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  1. Stagnation would be a good word.......maybe. Or decline?
  2. Evolving doesn't mean stay the same and slowly get worse, or, in this case businesses eventually dying and not being replaced. Just a disagreement in word meaning maybe.
  3. I disagree. Patong won't "evolve". Businesses will just stay closed until tourists come back. Thai businesses are <deleted> at new ideas, they only know how to copy. Chuck in the fact that land-lords are now demanding unjustifiable rents, more businesses will close even well after the restrictions are lifted. There are fewer mugs coming that 1) want to live here full-time and 2) will put there money into a business. What will happen is that the slow decline that has been going on for years, will just continue. Covid-19 just temporarily sped up the process. What is happening in Patong is happening all over the island. Take a look at all the shuttered shop-houses in Phuket Town. They were there before the virus and are only increasing and will continue to increase. This is a direct result of the Thai Baht going to a few select businesses that have Chinese connections and most money sent straight back to China. There are no entry level, profitable businesses that can be copied anymore. The cherry on top is the short-sighted and corrupt local government who would rather have 1 baht today than three tomorrow. In Chalong, most of the business parks are almost empty of businesses now. Fisherman's Way, Fisherman's Way 2 and Draecena (opposite Villa) are either empty, or, close to it. For rent signs are every where with no takers. For most Westerners, Thailand and Phuket in particular is "so 1990's". Fashions come and go. Phuket rode the wave and the wave has continued on, leaving Phuket behind the crest.
  4. Yet, it's just a coincidence that he does this after Twitter slap a couple of fact-checking warnings on his obviously incorrect Tweets? Just king mango the first, throwing his toys out of the pram.
  5. If no tax has been paid on it for six years in a row, it can't be done (or, so I've been told). Best check with the authorities.
  6. Yeah, they're great, aren't they? Just wish they'd leave them in the sea instead of making them do tricks for the paying public.
  7. If anyone finds someone who knows what is going to happen two months from now, please ask them for the winning lottery numbers, too and pass them on to TV members. Many thanks.
  8. Actually, the end result of the Black Death was ultimately good for the ordinary man. Due to depopulation, there just weren't enouhg people to work their Lord's land. End result was the end of Feudalism and the start of paying money to peasants for their labour. But, I digress.
  9. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to bu in Phuket, but, seeing as how I do, I know the rough land prices and use those as an example. Even in the north-east there is a huge variation on land prices. City? Town? Just outside? Or, right out in the sticks.
  10. .......and the weird thing is that there are always flip-flops amongst the rubbish and they are nearly always left-footed ones. Reminds me of a joke. A man is walking down the street with only one flip-flop. A passerby says "lost a flip-flop?" Man replies "No, just found one".
  11. It rather depends on where it is, don't you think? Nakorn Nowhere ex-rice paddy less than 100k per rai. Phuket minimum will be three to four million per rai in an unfashionable area. Over 10 million per rai near a beach. 50 million if in Patong. I really hate having to state the obvious.
  12. Find the place you want to live, then ask around. Thais don't usually want to advertise that they are selling land as it could lead to a loss of face.
  13. 10 minutes to do a 90 day report? Outrageous! It would have taken only three minutes if you had used the drive-thru. No paperwork needed, just your passport.
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