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  1. There's actually an easy way around this. When the one year statement arrives, splash out another 100Bt for the normal three month statement. That way you will have the full year up to the date of the extension application.
  2. Then how can we comply when it takes five to seven working days to actually receive the years statement from Bangkok Bank?
  3. Yes, but that year is from my bank book, not from a bank letter. I think it's the bank letter that people have been talking about with regard to the one years worth of bank activity.
  4. I use the 800k method. I have a separate account for it and my bank book is updated every month. I supplied a photocopy of my bank book showing one years worth of entries along with the bank letters. All exactly the same as last year and every year before that. Maybe this is something that has come out after I got my extension?
  5. So you've been to all 77 provinces have you? As we are talking about immigration, I think Phuket is one of the best and no immigration officer has ever been rude to me. Maybe it's you that's the problem? Speaking Thai also helps immensely. I'm living where I want. I didn't give in to the wife and go live in a village near Nakorn Nowhere. I'm convinced those people that did give in and are living in the Boonies with their computer as their only entertainment are the ones that knock Phuket, Pattaya and Samui.
  6. I did my extension about two weeks ago using the 800k method and the three month statement was fine. A one year statement from Bangkok Bank has to come from their head office and takes one week. No insurance needed.
  7. I concur. It's a Coppersmith Barbet; a common resident that is found all over Thailand. Have seen them in my garden in Phuket.
  8. If they don't want to help us help them, then I'm through with this thread. Go find a mechanic yourself.
  9. I also have a pair of Red-wattled Lapwings in my garden. Beautiful birds, but very annoying as they call day and night. Don't they ever sleep? The Greater Coucal is a non-parasitic cuckoo. They are not very good at flying and seem more comfortable clambering around the under-growth. Really funny to see them crash land almost every time, though, they never seem to hurt themselves.
  10. Not very helpful. You know the "west" extends the whole length of Phuket, right?
  11. That's good news. Previously, after receiving your new passport from VFS, you had to go to your embassy for the letter.
  12. You also need a letter from your embassy stating that the new passport is genuine.........otherwise Immigration won't do the transfer.
  13. There's a special area in Hell reserved for the person who first thought of putting a camera into a phone. It's now more important to look as if you are having a good time rather than actually having a good time. Very important to people's Facebook page.
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