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  1. Me too. I have 3 dogs and they are part of the family. But, I dont agree with any dogs being allowed to freely roam the streets like that. And any dog that seriously injures someone need to be put down. If people own dogs they need to take responsibility for them and care for the properly. Sadly a minority of lazy or dumb dog owners and crazy dog fanatics give the rest of dog owners and dogs a bad name.
  2. No. I said I would ban countries, so there would be no leaders of them. I am the king and would rule it all with the same rules for the entire planet.
  3. I would.... Ban religion. Ban countries. Just have the world as one big country and complete freedom to live and work anywhere you wanted. No visas, passports etc. Outlaw one use plastic. Cap on how much money and assets someone could have. No one needs expensive cars and houses when others live in poverty. Ban factory farming. Make everything organic. Euthanasia a right for everyone. Ban marriage. Just live together if you love each other. One child per woman to lower our population.
  4. Now we are banned from EATING outside our homes? What about if you need drink? Can we drink water or will be just have to die of thirst until we can get back inside our house a few hours later? They will be saying we can't go to the toilet next. I really understand the rules to wear masks while on the street in a village / town / city and in shopping malls and other indoor public places. But to have to wear one in the middle of nowhere, up on a mountain, or out in the sticks seems stupid, especially if you are jogging, running or cycling. The way things
  5. How do you explain it to her....well....just like you explained it to us above. If she does not want to get it after that you should respect her decision.
  6. Sane here. It's no issue in my life that I don't eat meat. I chose not to eat meat as I hated the factory farming and the way the animals are transported and killed at the slaughter houses. I have no problem with eating meat if the animal is cared for properly and killed quickly. But the way that most farms operate is basically cruel and torturous for the animals these days. I don't tell people I am vegetarian in public...and I don't care what they eat. I only get irritated if there is some vegetarian or vegan that is boasting about it and then usually I find out the
  7. How about lets not forget all the people who have caught the virus but have no symptoms...and also those that have it and have not been tested so also not in the figures.
  8. I have noticed that this year the people in my village seem to have gone a bit over the top with the tree cutting / pruning. I have been here 16 years and this is the first time I have seen them go to such an extreme. I guess there must have been a thing on the TV or social media about the dangers of trees this year. Many large rain Trees have been raised to the ground. All the native trees with spiky white bark (don't know the name - get very tall have red flowers) have all gone from the area...even ones in vacant plots of farmland no one uses. All the roadside tree
  9. OP. So easy to be vegetarian here, especially if you eat Thai food and cook yourself. I am vegetarian but rarely eat salads....I like a more filling and substantial meal! I just cook all the usual Thai food including curries and soups, Indian curries, Burmese food and also British food. Just replace the meat with the various meat alternatives like tofu for example. Also many mushrooms have the consistency of meat and nice flavours. Oh, and easy to make your own 'fish sauce chilli substitute that tastes the same, using soy sauce instead of fish sauce. You can find many l
  10. Same for people who say they are vegetarians or vegans and love animals...who have a few pet dogs and cats which they are happen enough to go out and buy pet food with lots of MEAT in it ..
  11. Yes, perhaps the younger ones in American are the unhealthy ones who are so overweight...Americans are hardly the healthiest people on earth, for the most part.
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