intent was to raise $1.5 billion for the fund, it actually fell far short and when Hunter Biden bought his shares, the fund was capitalized at $420 million. So he actually paid $420,000 for his 10% stake. Up till now, according to everyone involved in the venture, Biden has not earned a single red cent from his investment. Hunter Biden China links
  3. Not necessarily - according to court filings, Musk says he is out of cash.
  4. Absolutely and totally incorrect. The US Constitution says: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, announced on September 24: So an impeachment inquiry has most definitely started. Despite what you personally might like to happen, there is no constitutional or legal requirement to hold a vote to start an impeachment inquiry - none. A vote is only required when the actual articles of impeachment are put forward on the floor of the House.
  5. Already asked and answered. The OP is not this person's friend, she is a friend of the guy's mother. She cannot lend him the money as she doesn't have it.
  6. I can't claim that I necessarily have seen and read everything Unsworth has said about Musk but I have been following this story for a while and am not aware of any other insults or any "lies" spoken by Unsworth in regard to Musk. Do you have a source for these other comments?
  7. Where's your evidence of him being foul-mouthed? What foul language have you seen or heard him use? Yes, he used a rude expression but there was no foul language in it. I also don't see any evidence of Unsworth seeking the limelight. He pretty much stayed out of public view throughout the rescue. After it was over, CNN interviewed him once, that's it. Incidentally, his knowledge of the cave system, including providing the best, most accurate map of the caves and recommending calling in the expert cave divers Rick Stanton and John Volanthen who then led the successful diving operations, was absolutely crucial to the success of the rescue. On the other hand Musk's efforts, even if well-intentioned, contributed nothing.
  8. He's keeping his promises to bring back the troops? How do you square that with him sending an additional 3,000 to Saudi Arabia?
  9. Yes, it's a reflection of the fact that the investigative stage of an impeachment inquiry is analogous to the holding of Grand Jury proceedings. Grand Jury proceedings are held behind closed doors. Do you think that Grand Jury procedures are somehow invalid or improper because they're held in secret?
  10. In what alternate universe is this somehow an unconstitutional impeachment inquiry? It's literally stated in the first Article of the Constitution that: The Constitution does not impose any preconditions as to how impeachment proceedings are to be initiated.
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