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  1. The actual figure is more like 15%, according to ONS data. 15.3% of UK population estimated to have had coronavirus But whether it's 96% or 85% that haven't been infected, that makes absolutely no difference to the figures I referred to, which have to do with the number of people who were infected and looks at whether they had received the vaccine, or not.
  2. Possibly not (there are virtually no 100% certainties in science) but there is as yet, no reliable evidence of any vaccine in history having adverse long term side effects. It's just not how vaccines work. They have an almost immediate effect on the body's immune system (within a couple of weeks, anyway) and from that point, their after-effects only ever become weaker. The other thing to remember is that the actual ingredient in the vaccine that stimulates the immune system (whether it be a weakened whole virus, an mRNA strand, a viral vector or whatever) is destroyed b
  3. Not really - the first 'real world' data was just published in the UK and Israel, of the results of millions of people who have received the vaccine in those countries. In the UK, data from over a million people showed that the first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca shots reduced the risk of hospitalisation by up to 85 percent and 94 percent, respectively. What's more, the data also showed a significant reduction in transmission rates, with one dose reducing the risk of infection by more than 70 percent, rising to 85 percent after the second dose.
  4. In relation to what? On a myriad of different topics, there are literally thousands of lies that Trump has come out with, that are easily provable. For example, the many, many times that he denied having said something that there were actual tapes of him having said. If it's in relation to the illegal payments made to Stormy Daniels etc, then we have his denials of any knowledge or involvement that are proven in law to be lies, because of the official court documents filed in Michael Cohen's guilty plea, wherein a judge certifies as true, statements that the payments we
  5. What is the source of that quote? You haven't provided a link so we've no idea where or when that information is from. There may well be some vaccines to be found somewhere, that still contain thimerosal but I repeat, they are not in widespread use. Here's another quotation from the same link I posted earlier (did you bother reading it by the way?).
  6. Firstly, Thimerosal (or Thiomersal, as it is also confusingly known) has hardly been used in any vaccines for many years now and is not in any of the current CoVid-19 vaccines for which I've seen the list of ingredients (so basically, all the "western" ones). Secondly, even if it were, there's no evidence that it would cause harm. As the article linked to below states: No evidence of harm from mercury-based chemical in vaccine
  7. That post from @Proboscis that you're "replying" to, was not aimed at you, it was a response to @mlmcleod, who did reference "the muslim world" as follows:
  8. Maybe not. New data shows that it stays viable at higher temperatures and they've already applied for the cold storage requirements to be altered. Pfizer seeks to store vaccine at higher temperatures
  9. It depends which vaccine(s) you're talking about. In Thailand, as far as what has been announced so far, there are no mRNA vaccines in the offing. There's the SinoVac product, which is an old-fashioned, traditional inactivated virus vaccine and then there's the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine which uses a viral vector technology. It's true that the O-AZ vaccine is a relatively new construct and does not involve the of use some ingredients that were common in the past (and which could cause allergic reactions) such as eggs, adjuvants and preservatives. However there have stil
  10. I've no idea why you think of it as a gamble. The UK government signed agreements guaranteeing that if and when the vaccines were available, they would receive the doses of vaccines that they would need. If a particular vaccine didn't prove successful then it would never be available to buy, so they would not have to pay anything. There was no risk of losing any money on a vaccine that didn't pan out so there really wasn't any risk, at least financially speaking.
  11. I was also under that impression and certainly in the hotel where my daughter did her ASQ, there was no booze available. However she brought a couple of bottles of spirits with her in her carry-on bag and as expected, her bag was never checked. Other people have reported similar stories. As it happens, she didn't drink any of it, since she bought it as a present for us but anyone doing quarantine and wanting to bring their own supplies shouldn't have a problem as far as I can tell.
  12. I guess it depends on your individual family situation but our daughter always lived with us the entire time she was growing up and I would say that I had (and still have) more influence over her than my wife and certainly more than my wife's family who she usually only had occasional contact with. She's totally independent now, lives and works in the UK and has no particular interest in the house, or in coming to live in Thailand, as things currently stand
  13. Actually the exact opposite is true. As was widely reported at the time, the UK government unnecessarily delayed getting additional PPE by ignoring an offer from the EU to be part of an already-existing contract for PPE. Top civil servant says he was wrong about EU medical equipment claim Also, as others have already pointed out they didn't get "what they needed" since several of these unsupervised contract awards delivered unusable PPE and/or didn't deliver the amounts they were supposed to.
  14. That's not true as far as Hua Hin goes, based on my experience. The chanote for the land/house where I'm sitting as I write this, is in the name of our dual national daughter. Also, to reinforce another point which has already been made by others, our house chanote was registered to her name when she was still a minor. Although things might have changed since, I'm not aware of any recent change and in fact we were intending to put another chanote in her name when she visited us just recently. Although in the end we didn't go ahead with it, as far as we knew (and my wife
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