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  1. 2.5 million deaths from the virus globally is a tiny fraction of the human population. You should be more concerned by the air pollution here. Funny how the media are not whipping people into a panic about that as they are Covid 19, as respiratory disease and cancer cause nearly 14 million deaths a year globally. Why is the government not closing off places selling burgers, alcohol or pizzas and banning cakes? Heart disease kills approx 18 million a year. Most of the people who died of / with Covid 19 already had one foot in the grave. The virus just gave
  2. I agree with you. But it's not right. It's basically blackmail and discriminating against normal healthy human beings. If it was 100 per cent free and no one was making a profit I would be more inclines to believe their motives. I am not stupid and I know about the real benefits and tried and tested vaccines against really dangerous diseases. But I don't class covid 19 as such as it is now.
  3. Very sad people can"t like, accept and be comfortable with who they are. H looks normal in the 1st pic but looks like a plastic white shop dummy with makeup and painted on eyebrows and lips in the second. That was a waste of money and he had been taken advantage of by the plastic surgery business. All he needed to do was get s good hair cut and perhaps pluck a few eyebrows. Much cheaper and less stressful. Looking average or even disgustingly ugly is no problem to getting a job unless the job is being a hooker or brain dead self obsessed social
  4. Well, will it will be ok for me to also postpone it for 'technical reasons' too when it becomes mandatory for us to have it for our visa renewals? After all, I am only following what the countrie's leader is advocating..
  5. Me too. I only got basic shots when I was born. None since then apart from anti rabies jabs when I got bitten by a sick looking dog here. I had a lot of the common kids diseases. Got over then all quickly and no lasting effects. Had chicken pox, measles, mumps etc. Now I am 45 years old and have not been ill with a virus since I was a kid. I have never had the flu and rarely get a cold. I just make sure I am reasonably active, don't eat too much junk / processes food, don't smoke or do drugs and don't overeat.
  6. Answer to op. Just pay the money and forget about it. Any other action taken will lead to stress, time wasted, and sour your dream of living here. Most of us think corruption is wrong, disgusting, makes people's lives difficult and gives Thailand a bad reputation. But we as 'aliens' ( and when it comes to the crunch, who are not accepted as part of Thai society) have no power or right to challenge the way of life here. It's up to Thai people to change if they don't want corruption here. However it seems corruption is an integral part of the cu
  7. Just change your diet and cut out the food that causes you to have the problem.
  8. For many of the social media brain dead teenagers and young people these days I guess it must seem amazing.
  9. I don't go out of my way to eat blood or get a craving for it, but if it's there in front of me as part of a meal I love it. My favourite is the blood soup or 'Leu' that has crispy garlic and herbs in it too. It's enjoyable to eat that with some local guys at a country bar around my village while having a few drinks. I also eat the blood cakes in noodles or on the side of Kaw Man Gai, but I tend to chop it up and mix it with the rice as it does not have much taste on its own. Of course, being from the UK I do love a few slices of black pudding with my fried
  10. In the noodle street stall and small restaurants they sell bags of corn triangle things they call 'geeo' that they eat with the noodles. They are really cheap..about 10 baht a bag and they taste like tortilla.
  11. Who's wife are you talking about. I think I am misunderstanding your post, but it almost sounds like it's your wife you are talking about. But I can't believe anyone would pay money to their wife to go have sex with another guy and have a fun affair. Seems a bit strange. I would not want to be in a relationship where the person I was in love with felt so little of me and my feelings that they would take my money and openly have an affair.
  12. Yes, I was thinking that. What sort of person walks out on their own children?
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