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  1. Ok its not 50% it's only 27% https://www.one2car.com/en/for-sale/chevrolet-captiva-lsx-bangkok-metropolitan-kanchanaphisek/6570124
  2. I use home filters for drinking water so as I know how long the filters have been in use. How do you know when your local water supplier last replaced his filters?
  3. My secret when searching was to use the words "newly renovated" . The apartments are all larger as they are older. I settled on On Nut near BTS 44 square meters my own internet for 11000 baht month plus utilities. Brand new mini kitchen foldaway bed and room divider newly decorated
  4. My old haunts were NASA Spacedrome and Spaso. Are they still rocking?
  5. OP said small restaurant. Old Dutch was at least two shop houses. Will this mystery ever be solved.
  6. The same people that pay a couple of million for a Mini. A would place a bet that the Captivas have all been bought by the trade and they have signed a pact they will not sell them for under 750,000 baht
  7. I feel sorry for the punters who own a Captiva already and have now seen the resale value drop by at least 50%. The outstanding loan is now probably more than the car is worth. I remember the Nissan Juke when they were imported for 1,3 million. Then they assembled them in Thailand and sold them for under a million baht.
  8. New Captiva LS turbo featured on Thai TV usual retail 990,000 going for 500,000 baht. Another Chevy but I could not make out the model. Normal retail 1.4 million reduced to 900,000
  9. Unfortunately the foreigner has a 15 year booking at the Hilton in Bangkok on his return to Thailand.
  10. Took a taxi from Pattaya to Ban Chang last week. Exited Sukhumwit somewhere (I don't know Pattaya) and managed to get on to the motorway. Exited at 331. At the junction of 331 and 332? they are constructing a flyover. So going to Utapao from 331 motorway exit the only bottle neck will be the crossing Sukhumvit at Kilo sip.
  11. Is it not possible to down load ads on opening TV and for them to remain. Instead of opening another page and having to suffer all the ads being reloaded. Using TV for approximately two weeks has downloaded 18,000 ads!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Maybe this is a reason. News item. One of these options involve expanding the Rayong Thailand plant to add additional capacity to export Colorados to the U.S. This would allow the Shreveport, Louisiana plant to be closed (where the Colorado is also produced). This scenario is plausible only if a free-trade agreement is signed between the U.S. and Thailand, as the American tariff on imported pickup trucks from non-FTA countries is currently 25%. The United Auto Workers is the most vocal opponent to a change in the tariff structure.
  13. I was at Savannakhet in November 2019. There were 8 people applying for visas. Two non o's and six SETV. Only the non o's were granted. One person turned down for 90 days in Thailand already. Good Luck
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