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  1. The point I'm making is that it was not zero. And as I just said in the edit I made, even the article you quote does not say there were zero deaths in the UK, it says there were no deaths in three of the four Home Nations. Also that is not "my graph" - it is a graph from Johns Hopkins University.
  2. No, it also shows the daily figures which were 20 deaths on May 11 and 18 on May 12. Also, even in the article you quote, there weren't zero deaths in the UK, there were four (in Wales). It was only in England, Scotland and NI that there no deaths (and those were Monday figures, which are often lower).
  3. The UK is not reporting zero deaths from Covid. The numbers are way, way down from what they were earlier, but they're not zero. Figures below from Johns Hopkins University.
  4. There's no indication that I can see, of when those positive cases were detected or whether they've already been included in the overall figures.
  5. The article at the top of the thread says that: "samples from test batches of the COVID-19 vaccine made by Siam Bioscience have passed quality testing at AstraZeneca’s designated laboratories in Europe and in the U.S." It may not be running at full capacity yet (and it wouldn't have made sense to until they knew the samples had passed muster) but production has obviously started - even if only with test batches - since they have produced samples for testing.
  6. Not sure about in Dubai (if they were just changing planes they wouldn't have to quarantine) but all passengers arriving in Thailand have to go into quarantine.
  7. I haven't seen any data yet, showing the Indian variant is the main reason behind the recent surge in cases and deaths in India. The last data I saw, released by the Indian authorities, showed that in some Indian states, including some of the most populous, the UK variant is still the predominant strain.
  8. There have been some reactions to vaccines here, most have been relatively mild and self-limiting, such as local soreness, headaches, nausea etc. It's actually an indication that the vaccine is working.
  9. No problem - if you'd like to read a fuller explanation, see the article below. It goes into a bit more detail of course, but the main point, as it states, is that: "the mRNA could still fall apart easily, which is why the vaccine is frozen." Why Does Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Need To Be Kept Colder Than Antarctica? As others have also pointed out, the Pfizer vaccine no longer needs to be stored at -70° C but can now be stored at regular freezer temperatures of around -15 to -20°C.
  10. 5-6 times stronger? Do you have any source for that claim? According to British scientists, quoted in a BBC article, it has pretty much the same transmissibility as the Kent variant: “(It is) possibly as transmissible as the B.117 Kent variant that is very widespread in the UK,” UK scientists warn over Indian variant
  11. In fact, I've just noticed there was another "foreigner" death reported today. No nationality was given, that I've seen.
  12. It's not because of bacteria. It's because after too long a period at a higher temperature the vacccine construct itself starts to become unstable, and therefore loses efficacy. One of the big problems with mRNA-based medicine ever since they started researching it about 4 decades ago, was how to get the mRNA strands to remain stable. It's taken them a long time to get even to where we are today.
  13. Definitely not. All vaccines (that I'm aware of) and certainly all the Covid vaccines must be given intramuscularly. To inject them into a blood vessel would not be the correct procedure and could actually be dangerous. In fact there's been some speculation that vaccines being accidentally given into a blood vessel may lead to a higher risk of blood clotting.
  14. Untrue - there's at least one expat (a UK national) who died of Covid, in Hua Hin just over a week ago. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1215573-elderly-british-expat-dies-of-covid-19-in-hua-hin/ There may be others but I haven't been reading the reports in detail every day.
  15. There's absolutely no evidence that the strain originated in Kent, only that it was first identified there. As stated in the article linked to below: "It is not even clear that it originated in the UK; it might simply have been spotted here first, because Britain’s viral gene sequencing efforts are relatively advanced." Variant B117: What we know If you have any source providing evidence that contradicts the above, and proves it originated in Kent, perhaps you'd like to present that to us.
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