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  1. FYI points are organized this way: - 25 for Security of Profession (salary level actually) - 20 for Residence in Thailand - 15 for Educational Level - 15 for Knowledge of Thai Language - 10 for Age - 10 for General Knowledge about Thailand - 5 for Personality
  2. No, as I said yellow book can give you only 5 points (if you have it for 5+ years, and even like this it's up to the discretion of SB to give you the points or not - from what some have reported earlier in this forum). Only PR blue book can give 10 to 20 points for the residency aspect.
  3. Yes correct, yellow book can only give 5 points out of 20. You need PR for 5 years to get 10 points and PR for 10 years would give 20 points which is the maximum.
  4. In the past six months, the pattern seems to have switched to the Friday in the middle of the month - at least for months which have been reported in this forum.
  5. Some reported the meeting frequency was once a month recently, with sometimes a month being skipped. What I know is that some applicants have confirmed their attending in September 2018, November 2018 and January 2019... So I hope there'll be another MOI interview this month (perhaps even this Friday?) if anyone can confirm being called soon it will be nice for others. I don't think there's such list because applicants are said to get a direct phone call 2-3 days before.
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