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  1. Cha Am is a very nice place with an endless beach. But I need a good shopping intrastructure. I have been living in Asia for about 30 years now and I traveled a lot. I stayed on Patong Beach more than a year, on Koh Samui about one year, in Bangkok very long, Hua Hin, etc. In the end you almost everywhere where you have tourists you meet the Hello Sexy Man business. I can't stand it anymore
  2. I am thinking too to move away from Thailand after very many years. Has nothing to do with the immigration. I live in Central Pattaya and I am tired of living in the middle of a red light district. More and more often empty but still pretty noisy bars open everywhere. Almost impossible to use my condo because of the noise. I lived some years in Malaysia, some years on the Philippines and some years in Vietnam. All of them have good and bad things of course. Not easy to decide for one. Often I think Malaysia might be the best choice if you want to have a quiet life.
  3. No need to make eye contact. Just cross the road in a predictable way and nothing will happen to you. When I cross the road here in Pattaya I am really scared. But I never had this feeling in Vietnam since they are used to drive in such a way. I was always fascinated to watch crossings where no one stops and nothing happens. You can find videos on YouTube showing this.
  4. Had a similar experience. While I was traveling the bank replaced the old debit cards with new chip debit cards. No information at all that this will happen or even that it happened. The old card did not work anymore - got a strange error message. I called the bank branch and they told me that I have to come to them to get the new chip based card - I was many flight hours away in a foreign country... Good that this was not my only source of money.
  5. Try it. Didn't work for me when I had my last extension in Jomtien. I had the letter and several bank books - sadly without a posting on the day of the bank letter - even if this amount will not be shown in the bank letter of this day anymore but only in the book. To cut a long story short I had to go to the bank and make deposits on the accounts before they were willing to continue with me. But perhaps you have more luck. Not every case seems to be the same.
  6. The bank letter shows the balance on the day of the letter. It doesn't show if the balance has been below 800.000 before this date. Hopefully Jomtien Immigration still understands this the same way as when you applied for the extension and accepts it :-) But what I have learned in this forum is that at some banks it seems to be possible to create a posting in your book without any transaction.
  7. I asked at Jomtien Immigration what happens if you fall below 800.000 until you report after 3 months. Answer - you will lose your visa. I also asked how many days you can come after this 3 months date. Didn't get a clear answer. A friend who leaves the country and can't report on this date was told he should report when he comes back. But what was made clear was that you cannot come before this date because the 800.000 need to be on your account until this date. I also was told that no bank letter is needed. Just an updated bank book showing the 800.000 balance on this date.
  8. What I ask myself is who throws all the garbage into the see. The plastic might be or is just the part that didn't get dissolved. Are garbage removal companies in many countries behind this? Perhaps a cheap way for them to get rid of it?
  9. In my bathroom I still have an Asbestos ceiling. Any ideas how this can be removed safely? Are here any companies specialized in this? The companies I have talked to so far will use the hammer to destroy it...
  10. I have a question. Perhaps someone can help. What I understand that for changing common property 50 % of the votes are needed. Let's say that the condo has in total 100 votes. Does this mean that at the AGM there need to be at least 50 votes present to vote and 26 votes could approve the change. Or does this mean that 50 votes are needed to approve the change. If there is a second meeting because there were not enough people at the first meeting then I understood that the 50% are reduced to 1/3. So if less than 1/3 of all the 100 votes are present at the 2nd meeting can they decide on the change of common property?
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