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  1. There are reports that the son called the police and told them that his father fights with his mother. https://theblast.com/c/tarzan-ron-ely-911-call-wife-dead-stabbed-son
  2. Beggar


    Go to the settings and here to privacy and uncheck allow others to add me by id Unter privacy you find also the ad settings. Uncheck everything there. Then go to friends in settings and uncheck allow others to add me. Then block all users you don't want.
  3. The bank only asked for this what you call tax ID card. Before they had real cards. Now they only give you this paper. Just care that you don't leave it at the bank.
  4. I had to show them the piece of paper with the tax ID that the Revenue Department gave me. Telling them the number alone didn't work.
  5. It is my experience at several banks. Yes now they charge taxes on interest even if you have not reached the 20000 Baht. To avoid this you need to tell the banks your tax ID (show them the paper that you got from the Revenue Department). After I did they stopped to charge taxes.
  6. Do I have friends here? I know people that always want to tell me what kind of sex they had last night with a lady from a bar. I know people that ask me to go out with them and drink all night because they don't want to get drunken alone. I know people that want to sit the whole day in my condo and expect me to entertain them until the bars open. I know people who come with all their computer problems to me and expect immediate help even if I don't have time. I know people who ask me sometimes if I could lend them some money. I know people....
  7. "The tax would apply to frozen and canned foods and instant noodles, but not to snacks, fish and other seasoning sauce or dishes sold by street vendors." They target the food industry if I understood it correctly. Snacks seem to be no food.
  8. For sure this pickup driver only wanted to kill the car. You can see the holes at the car. No bullet touched the pretties.
  9. In the meantime I have my own tool to check the blood pressure and for laboratory values I go to a private laboratory. I went there the first time because I didn't feel good. The second time I went there to check how the blood pressure medication works and to check the cholesterol levels.
  10. You have to look at the energy consumption and also at service and the availability of spare parts. If you buy an unknown brand it might not exist anymore in a couple of months. So a warranty might be completely useless in such a case.
  11. Nobody expects to pay 30 Baht. But we paid more already anyway even if still less than at private hospitals. In 2017 I was charged 500 Baht for a doctor at the Pattaya City Hospital. It was only about blood pressure and I had to pay this amount before I could see the doctor. I went there one more time to check blood values like sugar and cholesterol. For this I paid in 2017 500 for the doctor and 840 for the laboratory.
  12. It often exists in the form that you have to take over things inside the rental object for a high price. Kitchens or whatever.
  13. Something like this could explain why she had so much alcohol in her blood. Crazy and in the worst case deadly idea and all the monkeys around her enjoy it.
  14. This is common practice in the western world. Has nothing to do with Thailand. I think Thais simply learn more and more how to make money the way it is done in the western world. Nothing special - but for sure not an easy place for western dreamers anymore. But the old rule still exists. If you want to make a million in Thailand simply invest much more than this amount. The same might work in many other countries. It does not depend so much on the country but on the dreamer.
  15. The easiest would perhaps be to indroduce a special VAT for foreigners for ALL goods and services. Perhaps 100 percent plus at least
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