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  1. How about do the right thing and put the elephants back in the jungle at a national park. All these places should close down...they are basically elephant torture and slavery parks.
  2. I used to have free range ducks and chickens at our last place. The eggs were fantastic. Moved home and dont have the space now. Buying eggs from the supermarket they are very low quality, thin and runny, faded coloured yolks, thin shells... I find eggs in the bags from local walking street (not fixed every day) markets are usually better. Also I really miss my ducks and chickens...they were pets too.
  3. Monkey often fall in the tanks and die..... How come not one single person thought to cover the tanks, or at least have some ropes hanging down into then so the animals can climb out? Please, any farang who live near there tie a few ropes over the side!
  4. 'and anything that involves semen'.... How can you have sex without it? Lesbians will be ok I guess.
  5. Exactly my feeling. I see more and more stupid gimmicks and odd behaviour increasing every day which is apparently to try to stop the virus.. a lot more than when there was actually some danger. Yesterday in a shopping mall, they have scan app thing to check in, foot / shoe baths to walk through, gel to squirt on your hands, temperature checks Then one inside they have traffic lights on the escalators beeping when it's safe to go on them, more foot baths, more scans and temperature checks at every shop you go in, pluas sign out each time from every shop, red lines and X's on the floor telling you where to stand, plastic screens, staff in gloves, facemasks, face shields. Then at food court all the same, and you have to scan your own pay card, take you worn dishes to the cleaning trolly. Of course check in and check out, before having your change handed to you in a plastic sleeve for no reason at all. We had to laugh at the high so couple in the coffee shop trying to drink their coffee with a straw through their masks and face shields, who were looking at us with disgust as we took our mask off to drink ours. Then people taking down their masks to sneeze to stop their masks getting wet, before pulling them back on. And the people squashed together in the lines to sign in and out, will less social distances then than would normally happen without it. It's like a crazy comedy film but in real life.
  6. Wow. You know 28 infected people?! Do you work in a hospital on the covid ward perhaps?
  7. Op...don't do it. Or else be willing to loose the money in the future. Ask yourself if you would do the same financial arrangement with a girlfriend of 2 years in your country.
  8. About 20 years ago in our village most of the houses were teak. Now there are hardly any wooden houses left It's a shame because they looked to pretty. I think many people did it to keep up with the neighbours...as concrete and brick seemed more modern.
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