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  1. So china is a low risk nation. Is this a joke? Duh, where did the virus come from? You think you can actually believe anything the Chines goverment is saying?
  2. Mr. Floyd was a drug addict and at the time was high on Fentanyl, which is more potent than Heroin. also he was drunk. Altough I dont condone the action that the police office took and this should never have happened. If he hadnt tried to pass a 20.00 countereit bill, none of this would have happened. So who is really at fault here. This guy wasnt a saint: In 2009 did 5 yrs assault n robbery with a gun,later offences with violence,caught for passing fake cash on this occasion
  3. Hurry put some Mannequins in the seats and send a picture to Prayut Chan-o-cha cha . Look at all the tourist?
  4. Booked a flight home from the u.s. on the 8th of July. haven't seen my family for 8 months. Looks like know one knows what is going on. If one mil in insurance and medical cert, forget it. NUTS
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