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  1. That's a good attitude to life. People saying to wai to people who you feel inferior to is stupid. They don't understand the wai at all. It's a formal way to show respect to someone. Younger people wai to older people because they are just showing the elder respect for... well just being older basically (and in theory having more life experience or knowledge of things lol). We are farangs. It's not our custom or culture to wai anybody so we don't need to worry too much about it here. Sure its nice to integrate with the Thai people, but if we made mistakes with a wai, or use it at the wrong time, they are not going to care at all, and because we are farangs they will understand we don't mean any harm or are being unfriendly or stupid. For OP at the gym. I would say do what you want. If you wai at them you might look a bit silly, but you will also look friendly and a nice guy. If you smile that is probably the best, or nod you head. You might even say hello!!!! Don't overthink it and turn it into a big deal. Those bashing Thai people for their customs should realise we farangs have our own etiquette that many other nations find stupid and confusing. Even the hand shake has rules about seniority, when to initiate, how long it should last etc etc.
  2. No. But don't do it when it is legal..... never get married... straight or gay lol!!!
  3. Won't the companies just pass on the extra cost to the consumers? This just seems a way for the government to get even more money. If it was serious about the environmental issues (not making money) they could make a law to totally ban none recyclable plastic and one use plastics. There are plenty of alternatives out there for them to use already.
  4. OP, no idea what Buddhism has to do with your problem. Plenty of crimes are committed in America, UK, and the rest of the world by 'Christian' people or other religions, but these crimes are due to bad people not their religion. No, if the person who stuck the cat to your door but some Buddhist stuff on it I could see your point. Also, you have no idea why this happened do you? You are just guessing it was something to do with the market, when it's more probable a more intimate or personal reason against you wife. How do you know she is telling you the full story, you are not even in the country? She needs to report this to the police and head man. Then you need to find out the real reason it happened (which will be hard to do), or just forget it and move on. If you want to leave... leave. But, you must be aware that this sort of thing happens in every country around the world.... look at your local news in America and you will see animals cruelty, teenager gangs beating up or killing elderly people, religious people abusing children, etc etc.
  5. jak2002003


    You don't 'see the point' in reducing suffering and unhappiness in your life? You don't wish to be a happier, more content, less stressed and more peaceful person with an improved mind, at the same time helping others around you and the world in general to be a more pleasant place?
  6. jak2002003


    You do not have to bother with enlightenment at all if you don't want to. With Buddhism its all about the individual. It's not about causing the least amount of harm you can, that is just one of the things that naturally come from the entire experience of following the Buddhist life. Buddhism is about escaping / eliminating suffering, not exactly helping others in order to do that, but helping yourself, and then out of that the world around us gets less suffering too (I think from this good karma). Suffering is part of life, and a lot of it is cause by ourselves, in our minds, through wanting or craving to have things and many other things, we make our own hells in our minds through our desires, and this makes bad karma, which is like pollution... pollutes ourselves and also people / environment around us, negativity, causing more suffering. That's why Buddhist teaching is to 'awaken' ourselves to realise that the reality we believe in , how we view the world, and ourselves, is something we made up ourselves, its not the way the universe and reality truly are... we sort of have to see it more deeply, understand it more and as that gradually happens we become more awakened or enlightened. Eventually the result might be that we are completely enlightened, and then we will have no suffering anymore... we will escape the suffering, constant 'rebirth' from one life or force / form to anther, and be at peace with total happiness and bliss. Its very difficult to understand, and even harder to write it down like this, but this is my current level of understanding about it, and many people will have different opinions, as that is the beauty of Buddhism.,.. there are not really and right and wrong views as long as we are all heading in the right direction.
  7. jak2002003


    That is correct. However, those past lives were not him, or his soul. Nothing that we think makes our 'self' is carried on into the 'next life' or reborn, only our energies... but all out lives / rebirths are connected, like a string running through beads on a necklace.... each bead is a separate thing, but the string running through them all 'connects' them.
  8. I don't know where you get that information from. But around my area the Monks don't go out of the temples much in the mornings.. they blast music and orders out over their speakers and tell people to bring the offerings to them in the temple. They also set up statues and donation boxes with lots of music and fancy decorations in the back of pickup trucks when the villages have markets on. They collect money from the people going to the market for building new temple statues, buildings, etc. This way in the norm where I live... maybe its different up North?
  9. jak2002003


    One on the main teachings of the Buddha is their is NO soul or self.
  10. Do think people are more likely to get cancer from using sunscreen than they are if they don't use it and get sun burnt often?
  11. So dogs can bite people, eat the rubbish.... hundreds of dogs... but 40 pigs are not allowed to? Maybe the pigs are reincarnations of people too!!
  12. jak2002003


    That is 'conscience' not Karma. Karma, as it seems most Buddhist people believe in (at least here in Thailand) does not seem to be plausible. In fact, it seems to go against the Buddhist philosophy. Even now, reading through these previous posts, I see some posters saying Karma is some kind of punishment / reward or justice system. This is totally against Buddhist teachings. It is also very harmful to people, for example, not having any compassion to a disabled beggar because you would think he 'deserves' it or is being punished for he actions in his past life. This is cruel and does not make any sense. Look closely at the Karma idea. There are many people who have great lives, have lots of money, power, good health, everything they want, yet they are immoral, cruel and greedy people. There are kind, loving people who give so much to their fellow human beings and have a good conscience, yet they many be disable, stuck down with painful cruel disease etc. So this shows to me that the common understanding about Karma is inaccurate. I think Karma is about cause and effect. From an action there will be a consequence or reaction. As Buddhists believe there is no self as such, then these reactions or consequences are not going to happen only to the person doing the thing, they will effect all things around them, like the story of going back in time and stepping on a butterfly which then effects lots of things in the future. If people do lots of bad, negative and destructing actions and thoughts in their lives then this will impact negatively on the world around them (and effect their life too, although they might not get any bad things from it themselves, it certainly will prevent they racing true happiness and enlightenment). If more humans did good, moral, kind and helpful things and thoughts in their lives, this is positive (I will say good karma) and the world will have less suffering, be a nicer place, and people generally happier. I was turned off from the Buddhism when I encountered problems and sadness with some peoples attitude to my blind friend. He was going through a tough time surviving as his life long partner had died and he was finding it hard to cope due to his sight loss. He was told by Buddhists, that it was his fault for his suffering as it was basically punishment or justice for him as he must have done bad karma / bad things in his past life. That is not lord Buddhas teaching, that is not compassion and does not reduce suffering, and so is destructing to everyone involved. Sadly it seems that if we cling to the common understand of Karma it does not fit into the Buddhist way of life.
  13. In Chiang Mai this cool season was cool as usual (average coolness lol) BUT longer than normal. Up until last night it was still getting to low temps at night time, enough we had to wear jackets when outdoors, and in the shade in the daytime still cool. Only today was the shade also hot, and the daytime temps are going up over this last week. No rain is NOROMAL up here this time of year. It start raining usually about Songkhran time.
  14. Is this a joke? Do you think most of the food in produced in Thailand is organic?
  15. How do you know they were running around on the roads? He might have had them under the chicken basket things. If you had chickens or animals on your property and stray dogs got in and killed them you would think that was OK? What about any dog running around on the roads and paths...…. they should also be 'fair game' to you then.
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