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  1. I have an account at TD Waterhouse in the states.  It acts as a regular checking account and you can trade stocks if you so wish.

    I pay $0 ATM fee and the exchange rate is excellent as they use the interbank rate and there are NO other fees.  I take out ฿100 at a time, no problem.

    You can probably apply on-line.  go to tdwaterhouse.com

    probably most of the discount brakerages are the same.  Since they don't have their own branches, they don't charge ATM fees.

    Thanks DB!!!

    Just opened account online and put $1000 US into it and when I receive card I will Check it out and see how it works!!!

    Im Tired of Paying $3.50 a time as i always pull out the max which is 20,000 baht at a time. I should save about $20 a month.

    Once again great advice just what I was Looking for Thanks-

    P.S. Any stock tips?


  2. Doisaket

    have you been to the Japanese next to nang nual in nong hoi?


    the buffet place near the river? :o

    CTG- ate at sushi rest last nite its all u can eat 290 baht for dinner very good. reminded me of Oishi in bangkok Excellent tip thank you\R :D

  3. I use LOX, I-NET and now I have TTT, I find that TTT is the one I use most,335 baht per month and good for 3 hrs per connection, will then reconnect.

    I had IP-TV dialup with incoming sat,but it was 1500 per month and I never could use the sat most of the time as it would not hookup,and they would not try to make it work but did send the 1500 bill which was payed auto on my credit card.

    So now I just stop by the TTT office once a month and buy a card,or pick up 2 or 3 at a time which saves the monthly trip to town.And it is not 1222 but a regular phone number.It is called N-RICH PACKAGE,30 days for 335 baht.

    Thanks Kevin- switched to ttt n-rich program and love it i will be saving about 700 baht a month-thanks-R :o

  4. I have bought Quaker Instant Oats at Tops.  If Instant "Grits" is a differenct product, haven't seen them.

    Oh yes, grits are completely different. They are made from a type of corn. They are expecially popular in the southern states in America. If someone knows where they could be found in Thailand, I'd like to know as well. I would also like to get Scapple, but I know that is just a pipe dream.

    I have never seen grits here and they are made out of rough ground or cracked hominy, hominy is corn that has been soaked in lime water til the hull comes off.

    Up in Chiang mai I did see a store that had MASA,and it would work for scrapple, I looked at the recipe on another post,but I do not like onions in it and never make it with onions,

    I use about a kilo of ground pork,not to much fat,a couple of gallons of water and salt and about 3 cups of corn meal[either yellow or white] ,Boil the ground or chopped pork for about 1/2 hr, let cool and then stir in the meal,being careful to stir all the time that you are adding the meal or you will have lumps,continue to stir til it starts to boil,reduce heat and let cook for an hour,,I like to use a bigger pot with water in it so I have a huge double boiler and then you needn't worry about the scrapple sticking to the bottom and scraping up lumps, when cooked,pour into loaf pans and let cool,and thick, fry til golden in hot butter,,now thats the way my penn. deutch grandma did it.as you know,they were germans not dutch.

    soon as I can find some more corn meal I will make some and you are welcome to come and eat

    Kevin which store in chiang mai had Masa? i want to make fresh tortillas :o

  5. > Even though the guy who seemed to be the owner, a japanese

    > guy didnt even recognize our existence after dropping 1k baht

    > for 2 as he was sucking up to the only 2 other customers 2

    > japanese tourists in the place.

    Sorry, just to clarify: The owner was a Japanese guy who was not very friendly? And it was your bill that came to around 1000 baht?



    yes :o

  6. Sushi anyone? have eaten at almost all Sushi places in Chiang mai nothing great until last night. We Tried Asahi around the corner from night bazaar same street as Piccollis italian next to Wine store

    Even though the guy who seemed to be the owner, a japanese guy didnt even recognize our existence after dropping 1k baht for 2 as he was sucking up to the only 2 other customers 2 japanese tourists in the place. I must say it was the best sushi I have eaten in Chaing Mai. The Zen sushi place in central is good but a bit expensive!

    check it out if you like sushi I might go again tonite ! :o -R

    Its all about the food!!

  7. Very nice person that Francois, met him at the meeting the last time I was in Chiang Mai. Hope all goes well for him and his wife. :D Kringle

    Agreed. Good man, nice family. Thailand could certainly benefit from farangs like Francois.

    He told me he wanted to stay here, but making money, and considerations about education for his daughter forced the move back to France.

    I hope things work out so that he can move back here :o

    Ditto :D -R

  8. Yes she can get a divorce without his permission.

    The usual way is to say that he has not supported his wife financially for X months and the courts will grant a divorce in his absence.

    Not sure how long the X months has to be, but think about 9 months.

    Court cases take ages to be heard, expect to wait more than a year.

    has to be 1 year of nonsupport to get to court system then another 6-16 months to be final-takes time

  9. Im am using IPstar Express Megabit 2, which gives me 128K up and 512K down, in a 3,000 MB (3 Gig) monthly traffic package for 8,000 Baht +VAT.


    As a backup I am using "when-heavy-raining-or loxinfo-<deleted>-up" a AIS GPRS package with unlimitd GPRS access for around 1,000 Baht per month, and with a speed of approx 36K.

    I have to maintain approx 20 web sites daily, and need speed, even if it is expensive.

    George so you are using satellite? as I am in Chiang mai I havent heard too much positive response about its reception here?-R

  10. Since i am now onine a lot i was wondering if there are better deals out there than what im paying? I am paying 400 baht(actually 387/discount) for 40 hour from Inet-easy I like it because its not that 1222 number because thats hard to logon to after 4pm.

    Any better deals out there?-R :o

  11. There is a new Irish bar at Anusarn market.

    Aircon and full of smoke according to my dinner partner yesterday but .....

    Yeah, O'Malleys.. Looks nice enough. Owner sounds distinctly American though. :-) I think The Bear's Den looks even more impressive though, and may even be cheaper. Easier to park too.



    Owner is American seems like a nice guy!Thats one of the few places that i always see at least the bar full in CM.I wonder why?

    It is on the expensive side. and the food is average Farang food He claimed the best Fish and chips but not even close. when we went in and had a bite with 1 Farang and 5 thais we got overcharged :o so check bill!!=R

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