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  1. If it takes you to a website where are your details are entered into a database and where there is some code running behind that which will handle notifications then it doesn't meet the definition of an app as far as I understand it:
  2. I wasn't offering any opinion on whether this will be an effective system or whether it's even really necessary in the first place given the low number of cases (apparently) around in the country. I was simply answering the question of what good could a QR code do in saving lives (theoretically) if someone subsequently came down with the virus.
  3. I'm not sure why everybody keeps referring to an app. It's not an app and nothing is installed on your phone - it simply takes you to a website where your details are recorded. Edit: At least based on my experience of every shop I've been in where they've used it.
  4. It's not an app, it's a web-based system. After you scan the QR code, the link it generates takes you to a web site where your details are entered into the system, along with your time of entry and (if you check out as you should) exit from the facility. I've used the system about half a dozen times already. The main problem I've noticed is that although they insist on you checking in, they don't bother in the slightest about the checkout. So the period of time that you are inside the shop is not accurately recorded.
  5. It's called contact tracing. Once it's known that you have the virus, the system will send a notification to anyone who was in the same place at the same time as you during the period when you were potentially infectious and those people can then be tested (a test which is then free, by the way) to see if they have picked up the virus from you or not, as the case may be. It's how countries like South Korea have been able to contain the spread of the virus.
  6. There are very few countries that had no lockdown measures. Brazil was one. How are their numbers doing recently? In case you weren't sure, Here's a graph showing the rolling 7-day average of deaths per capita there.
  7. Even Anders Tegnell has now said he is not convinced Sweden's policy is correct, and that he is surprised by the high death toll. Tegnell "not convinced" Anders Tegnell: high death toll a surprise
  8. I don't know abut that - lots of "serious" and well-respected publications are casting doubt on the success of Sweden's policy. Among them are the Financial Times, Forbes Magazine and Business Insider. Has Sweden's coronavirus gamble paid off? Sweden's per capita death rate among the highest Sweden’s death toll unnerves its Nordic neighbours As for doing better economically, even Sweden's own central bank doesn't think so. Swedish economy to contract as severely as the rest of Europe
  9. According to CNBC, Sweden's economy looks to be worse off than many other European countries, including its neighbours: Sweden's death rate and economy worse than neighbours As the article points out, its death rate per capita also surpasses its neighbours, a point reinforced more recently by the following piece, which shows Sweden's 7-day rolling average of deaths per capita now exceeds every other country in the world: Sweden's death toll becomes highest in world
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