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  1. Just buy a coffee dripper, filter papers and either a manual or electric grinder. All for a few hundred baht. Beans you can either find in stores like Tops, or order online from Boncafe. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/dripper-suzuki-coffee-i1805892173-s5378972994.html? https://www.lazada.co.th/products/100-1-2-2-4-drip-coffee-paper-filter-suzaku-i1393088863-s3557488387.html? https://www.lazada.co.th/products/etzel-sn7810-coffee-grinder-i304394301-s526482978.html?
  2. No, we have a 4 storey shophouse unit, concrete and brick construction, but they go after anything in the house made out of softwood, chipboard, wood fibre etc.
  3. OK, so we got the professionals, they came to look at the property first, explained the procedure, gave us some brochures from the US company that manufactures the bait, quoted me a price and we signed a contract. When the pest control guys turned up they came in a van with a company logo on the outside and had matching colour overalls in orange and blue with a company logo, they were even on time. They were neat and tidy and explained exactly what they were doing and why. So no complaints.
  4. Seems I paid over the odds then. The property we bought in Hat Yai came with termites, something we hadn't realised when we bought it. Only became apparent a few months later when galleries started appearing in two rooms on the ground floor. When they broke the wall into the services shaft they found a large termite mound. We used a company called Advance Systems, and it cost me 20k to deal with the existing infestation plus a 3 year follow-up. They put in feeding stations near the galleries, with a bait called 'Requiem' (honestly) which contains a very low level of a cumulative po
  5. She's 73. Vaccines don't make you immortal. Given the numbers being vaccinated there are going to be people who die as on any given day about 1,500 people die in Thailand for one reason or another anyway.
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