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  1. They already started but I g stuff. Maybe not the forests yet in large scale, but every day around my area locals are now cutting back vegetation, clearing plots of land, raking up leaves and piles of plastic rubbish and happily burning the lot now things are dry from no rain a few days. It will just slowly build up and up as the dry season progresses. No change...and the pollution will be far more of a risk to health than the virus here...yet the locals will not be concerned in the least about the damage the pollution is doing to themselves and their families.
  2. Well in the villages around me in CM the festival has started earlier than usual and seems busier than normal Lots of temples having big parties, music and fireworks and locals going to the fairs and floating the kratongs. Also lots of parties at people's private houses with singing and all the rest of it. I am sure that in the city it will be a lot quieter for the main tourist event...but maybe not....as it seems mostly a Thai thing. When even I went to the city to see the festival in previous years there were always far more Thai people than farang..and now th
  3. That one sea cucumber picked up by the farang diver and all the fuss that created suddenly seems rather insignificant compared to this scene. These creatures coped with freshwater from seasonal monsoon rains every year and yet this has not happened before....and no other marine creatures were affected? Have the experts looked for traces of pesticides or chemicals in the dead sea cucumbers...because it is a good chance they died due to toxic agricultural chemical run off after the heavy rains.
  4. Why not go a step further and have all the vulnerable and anyone over the age of 50 humanly put down like sick or old pet dogs? That would be much better for the economy and young people to make money to spend on it on new smart phones and social media.
  5. So SOME Thai people that feel superior to other nationalities can feel smug and entitled. No problem if other nationalities get covid inside Thailand...so long as no true purebred Thai people get it....it's just the dirty foreigners and poor lower class immigrants 'fault' when the virus shows up inside Thailand.
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