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  1. OP you are eating a healthy diet, bit it's got too many calories if you want to loose weight. Fruit is healthy, but full of sugar and calories. The nuts are really high in calories!! Similarly, the fruit juices and drinks have a lot of calories and sugar, often more than the fizzy soda drinks like Coke or Pepsi!
  2. Article was clearly biased against Thai schools. All good schools on the uk the teachers dress smartly with shirt and ties. Kids wear uniforms so they all look smart and the same do kids don't bully each other for having different clothes. We always lined up in the playground before going into our classrooms. It teaches children discipline. We also has not ing assembly and sang songs as well as got the news or info from the headmaster. Nothing wrong with that. I would have hated going to a school where the teachers dressed in scr
  3. We are in Chiang Mai, San Sai district, which has the highest number of cases outside the city center. Maybe the behaviour of some of its residents explains why that is.
  4. Is this a new rule? Thought only not allowed 50 plus people? There are still parties going on in our area. Loud one last night the usual banging base and off key singing. Also had the flashing lights going...but no police came to stop it. Also have seen the old farmers and some younger guys drinking quite openly at the ma and pa shops.
  5. So cute. Looks like a magpie robin, and these kinds of birds leave the nest before they can fly. So long as it finds some cover and shrubbery to climb up onto it stands as good a chance as any.
  6. Ha ha, yes. And at least a hug is better than what an American Christian Missionary teacher may be doing to the young boys.
  7. Or they were ugly mean dumb nasty dirty old guys that it would be impossible for a woman of any nationality to love.
  8. Hmmm....bit like saying people who died of cancer did not die of cancer ...it was die to the organs the cancer destroyed failing... Or people died if a heart attack did not die of a heart attack as it was not enough blood and oxygen caused the heart to fail.
  9. This at a biased argument from a dog lover that will never accept any negativity or concerns from rational people with no dog loving agenda. I have dogs too. They never bit anyone. But they still have potential to do it...as they have teeth and a jaw, but as they are small dogs they are not going to do any amount of damage as a pitbull. This is common sense! I have been bitten by 3 dogs in my life. 2 times I did not know the dog was even there as it sneaked up with no warning or barking and bit me. Another time the dog was barking when I was walking past, and then ac
  10. That us such a shame. I have 3 small dogs and they would never bite anyone, or so I thought. I have had them many years and no problems. But one developed a skin allergy that must have been very sore for it. When I was getting her she (the most gently one) actually not my hard ...not badly...but it hurt). It shows that all dogs have to potential to bite, no matter how well trained or how placid their temperament ia. This is why I can never agree that the Pitbull dogs are safe family pets. I don't hate the dogs or blame them, but just a small incident like my dog b
  11. Agree. See so many of these headlines. When I read them now is automatically replace the words like 'will, hopes to, aims to', etc with NEVER WILL'. So many things they get people's hopes up for, only to have the idea fade away over time to be forgotten. Remember the hundreds of 'hubs' that Thailand was going to be for this or that? What about the zero plastic waste (more plastic then ever now), and the stopping the burning and pollution? So many things.
  12. Of course dogs can just attack humans like that. It happens all the time. Innocent humans, including children...just going about their day outside when some random dog attacks them. Pitbull dogs and other fighting breed dogs can just get triggered or snap for no apparent reason. It's bred into their genetics and temperament that once that happens it's difficult to stop the attack...and the dogs loose their mind and only concentrate on trying to kill...locked on and won't stop. The guy in op seemed a good owner. It says in the report he spoilt the dog and was loving to
  13. Ants can be a good thing to have, at least in the garden.. In the precious 4 places I lived we had ants of all kinds. Worst were the large black ones that stung like a wasp if you accidently got one on your. Then the small ones that drop from the trees and spray you with a stinking chemical that a few times got into my eyes and was very painful. Also the big orange ones that pinch you with their jaws. At our new place the ants are strangely absent. Only the occasional very small ones in the kitchen at first...but they have gone away on their own. It was
  14. Top floor in Maya shopping mall in CM is usually packed and busy in the evenings. They have entertainment and bars on that floor...so that is the reason.. I guess down of the malls in Bangkok are similar.
  15. Exactly my thoughts. Nice to know I am not alone in my views. Think the world has gone mad these days.
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