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  1. Thanks to all that replied. Very helpful!! Thank you Andy
  2. Hard to believe, but my recovery rebate credit was received today in my US bank account. I did my free file 2020 taxes the end of January and was received at the IRS on February 11th. They accepted immediately and processed it and approved the refund 4 days ago and it was just deposited to my account. During the second stimulus payment they did not give me money for my dependent child, so I filled out the recovery rebate on my taxes. Very grateful it was easy to do and receive.
  3. Excuse me if this was covered before, but I looked and can't find it. I will be making an appointment at the embassy (and yes they take limited appointments for renewing a minor's passport) and would like to know of a decent hotel that is nearby and reasonably priced. Reasonably means hopefully 3,000 baht or less per night. Thanks
  4. What training? I thought you did not have to go thru that on a 5 year renewal. Do you already have a 5 year drivers license?
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