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  1. These are ethnically Chinese people. They just happen to have British National (Overseas) passports. (The passport issued to the citizens of Hong Kong pre-1997). Actual British citizens in Hong Kong have less issues (because, of course, they can leave Hong Kong for their home country any time they like).
  2. The UK government seems to have a monopoly on looking stupid at the moment. The "sex" ban. (Just google it...). The "conga line". (90 minutes spent voting today - because online voting is too modern for the UK government, so instead people who should be shielded or self-isolating have to travel to Westminster and stand in a socially distanced queue to vote. (Slight problem for the MPs from Northern Ireland as they couldn't fly to England - so couldn't get there to vote). I fully expect the Ministry of Silly walks to be used almost universally by foreign countries to try and explain how weird Westminster is. Mr Rees-Mogg being the person who introduced the voting in person requirement making it even easier to mock.
  3. If they're not from the EU/EEA, they will generally get a new SIM (especially if they're migrants rather than tourists). - Because using their existing SIM in their phone for data will cost them an absolute fortune. I know people who buy a three PAYG sim when they land in London, pay for unlimited data for a month (still £15?) - and they're sorted for their holiday. Or do you see hordes of people on holiday in Thailand still using their home country SIM rather than swapping it out for a Thai SIM for exactly the same reason. There is obviously the problem that if it's at immigration that they're having to give their phone number - they won't have their SIM yet because you generally buy it from the shops once you're past immigration and customs.
  4. No - pretty sure that, like submitting false expenses - would be a sackable offence. And the issue with getting a new chair isn't the money anyway. It's that all the shops here that sell furniture are closed. And buying without sitting in it is not an option (My current chair isn't terrible - it's just not one that I bought with the idea of sitting in it as much as I am at the moment).
  5. I work for a company with a similar (although not as generous) offer. Up to $500 for computer equipment to make it easier to work from home. But you had to submit the claim forms with receipts after paying for it yourself. For most people that used it, what they bought was an extra monitor. And some of us work from home occasionally anyway, so didn't need anything computer-wise. What my company doesn't cover is furniture. - I could probably use a new chair, rather than the computer equipment.
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