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  1. Sorry, title should be clearer, I'm talking about Hat Yai Airport Immigration getting an upgrade, not the immigration office. I've tried to stay clear of them, happy with getting a Multi-O each year and doing a border run if a work trip doesn't take me away first. Maybe edit the thread title.
  2. I think you're better staying single Stavroz, you've clearly not found the right partner if you're still thinking in terms of MY money, MY house.
  3. Education to secondary level is free in most western countries, tertiary education is free in most European countries and heavily subsidised in other western countries. The UK is free to secondary level and then fees apply (except Scotland) for tertiary education, with fees being similar now to those charged in the US.
  4. Just came through Hat Yai immigration returning from Singapore and its had a face lift and upgrade. Nice new desks, and more of them, now space for ten officers, but not just nice new desks new technology too; fingerprint scanners, fingers and thumbs both hands, plus upgraded cameras.
  5. How do you think the guys in Kota Bharu feel, especially the 7% of the population who are non-Muslim, living under the watchful eye of PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party); no alcohol, no provocative dress, no social activities that contradict Islamic norms, and definitely no pork. Only a 35km drive to the border and a weekend in Sugai Golok.
  6. Aren't the beaches a little muddy being so close to the estuary of the Kraburi River?
  7. Will work out what's the sweet spot tomorrow, obviously doesn't pay to send too much.
  8. Have registered with OFX so next transfer will compare rates between Transferwise and OFX.
  9. Certainly not. That's a money transferring to their Singapore account. There was a 17% increase on the transfer of SGD10,000 to THB.
  10. A 17% INCREASE transferring from Singapore to Thailand. It says from 8th of March not the 1st.
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