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  1. I recently moved house to a moo ban and there are 4 dogs that "live" in the mooban, but only one of them is problematic, as 3 others are here only during the night. The problematic one stays in one area all the time and he barks at people and dogs, but he is particularly aggressive when I walk my 2 small-breed dogs around the mooban. He's been barking and charging viciously almost every time I take them for a walk, but I always charge back and he backs off (albeit still following and barking). Today I had one of my dogs on leashes, one on back and one in front, and he just charged again out of nowhere and attacked my small dog that never bit anything in its life (5 years old). My dog was just standing there when he was attacked, unprovoked. This cost me 2,700 THB so far and will cost more, as my dog has 2 deep puncture wounds that need cleaning & dressing change for 4-5 days in the vet office. The attacking dog is fed by a neighbor on the street, who will naturally deny it's her dog. I refuse to be terrorized by this dog every time I go for a walk with my dogs inside the mooban. Is there any service that would take care of aggressive dogs? If not, what are my options here?
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