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  1. I was transferring $USD from the USA. Maybe it's just from the USA or maybe it's just dollars, but I am confused. I just went to the TW cover page and filled in the box-very interesting. When I put in an amount over $2,000, it says will arrive on the 21st Thursday. When I put in under $2000, it says will arrive on the 20th Wednesday. No next day like in the past. Wonder what's going on?
  2. I understand that and with my last transfer, this was not the case. Like I said, I have always got my money the next day because I do the transfer on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The last transfer, I did a transfer on a Wednesday and it was paid the following Monday. When I went to their cover page in the transfer box rate calculation it was very interesting. If I entered a value over $2,000, it said the money would arrive on Monday. If I entered a value under $2,000, it said the money would arrive the next day on Thursday. This scared me that maybe they don't have enough money to cover all the Thailand transfers. With some other people having delays before me, I am just a littlce concerned now.
  3. I read the complaints and I must say I am very scared now. I know there was another thread a few weeks ago that told of people having problems with payments to their account here in Thailand, but nobody's account was closed and everyone got their money, As for me, I made another transfer this month and money did not come the next day as normal. Their was an extra 2 day delay, but they did show that when I made the transfer. They gave no reason as to why it was taking longer to transfer here. Needless to say, this makes me very uneasy to use them. They may have some serious issues going on now behind the scenes.
  4. Stop it-you're killing me!! I live in Khon Kaen and we have nothing here except Mc D and KFC. PLEASE, somebody send me some Taco Bell and Texas Chicken--PLEASE!! Oh forgot, no beef and no beans maybe not TC--oh what the hell TC too!! PLEASE!!
  5. All the above is nice information BUT, the bottom line, it still will be up to the individual IO officer as to their interpretation of the rules and how strict they are 2019 renewals as many people will not have 12 months of international transfers to show since this just became a rule. You say they understand and will be lenient this year, but I hardly doubt it and when they say no, you only have 6 months of transfers, what do you do now??? This is why myself and others will always be nervous about our next renewal extension. I am married and been here 10 years and have a son. What if they tell me sorry, 12 months or no extension. I don't have 400,000 to put in the bank.
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