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  1. What is this fear and hate that some people have against people that don't want to be vaccinated against Covid?


    It's like they are really insecure and wetting their pants, so scared of the virus they are in a panic to wipe it out. 


    Or is it just them being bullies, wanting to force people to do what they want or else turn them into people to be discriminated against?


    If you have the vaccine you are safe. So, why care about someone that chooses not to have it?





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  2. 7 minutes ago, Proboscis said:

    Well I am one of the so-called "dog brigade" in that I have dogs. But I would never say pit bulls are harmless. I am against the breeding of such dangerous dogs. Even some mixes can be dangerous.


    Me too. I have 3 dogs and they are part of the family. 


    But, I dont agree with any dogs being allowed to freely roam the streets like that.  And any dog that seriously injures someone need to be put down.


    If people own dogs they need to take responsibility for them and care for the properly. 


    Sadly a minority of lazy or dumb dog owners and crazy dog fanatics give the rest of dog owners and dogs a bad name. 




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  3. 12 hours ago, sirineou said:

     So that when that one country is taken over by a despot like Hitler, Stalin. Pol Pot etc. The whole world is taken over without anyone to oppose them and it is game over. 

    No. I said I would ban countries, so there would be no leaders of them. I am the king and would rule it all with the same rules for the entire planet. 


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  4. I would....


    Ban religion.


    Ban countries. Just have the world as one big country and complete freedom to live and work anywhere you wanted. No visas, passports etc.


    Outlaw one use plastic. 


    Cap on how much money and assets someone could have. No one needs expensive cars and houses when others live in poverty. 


    Ban factory farming.


    Make everything organic.


     Euthanasia a right for everyone.


    Ban marriage. Just live together if you love each other.


    One child per woman to lower our population.


    No weapons. 


    1 third of the planet left totally for nature and wild animals..wilderness. 


    Anyone that committed extreme violent crime, murders or serious sexual offences will be executed. 


    Equal rights and respect for everyone, men, women, disabled people, race, sexuality etc. 














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  5. Now we are banned from EATING outside our homes?  What about if you need drink?  Can we drink water or will be just have to die of thirst until we can get back inside our house a few hours later?


    They will be saying we can't go to the toilet next.


    I really understand the rules to wear masks while on the street in a village / town / city and in shopping malls and other indoor public places.  But to have to wear one in the middle of nowhere, up on a mountain, or out in the sticks seems stupid, especially if you are jogging, running or cycling. 


    The way things are going I might as well convert to an extreme Muslim sect where the rule is to cover you face at all times except in your house. 


    They also would have no bars, clubs, entertainment places, and tell you not to speak to anyone outside the house.

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  6. 1 hour ago, clivebaxter said:

    I found long ago it's actually best not to say you are a vegetarian, I normally say I just don't eat meat and fish. Otherwise you get the meat eating fundamentalists having a go trying to prove hypocrisy as you eat Mcvitties biscuits or something else with a bit of trace animal in it. I don't care what others eat and find the Vegans and defensive meat eaters often just as bad as each other with their finger waving.

    Sane here. It's no issue in my life that I don't eat meat. I chose not to eat meat as I hated the factory farming and the way the animals are transported and killed at the slaughter houses. 


    I have no problem with eating meat if the animal is cared for properly and killed quickly. But the way that most farms operate is basically cruel and torturous for the animals these days. 


    I don't tell people I am vegetarian in public...and I don't care what they eat.  I only get irritated if there is some vegetarian or vegan that is boasting about it and then usually I find out they are wearing leather shoes, have meat eating pets etc. 

  7. 2 hours ago, robblok said:

    Plus let us not forget all the lasting damage to lungs and so on. Quite a lot of people who recover have months and months of revalidation some never get back to normal. So please stop acting like its nothing. Yes MOST have no problem. But a lot do. Those people are never put in the stats just the dying so the deniers feel safer.


    Early in 2021, researchers in Wuhan, China, reported that 76% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients had at least one symptom that persisted 6 months after acute infection, mostly fatigue or muscle weakness. "Studies of non-hospitalized patients have shown that anywhere from 35% to 50% of non-hospitalized patients had symptoms 2 to 4 months later," Navis noted.




    How about lets not forget all the people who have caught the virus but have no symptoms...and also those that have it and have not been tested so also not in the figures. 



  8. 1 hour ago, Bredbury Blue said:

    The trees in my garden have grown too much (only had them trimmed in Feb 2020 - every few years we have to do it), a neighbour was moaning about them, they worry us in windy storms, so we had a company come in and REALLY trim them down to eaves level 😥


    My beautiful trees don't look too good right now.


    Unfortunately we had lots of squirrels and birds in them trees, definitely birds nests with chicks, squirrels dreys but I think without young, and at 6pm after the work was done it was a sad sight of birds and squirrels going from decimated tree to tree.


    Give it time, the trees will grow back, the nests will be back, the cycle goes on.

    I have noticed that this year the people in my village seem to have gone a bit over the top with the tree cutting / pruning.  I have been here 16 years and this is the first time I have seen them go to such an extreme. I guess there must have been a thing on the TV or social media about the dangers of trees this year.


    Many large rain Trees have been raised to the ground.  All the native trees with spiky white bark (don't know the name - get very tall have red flowers) have all gone from the area...even ones in vacant plots of farmland no one uses. 


    All the roadside trees have been hacked back to just a trunk and neighbours have done the same to their fruit trees and chopped down and dug up the huge bamboo thickets.  Place looks like a nuclear bomb has been through it. Just hot and no shade from the sun. 



  9. 10 hours ago, clivebaxter said:

    If you eat meat you are not an animal lover, but people still like to pretend that they are, while stuffing dead animals down their throats on a regular basis. 

    Same for people who say they are vegetarians or vegans and love animals...who have a few pet dogs and cats which they are happen enough to go out and buy pet food with lots of MEAT in it ..🤣

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  10. 8 hours ago, TallGuyJohninBKK said:


    That BBC article is a year-plus old report from the very beginning of the pandemic... A lot has changed since then, and knowledge has evolved.


    Here's a more current look at actual COVID deaths in the U.S. by age group. As it clearly shows, people of younger age groups down to 50 have been dying of COVID in not insignificant numbers.






    For the UK, the government currently is reporting:

    "Around 73% of all COVID-19 deaths have occurred among people aged 75 years and over."


    Meaning 27% or more than a quarter of all COVID deaths there have been of people under age 75.




    Yes, perhaps the younger ones in American are the unhealthy ones who are so overweight...Americans are hardly the healthiest people on earth, for the most part.

  11. 9 minutes ago, HomeBirth said:

    Don’t underestimate what will come. Now no mask no entry, soon no vaccine no entry. You will have no choice if you don’t live self-sufficiently.

    Forget to argue with them.

    Many of these foreigners would be happy in their Schadenfreude to see us being forced by gunpoint to take a vaccine and if we refuse we are being deported and separated from our families forever.

    I am daily shocked by the mentality in this forum. Many people are just plainly evil but think they are „the good“.

    Posts of mine get censored regularly with the reason of them being „conspiracy troll posts“... 😞 


    I will never ever take any vaccine. No Sinovac, no Pfizer, no AstraZeneca, nothing. We own land here were we live self-sufficient. We are ready for being excluded from society forever, have fun in the new normal. It’s not being called new normal because it will disappear soon, you know?


    My little one was NEVER vaccinated and, in comparison to every other kid we know (surely all vaccinated), were never sick until today. Yes, never. But I bet people will call this a conspiracy theory as well hahah.


    We still wait how this all evolves but we are ready to leave Thailand anytime if this level of madness continues. 
    But until today we liked Thailand regarding vaccines, as here no one is forced to take a vaccine by law like in some other countries. At least until now. 

    Signed by Mr proud Anti-Vaxxer. Guess some people even would like me being killed for my opinion, as they are being conditioned that people like I would be a danger to them, while the real danger lies in the syringes.. The power of media control is endless nowadays.. 😞 


    I am honestly concerned how fast it all happened in one year, don’t wanna know where we are in another year.. 

    I agree with you that no one should be forced to get a vaccine.  I too am disgusted by some post on here that are so quick to believe what the media tell them, and so quick to put down people who even dare to question any aspect of it



    I do not agree that all vaccines are harmful however.  I see the proof in my work with animals. Dogs and cats vaccinated against disease. Those not vaccinated often get the diseases and suffer or die due to it. That is the truth. 


    I don't think you are telling the truth that your daughter is allergic to vaccines if you say she never had one...so how do you know?  The tried and tested vaccines are a great benefit. 


    However, I don't trust some of these Covid 19 vaccines yet...as it's too early to tell. 


    I also have a problem believing this viral disease really poses such a threat to healthy strong people.any more than other diseases. 


    You might thank vaccines for your children's health even if they have not had them. The vaccines reduce the amount of viral diseases so the chance of your children encountering them is much reduced. 






  12. On 2/22/2021 at 10:19 AM, BadSpottedDog said:

    And what happens to people like my daughter, that have serious adverse reactions to vaccines? She cannot have them, but she's lived in Thailand for 5 years now. She has nothing left in our home country, her home is here.
    Do they even realize there are a lot of people with this problem?

    She has serious reactions to ALL vaccines....seriously doubt that.

  13. 18 minutes ago, Danderman123 said:

    You are suggesting that Symptomatic Covid patients should not be treated?

    People with Covid should be get treatment. They also should be prosecuted, fined and sent to prison for not obeying the rules clearly set out to stop the spread of Covid. They are a danger to other people.


    Because, clearly, if they had been wearing a facemask, using hand sanitizer, and social distancing, then they would not have caught the virus.


    If they still got the virus after doing all these things correctly, then there is no reason to tell other people to wear masks and all the rest of it.





  14. On 4/24/2021 at 3:55 PM, ikke1959 said:

    a little bit too late... last year a few cases and the whole country locked down. Nobody understood. Nowadays 100 times more cases and nothing happens. Nobody understands. 

    Vaccines which are not effective enough are coming in small  amounts to Thailand. Nobody understands.

    Why do they start in June/July with mass vaccinations?? Nobody understands

    and so on and so on..... 

    Why are the Government opposition and coalition parties not in a meeting to discuss the behaviour of Anutin and Prayuth for their incompetent behaviour about this crisis

    Because perhaps they fear that they may end up fired from their job, have a 'freak accident', be prosecuted or throw in prison for defamation / fake news / computer crimes.etc.

  15. 30 minutes ago, MaxYakov said:

    Yes, adequate lung/body protection does cost money. So do the effectively worthless paper, surgical/masks. I have found a way to stretch a single TG-50SV (including the spare filter) to two months of use.


    I have every TG-50SV mask I ever purchased and used as well as the dirty filters and will retain them (dozens) until I can find a suitable recycler (or not).


    As a matter of fact, I do wear white cotton, washable work gloves when cycling (19 Baht at FoodLand). I will continue to wear them if for no other reasons than to keep my hands clean and to make any turn hand-signals I may make (rarely) more visible to other people.


    Security blanket? Do you have a problem with security from airborne pollution and pathogens? I haven't had even a cold since 2016 when I seriously started using these masks on a full-time basis. I'll take the security over pathogens, Thank You very much!


    One has to use common sense when deciding to wear a mask or not. I live and cycle in dirty, noisy central Bangkok so it's a 'no-brainer' for me. Stay safe and secure!

    Ok, I now understand that you are cycling I. Bangkok, so what you do is a good idea. 



    But, if you were cycling in rural Chiang Mai in the rainy season you would not need all that stuff. Your hands would not get dirty and there is no air pollution. 


    I admire your courage to cycle in Bangkok. But, even with your gloves and mask, I think you are at much bigger danger from traffic accidents than dirty hands or pollen. 

  16. The world is becoming like some extreme Muslim country now, those places that people used to criticize the way  women there were treated and the lack of rights for the citizens. 


    We have to keep 2 meters apart from other people.

    We are supposed to not talk to people on public transport and sit in silence, again away from each other.

    We have to cover our faces all the time when out in public and out on the street.

    Bars have been all closed down and so have entertainment places.

    Alcohol is banned in restaurants, and sometime banned  even selling it in shops.

    We can't leave our homes at certain times or else face fines and going to prison.

    We can't post things contrary to what we are told by government on social media as it's 'fake news'...so no freedom of speech.


    We even have to have our body temperature checked when entering places and mandatory  tracking apps on our phones to see our movements.


    We can't even go in swimming pools or on beaches and we are banned from traveling abroad unless we pay be and have various documents and tests.


    And, heaven forbid we actually get the virus, even if we are healthy and have no symptoms, we are basically arrested and locked up....and have to pay a fine (the cost of unnecessary treatment).







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  17. 30 minutes ago, MaxYakov said:

    You should be wearing a one-way 200 nano, respirator type mask mask to filter road motor vehicle exhaust and other pollution. You should be wearing the same type of mask when not cycling to effectively filter out liquid and solid pollution particles that may be.harboring/carrying viruses, bacteria and pollen, etc and anything else you probably don't want in your lungs. The paper/surgical masks will not/cannot do this type of filtering because they were not designed to do so.


    These are sold by HomePro (119 Baht) or you can buy a six-pack from Sira safety for 420 Baht. They come with a spare carbon/200 nano-capable filter - 1/5 micron(they advertise). I don't leave home without one one on. In fact, I don't even leave my 'clean room' bedroom/den without wearing one since I air-purify only that room.


    The details of this mask are HERE



    Cost money, bad the the environment and waste. Pointless when running / cycling in the countryside away from pollution and people. 


    Next we will all have to wear plastic disposal gloves when we go outside so we don't get virus on our hands.  Where to draw the line?


    These masks have been a security blanked for many people who have developed an irrational phobia about germs.


    They only need to be worn when in an enclosed public area like shopping malls and shops, or in crowded busy places, and of cours in hospitals. 


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  18. 6 minutes ago, holy cow cm said:

    Yes but not up in CM for fines for last year. I always ru8n no mask, but I can see this if CM adopts it to be a big pocket stuffer for the police, and possible for snitches to reap part of the reward...

    I go jogging and cycling every evening through the countryside. Rarely see anyone and only pass a few houses.  


    Does this rule about masks mean I need to wear one when doing my exercises?  

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