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  1. If there is an increases in absolute tourist numbers, but a larger increase in available beds or decrease in nights spent, then the occupancy per room goes down. All three are happening I think; Some large hotels opened recently, but also many more villas, leading to more available beds. But also demographics are changing to shorter stay visitors.
  2. After being quite sick for a few weeks already and having many weird symptoms earlier this year I was recommended by a gastroenterologist at a private hospital on Samui to have a colonoscopy and gastro endoscopy to check if a cause could be found there. But first it was agreed upon to do some blood work to rule out some other common things. While waiting for the blood results the insurance rep checked how was I was insured and then gave me the quotation; 145,000 Baht!!! The doctor could only do the procedure first thing next morning, as he only spends 2 days a month practicing in this hospital. I decided to first await the blood result before making a decision and really also didn’t want to spend all evening on the toilet, while already feeling <deleted>. The doctor tried 2 times to persuade me to go ahead with the procedure the next morning. I stood firm and said I would see how I felt in a few days and to see what the blood said. Upon realizing I wouldn’t accept, the doctor told me he never even sent my blood to the lab for the agreed upon tests and would now also no longer do this. If I wanted these tests done I had to see another internist the next day (by this time all these doctors already left for the day) and request them again and have blood taken again. i just decided to first self medicate for an ulcer with triple antibiotics and a PPI. Along with plenty of banana shakes to ease the stomach symptoms, until I was back in my home country to have the doctors there rule out anything serious relating to all the other symptoms. Regardless of my rant; your quote seems very cheap compared to what I was quoted!
  3. The F in CIF stands for Freight, so it is included, also in Thailand. Only if there is no freight or insurance cost specified in the documentation (or if the documented cost is unreasonably low) will customs assess a freight and insurance value. (Normal is 10% of cost of goods)
  4. It’s the origin that matters, not where it’s shipped from. In order to get reduced tariffs under ASEAN or a certain trade agreement the goods must have a certificate of origin and (another specific form in Thailand’s case). Without those you are subject to the standard duties. Sometimes one gets lucky though. Specifically for low value or small items shipped via post.
  5. They calculate shipping cost per duty percentage. Example when you ship by a single private container; Apples worth 100,000 baht at 10% duty, bananas worth 100,000 baht at 10% duty, a car worth 100,000 baht at 80% duty a sailboat worth 200,000 baht at 0% duty, At a total shipping and insurance cost of 150,000 baht. Duty to be paid; 10% items; 200,000/500,000 x 150,000 + 200,000 = 260,000 CIF value = 26,000 duty + 7% x 286,000 VAT 80% car; 100,000/500,000 x 150,000 + 100,000 = 130,000 CIF value = 104,000 duty + 7% x 204,000 VAT 0% items; 200,000/500,000 x 150,000 + 200,000 = 260,000 CIF value = 0 duty + 7% x 260,000 VAT Ps. Customs officers are not stupid. If you creatively make up numbers on the invoice in order pay less duties and VAT, they will assess the fair economic market value in Thailand of the goods and then work backwards from that.
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