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  1. It's not actually the Beijing government that is using social media to promote it's politics. It's individual Chinese people in China who are expressing their opinions on social media. Are they shooting themselves in the foot ? What about Americans who express their support for Donald Trump, on social media ? Are they an embarrassment ? Do they harm America's image outside of America ? Do they cause people across planet earth to shake their heads in frustration ? Is America shooting itself in the foot when these people open their mouths ? What about Britain ? When British people show their anti-Muslim and pro-Brexit views on social media, are they harming Britain's image ? Blasting the EU on social media, when Britain needs a Brexit deal, how on earth does that look ? I think we should accept, that when people say what they want to say, there's always going to be others who get annoyed.
  2. Morch, the USA, and the vast majority of countries across planet earth, has got a Chinese Embassy which is an Embassy of the Peoples' Republic of China. That's mainland China. The Embassy is NOT an Embassy of "Republic of China, Taiwan". Now, you do realise, right, that no country on planet earth has both an embassy for China and one for Taiwan ? Okay, in London, if the British government was to allow Taiwan to open an Embassy, called Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) then, then what ? Well, Beijing will simply close down the Chinese Embassy in London. That's why London has not got an Embassy of the Republic of China. And this applies not just to London, it applies to all other capital cities. Nobody can have both Embassies. The poster boonrawdcnx appears to be pushing for a campaign to isolate China. And indeed, recognising Taiwan as China (and refusing to recognise China as China) is certainly an attempt to isolate China. Yes, recognising Taiwan as China, this involves having an Embassy of the "Republic of China, Taiwan". I'm only trying to say that, for any major country on planet earth, it's disastrous if they allow Taiwan to have an Embassy, which will cause China to close the Chinese Embassy. Do you feel that, it would be crazy and absurd if Washington allows Taiwan to open an Embassy in Washington DC, and hence, cause Beijing to close down the Chinese Embassy ? Yes, the White House might carry out stupid and silly behaviour sometimes, but they're not really that stupid. If they were, they'd go and allow Taiwan to have an Embassy in America.
  3. So, youngsters in China know nothing about the Free World ? I think that we should accept that people all over the world know almost nothing about the world outside of their own country. Lots of people in Britain are stunned when they realise the lack of knowledge most Americans have of the world outside of the USA. Expats living in Thailand also feel that most Thais know little of the world outside of Thailand. As for Britain, most of the newspapers are actually supporting Brexit, that's probably the main reason as to why lots of people are backing Brexit. Fodder for the guys who are the power behind Brexit ? And using the term "Chinese Nationalists" ? A word that will cause confusion. The Chinese Nationalists were a bunch of Chinese led by Chiang Kai-Shek, they fought against Mao Zedong and the Communists. They lost the civil war in mainland China and fled to the island of Taiwan. Maybe it's better to use the label "Chinese Communists" instead of "Nationalists" when describing mainland China.
  4. "Everybody knows that Taiwan is an independent country". Actually, it's not. Taiwan is a de facto independent place. It's a place that has self-rule, correct, the guys in Beijing are unable to make any rules that govern Taiwan. But it's not an independent nation. Taiwan does not have a seat at the United Nations, and Taiwan does not have an Embassy in America, or any other major nation. I say with a smirk on my face, there is no Taiwan Embassy in London, and so, I don't recognise Taiwan as a nation or a country. There is a Chinese Embassy in London, it is the Embassy of Peoples' Republic of China, it is not the Embassy of "Republic of China, Taiwan". There is a Thai Embassy in London, a Vietnamese Embassy, a North Korea Embassy. Any nation that has an Embassy in London, I recognise it to be an independent nation. By the way, ISIS previously held a lot of land in Syria, ISIS controlled the territory, but ISIS was never an independent nation. They never had an Embassy in London, and they had no seat at the UN, but they still had control over their territory. Do consumers in China know that Taiwan has no seat at the United Nations ? Do Chinese consumers know that Taiwan has no embassies at any major countries ? I think they do know. You've mentioned Nazi Germany. Okay, prior to World War Two, yes, I think it would have been a good idea for America and Britain to have put up sanctions against Nazi Germany. I mean, why trade with Nazi Germany, when they was building up their military ? Is China similar to Nazi Germany ? Off-course not. If China is similar to Nazi Germany, if China is a threat to world peace, well, yes, I would certainly support international sanctions against China. Ban all Chinese goods entering into America and Europe. But that's only if China is similar to Nazi Germany. It's not.
  5. Surely, you accept that if American soldiers are going to be in China, to fight alongside whatever Chinese, against whatever other Chinese (the old men of Beijing) , well, this involves NATO ? Washington will demand that Europe spills the blood of European soldiers, if Americans are going to die fighting against China ? No way will America shoulder the burden of war against China, on it's own. China needs trade with other countries ? It certainly does. China needs trade with Europe. Europe is not interested in reducing trade. China wants trade with Britain. Britain is not interested in reducing trade. China needs trade with America. The White House is contemplating a trade war with China. China does not want a trade war. China wants trade and contact with the rest of the world. China wants to send tourists to London and Paris, China wants to flood Thailand with tourists. All this is good for China, and good for planet earth. The poster, boonrawcdnx, that poster seems to be against China doing all of this. Morch, are you against America and Europe importing a mountain of Chinese manufactured goods ? Are you against Europe and Britain regarding China as a vital export market ? Are you against London and Paris regarding the mainland Chinese tourists as vital ? Do you feel that, China is a vital export market for American soybean farmers ? Do you feel that China is a vital market for large sectors of America's agricultural sector ?
  6. What are you talking about ?? Huawei made Chinese consumers angry by saying or implying that Taiwan is a seperate country. Huawei then corrected the mistake. It was not the Beijing government that ordered Huawei to correct the mistake, it was the anger from Chinese consumers that did this. Although off-course, if Chinese consumers had of said nothing, well, Beijing would have acted. So Chinese consumers threatened a boycott against Huawei. Well, surely, that is their freedom to do so ? What this shows is, is that even if the Beijing government were to take no action, the consumers in China will themselves take action. And their action is, is a boycott. And yes, nobody wants Chinese consumers to boycott their product. So, Chinese consumers have got things their way. Huawei very quickly corrected the mistake. I do think though, Huawei would have corrected the mistake even if there was no threat of a boycott. You talk about how you can't fix stupid ? Look, the tariffs that America might slap on will greatly harm America when Beijing retaliates with it's own tariffs against American goods. As for Hong Kong, the demonstraters are no longer blocking the airport. Good. Who cares about demonstraters blocking the main streets of Hong Kong ? Nobody outside of Hong Kong cares if the centre of Hong Kong is brought to a standstill. You want to talk about stupid ? How about ignoring Denmark because, because Denmark won't talk about selling Greenland ? How about wanting to stop a big Iranian oil tanker, when Europe has released the oil tanker ?
  7. What ????? Look, people do actually die because of sanctions. In Iraq, prior to the invasion of 2003, lots of civilians did die because of the sanctions. Sanctions hurt, they hurt the most vulnerable people. The people who suffer the most, they're the very people who we don't want to go through with the pain. Surely, you know that ?
  8. It would be great if the majority of people in Britain would totally support a large number of Chinese entering Britain. Yes, hardworking, qualified, and talented, and have money entering into Britain. And it would be great if the women would be allowed in, on the grounds that they have a husband or boyfriend in Britain. But I don't think lots of British people actually want more coloureds coming into Britain. I think about a third of all British people are actually against any more coloureds coming into Britain. It's not a simple case of just saying "they come over here, they're cheap labour, they bring down wages, they push up rents and house prices". Even the foreigners who have got good jobs, qualified, and who bring money into Britain, there is still the accusation of "there's too many coloureds in our country, the sheer numbers are causing the indigenous British people to lose whatever sense of British identity and culture, they're causing house prices to rise higher and higher, Britain is an island, it's already over-crowded, we don't want to tear up the country-side in South-East England to build more houses, even if the foreigners are paying good money for houses, Britain is for the British, it's not for the rest of the world, even if the foreigners have got money......" That Brexit, a democratic vote, lets be honest, one of the main incentives for those voting Brexit was to "cut down on the number of foreigners in Britain". And those who want to cut down the number of foreigners, most of them feel "it's more important to reduce the number of coloureds rather than reduce the number of them East Europeans". Off-course, Brexit is not going to reduce the number of coloureds in Britain, it will simply reduce the number of East Europeans in Britain, but that's another story.......
  9. Well, I think that, the posts put up on ThaiVisa ARE actually representative of the views of the general public. Surely, ThaiVisa does not attract a diss-proportionately high percentage of crazy people with crazy ideas ?? Yes, the views of the general public, politicians must take into account such views. They are, after all, democratically elected.
  10. I do love it when people reveal their true thoughts. "Yes, them Chinese, from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, we don't really care, we don't actually want them in our country".
  11. ??? Trudeau doesn't actually like Trump. And I don't think Trump likes Trudeau.
  12. Washington, can you please leave this tanker alone. You've already made yourself look ridiculous. Do yourself a favour, and simply say nothing more about this tanker.
  13. What ??? The Trump government is trying to slap tariffs onto the Chinese goods entering America, and Trump is already regarded as being absurd for doing this. Trump is already harming American farmers and other Americans who export goods to China. That's because China is going to hit back with tariffs against American goods entering China. And, no, Europe is not interested in reducing trade with China. And Britain doing Brexit, Britain is certainly not interested in less trade with China. Break China into seperate bits ? What, you suggest the suicidal option of sending NATO soldiers into China, to fight alongside one group of Chinese against another group ? And Taiwan. Beijing will never recognize Taiwan as an independent country. What about America and Britain ? Do you think America and Britain should recognize Taiwan as an independent country ? Do you think that America should allow Taiwan to have an Embassy in Washington ? That would be a crazy thing to do. Not even the Trump government would contemplate such a mad idea. Allowing Taiwan to have an Embassy in Washington means that them old men in Beijing will close down the Chinese Embassy in Washington. And that, would be disastrous for America. That's why America will never do it.
  14. "When China got Hong Kong back in 1997 Hong Kong produced roughly 25% of China's GDP.. Now it is around 3%". And this comment is totally true. Prior to 1997, Hong Kong was a gate-way for trade between China and the rest of the world. Basically, goods made in China were 'exported' to Hong Kong, stored in warehouses and then re-exported to Europe and America. Also, dealers would import goods into Hong Kong from Europe and America, and then re-export the goods to mainland China. And off-course, make a profit from doing this. We're in a different world today. Goods produced in Shanghai are packed onto ships in Shanghai, and the ships sail directly to America and Europe, Hong Kong's role has been reduced massively. Hong Kong is still a massive financial centre, raising finance (loans, investments,capital) but again, the financial services are supporting or backing business projects in mainland China. Hong Kong's wealth was built on China, but China needs Hong Kong a lot less, compared to previously. And if Hong Kong does drift away from China (a bit like Britain drifting away from Europe) well, Beijing can easily reduce the flood of Chinese tourists who enter Hong Kong. This really will damage Hong Kong's economy in a serious way. Who needs who more ? Does Hong Kong need China, more than China needs Hong Kong ? Does Britain need Europe, more than Europe needs Britain ?
  15. What freedom did China take away from the Hong Kong citizens ? The freedom to choose who would run Hong Kong ? During the British Colonial era, Hong Kong was not a democracy, the people of Hong Kong were never actually given the freedom to vote for who would be their leader. It was a British Empire place, and the British government chose. Hong Kong had a lot of freedom of religion during the Colonial era. And Hong Kong still does have a lot of freedom of religion. None of the Christian churches in Hong Kong are claiming that their right to praise the Lord Jesus has been reduced since 1997. And about freedom of speech. Hong Kong's newspapers were not totally uncensored prior to 1997. And today, Hong Kong people can actually say what they want to say, just like prior to 1997.
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