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  1. "The footage sparked a debate online between brutal honesty and giving hope." Right!!! Denial is a much better course of treatment. If you know you have a limited time to live, You stop taking life for granted. You have the opportunity of being with your loved ones and living each moment as though time were the most precious gift. I worked with many people who were aware of the limited time they had to live, and many, if not most, related to me that after being given a "death sentence" they found more meaning in life than the had experienced in all the preceding years. There are only two absolutes about life when one is born. They are going to experience pain, and they will die one day.
  2. "...maintain law and order during the celebration of love." If they can't maintain law and order during their own holidays and celebrations (and every other day of the year), what makes Thailand think they can for celebrations imported from the west?
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