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  1. A young woman I know just died from Covid-19. She traveled to Phatthalung for Songkran, coming from Suratthani. She reported at hospital after Songkran feeling sick, already dead now. Only 24 years old. The village she was staying over Songkran is in a state of panic now. She was chubby, but I’m not aware of any other comorbidities. We’ll see if she makes it into the statistics tomorrow.
  2. Coravax uses a rabies vaccine as its base. It’s then genetically altered so that it has a spike protein found in the sars-cov2 virus. Your body subsequently creates antibodies against this spike and recognizes the spike in a future infection with sars-cov2. It’s similar how Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson use an adenovirus (albeit not inactivated, but harmless to humans) as a base. The vaccine you had against rabies is not altered in any way for your body to create antibodies against sars-cov2 and thus gives you no protection against that virus or any other apart from rabies.
  3. Sail it to Krabi Boat Lagoon and take it out of the water there. There is a 35 ton boat lift. The road from there to Donsak should be no problem. In Donsak at the dock put it back in the water and sail it to Samui. Regardless, with a transport of this size you would expect the transport company to do a dry run checking for any obstacles and issues.
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