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  1. Jay yen yen my friend. Bear in mind that things are processed by batch, so it's not only a matter of processing your application but how many batches are queuing before you. For instance there has been no MOI interview since February 2020 (while these were run on a monthly basis for about 40-50 people) and this mean that if they don't double the size of applicants or increase the pace when they resume the interviews it will add 4 or more months to the 12-month average waiting time. We know files are not necessarily processed as FIFO and the time can vary from one to another, but what you should try to do is to know when interviews resume (thanks david143 for regularly telling us!) at which pace and how many people seem to be interviewed each time. Because when SB has sent your file to MOI it means there were probably 12 months*50 so total 600 people queuing ahead of you.
  2. I personally don't think someone not paying taxes would qualify for PR and citizenship application (excluding special categories) - perhaps this is a question gurus in this forum can answer.
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