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  1. Boris isn't even the best PM of the last two. And Theresa May wasn't exactly popular. As for Corbyn's spending. Apparently, even the worst he could come up with is still better for the economy than Boris's Brexit plan. https://www.investmentweek.co.uk/news/4005698/corbyn-government-deal-brexit-ifs And if you think Boris's deal isn't a No Deal brexit, it took two years to ratify the EU-Canada deal after it was agreed. Johnson will have 11 months, and they haven't started yet. (and we have Northern Ireland and Gibraltar to deal with in trying to get unanimous approval for a deal from the EU's member states).
  2. I fell and broke my arm in 2006 (shattered elbow, broken shoulder) with nobody else in the room. If I'd fallen slightly differently, it would have been the back of my head and I wouldn't be here now. Polished stone floors look great, but wet feet coming out of a bath or shower can make them treacherous.
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