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  1. On my fourth in a row from Savannaket now but they are for marriage. First visa to fourth visa same procedure no changes.
  2. Just spent some time in Malaysia where they charge for plastic bags. It's surprising how quickly it becomes second nature to carry a folded up plastic bag and put in a back pocket when going out.
  3. No Book Transfer Defined Updated Jan 29, 2018 A no book transfer is the transfer of funds from one deposit account to another at a different financial institution. No Book transfers are a way to eliminate check clearing float. Unlike with interbank transfers, these intrabank transfers require little or no wait time. From my financial institution FAQ.
  4. Disconnect battery on most Volvos you will need to reprogram key fob lock/unlock
  5. AMC had a dealership in the 70's in Bangkok
  6. True I will rephrase my question to the OP. If you have a guarantor have you consulated with them.
  7. Depends on ampour. My one states you must be married for yellow book application .
  8. Curious as why imported food is so expensive in Thailand compared to Laos or Malaysia I discovered that basically one company has the import rights for most foodstuffs. Do some research for their name and contact them.
  9. Stayed 3 months ago. They accept kip baht and dollars. Too far to walk to consulate just hail a tuk tuk. Rooms ok for the price but nothing fancy just Laos standard. Good restaurant. Not much going on around.
  10. If you have a loan you must have a guarantor. Have you discussed this with them?
  11. As I replied on another thread all Thai staff should be made to watch SG video "In a class of their own" Thai are followers not leaders. So in 2014 when major airlines started ditching 4 engine fuel guzzlers Thai did not. So now they have an inefficient fleet. What hurts also is their business class has a bad reputation by travel agents worldwide
  12. I have the same problem on a 32 inch Samsung same vintage as yours but down the right side. Only noticeable on dark backgound scenes. Been like that for 3 years.
  13. If anyone is interested in doing costing on different systems all internal and external walls took 3 people 3.5 days.
  14. You should ask a Mod to move this to the health and medicine section. Maybe more interest there. This section is used for discussing the merits of hamburgers, chips, pizza and chicken nuggets. Also the best processed meat maker. My local Tesco Lotus has almond milk and flax seeds but no pulses except tears of job. Weird
  15. Donald Trump’s presidency will go down in history for many reasons. The main legacy of his term could be the start of the breakup of the political system as known in the USA. The Democratic Party will split to hard left called Labor and soft left called Liberal. Republicans will split in to hard right called Nationalists and soft right called Conservatives. Obviously they will not use these names due to the connection with the failed British system. In future elections there will be four mainstream parties instead of two. Plus the independents . Donors will have much clearer picture of what their dollars are supporting. The end result will be hung parliaments with nobody having a clear majority. Horse trading will be the order of the day instead of governing. Another worse scenario would be the breakup of the States itself as championed by the ultra nationalists.
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