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  1. Did any of the applicants who were on a non-B visa get the ED extension? I looked into this some time ago, and all sources (immigration and agents) said it wasn’t possible.
  2. If you know what the color blue in the Thai flag symbolises and why it’s extra big in the centre, then you realize how embarrassing this mistake is for the organisers.
  3. TMD categorises wind events which may be confusing to international readers. Category 1: Active low-pressure cell Category 2: tropical depression Category 3: Tropical Storm Category 4: Severe Tropical Storm Category 5: Typhoon When the TMD issues a warning for a cat5 typhoon event, it doesn’t mean it’s a category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, just any type of typhoon.
  4. Isn’t there a button nearby the window control in the driver side by which you can disable the other window operations?
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