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  1. That's interesting....his studies basically have been discredited ...and Texas us hardly a liberal thinking place....plus...this sounds rather religious... The Sacred Project of American Sociology, Maybe his next study can be about the detrimental effect on children being brought up by old farangs with ex prostitute wives...mixed race marriages with massive age gaps? And, what is your interest in gay adoption that you have actually gone looking for evidence it's bad for the children?
  2. What studies? Done by some Christian foundation probably. Can you reference any?
  3. Sure, like most straight marriages don't fail and there are hardly any straight single parent families. What about the couples with the straight father is committing domestic violence or the drug addicts parents.....? You would not think their children would be better off with a same sex couple just because there is not one man and one woman? What children need is a secure home with loving family that can care for them...be that whatever sex.
  4. I did not thing Buddah asked for things off people. People offered food to him and the monks. They did not actually go around asking for handouts, and for sure they did not tell people to give them stuff to make good luck or merit for themselves.
  5. Some sad shallow men on this thread. Would feel sorry for them if they were not so horrible. Can't imagine living life without having anybody love me or me them. Throwing away your partner's like they are disposable objects, and giving up children as you can't be bothered to fight for them. So these guys sit in their house with their paid for wife...who probably hated their guts and can't wait for them to die so they get their money.
  6. But they must have had VIP oxen and carts...or a comfy place on a rowing boat.
  7. I thought monks in the old days used to walk barefoot and not use transport or drive themselves? The idea to take time and meditate, plus not have luxury or be dependant on worldly things.
  8. We have lived in 5 different houses over the years here. The 3rd house was in the countryside on a large plot of land. We moved there for the quiet....and it was for 2 years ...perfect. Then neighbour started collecting dogs to chain up. Many just went mental and would bark and howl all the time. It was irritating but ok. Next another neighbour built a restaurant and bar in his field. Rarely a customer...but he kept the music blasting from his radio from 8 till late every day... Then a farmer built a shack right outside out bedroom patio doors and moved into it as his wife kicked him out as he was an alcoholic. He would have fires every day and just sit watching us out in our garden and every day at 5pm - 8pm play loud base music out of his old truck as he got drunk. Finally we decided to move after another family opened up a scooter repair shop and some mini factory to cut up wood and steel All that together with the normal noise from village speakers, dogs, roosters, noisy strimmers from sunrise to sunset, temple festivals children racing scooters.....pushed us into moving.
  9. I guess he would be walking...not using transport.
  10. Apologies that I have upset you. I clearly was confused because in your post you said... you can't take them out because of diseases and parvo virus? So I presumed you did not vaccinate them. After all, if vaccinate these diseases pose no problem to your dogs. You also said you don't take them out in cause of ticks?. If you use tick prevention then again this is not a problem. I am at a loss to know how a lizard is a danger to dogs. I don't think you need to worry so much. But I would be more concerned about the toxic insecticide you spray your garden with to kill the scorpions being a health risk to your dogs, than letting them have a romp in the countryside.
  11. Don't you vaccinate your dogs? Haven't you heard of flea / tick prevention? I have 3 dogs. A poodle, a chihuahua and a terrier. Every day they go on an hour long walk and run around the village and in the countryside. They meet plenty of soi dogs, cows, buffalo and humans. Never had a problem as they are socialised and know how to behave around other dogs and animals. In fact they have many soi dog friends that follow us on our walk sometimes. There a few more territorial ones..but it's all bark and display and my dogs basically take no notice. Also never had a problem with snakes or toads, centipede or scorpion. Even have lots of toads live in the garden and one huge one often sits on the doorstep with the dogs laying next to it eating insects attracted to the outside light. As for snakes, the dogs leave them alone after having a bark at them from a safe distance. There is no reason you can not take your dogs out, unless you have bot trained or socialised them, not vaccinated them, or they are so dumb to go around swallowing toads and attacking soi dogs.
  12. Agree. No wonder they have no customers now..as the local people are not going to pay those rip off tourist prices! I pay 200 baht most places for Thai massage and 150 - 200 baht for foot massage.
  13. The parents were not angry at the school...and seem to be blaming their own 3 and 4 year old children for being mischievous!.... Unbelievable! So i could babysit a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds and leave them to wander about unsupervised outside my property while I am busy on the phone. They get run over or fall down a well...that is ok and the kids were being mischievous and I was too busy to supervise them ?!?!?!? The school is 100 percent at fault. They must have know they were short staffed and so must make arrangements accordingly...like merging the classes together in one room.
  14. Wonder if this will mean they will now recognise farang same sex partnerships?
  15. So the only difference is they don't physically hit the monkeys. So you support .. A. Baby monkeys being taken from their mothers and family groups. B. Wild monkeys being taken from the wild C. The monkey being kept on a short chain fastened for the rest of its life. Even the school report says they monkeys have to be tethered to stop them escaping. So they can't be that happy if they want to run away.
  16. Yes, if course that is wrong too. What is your point? It's not choose one or the other you know.
  17. Yes, and many people want them closed down....and for good reason.
  18. It is a Sunbeam snake....named for the beautiful iridescent colours on its scales. Totally harmless and non venomous. They are nocturnal, slow moving, placid snakes that like to live in damp areas near water and under fallen leaves or loose soil
  19. You dont seem to have any knowledge of animals at all. For your information....domesticated dogs, cat, horses etc are not taken away from their mother until they are weaned and reach the natural time these animal would become independent. They are not trained by beating and hurting them. The monkey are taken when babies, and there is much cruelty in training them and even in the way they are housed and cared for.
  20. The domesticated working animals have laws to protect them from abuse and neglect. In the UK and most developed countries people abusing animals are prosecuted, fined / imprisoned. The animals you are talking about are domesticated and have been selecticily bred for hundreds of years for qualities that make them suitable for the work they do...and enjoy the work. They are trained using humane methods also. The monkeys are wild animals. They are also far more intelligent and emotional animals than a horse or dog. To capture them and take them off their mother is very stressful for them...it's basically similar to kidnapping a young child from its mother's arms. Posters think the adult monkeys picking the coconuts all look happy. Maybe they are while up the tree, or getting food rewards off their owners. But, do these posters know how they are housed and treated when they go home? They are kept on short chains attached to a post or in a small cage in isolation from each other. If people can't see it's immoral and cruel to take intelligent animals from the wild and cage them up / force them to work or perform tricks and train them using fear and pain...then there is something wrong with such people.
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