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  1. I didn't say that. I said that they were like everyone else. Some good and some bad. Most of the bad, impolite ones that I have come across were not from Phuket, though, many were OK (just like other people). That is my final answer. Make of it what you will. You think every Thai wears a halo? I really have nothing more to add to this thread.
  2. Wow! Great demonstration on how to build a complete house with only three bricks. Have you ever listened to the touts and tuk-tuk driver's and what they say in Thai? I have found Thais to be just like everyone else. Some good, some bad. Let me summarize your argument: I chose to live in Kamala, so, it must be the best place on the island and anyone that disagrees with me is just plain wrong.
  3. Disparaging Thai people? Disparaging west coast living? You have a very fertile imagination. Why don't you point out what is not true in my post? You on the other hand are insulting actual posters.
  4. Not really. I learned long ago that length of time living here has no correlation to knowledge, but, you do have to spend a certain amount of time here. It also helps to be able to speak Thai.
  5. Actually, beechbum has probably lived here longer than you. You are the one coming across as the newbie. If Kamala is mainly a Thai community, where are all these expats that "are in the know?"
  6. The 30 minutes you quote shows you don't really know. It takes me 20 minutes driving from Chalong to Patong. Many Thais come from all over Thailand to work in Phuket. They are there for the money only and usually aren't too polite going about it. They make up the majority of Thais on the West coast. Anyway, you've lived here for how long? I can remember when the roads to Kamala and Karon from Patong were being constructed. Before that, there was only one road out of Patong which the King had something to do with after hearing that a man carried his friend wi
  7. 1. Only if you're walking. 2. They are nearly all retirees (thought an expert on Phuket would know that), so schools don't come into it. Just out of curiosity, how long have you lived here?
  8. Seems you don't know Phuket as well as you think you do. Kata 30 minutes from Patong? I don't think so. "Most people in the know pick Kamala". If that was true then Kamala would be swamped by long term expats. There are far more resident expats that live in Rawai than Kamala. You're funny.....
  9. Or, to put it another way....... They think that nearly 10% of British citizens will choose Thailand as a holiday destination. Who comes up with this rubbish?
  10. No, under the bread table, left-hand side that is in front of the main entrance. Used to know where everything was before, but, will now have to learn again.
  11. OK, today was the day when the manager of Villa has changed the whole lay-out of the shop (idiot!). I saw El Paso hard shell tacos. Soft tortillas, don't know if they are corn, or not (under the bread table). Packets of corn meal, Stone ground corn flour and generic corn flour (not corn starch) on the shelves close to the tills.
  12. Have to go there this afternoon, so, I'll take a look. No guarantees, though.
  13. Try Villa Market, I think they have the tortillas ready made and also the flour.
  14. Nope. TV is hardly ever on. The wife prefers working in the garden, or cleaning the house. When she has nothing else to do she may watch a movie and she particularly likes the Muay Thai televised on the weekends.
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