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  1. Lot of useful info in this thread so far. Obviously it's fluid at the moment but coastal provinces that I've heard are still possibly requiring self quarantine for (at least) people coming from Bangkok and Chonburi are Ranong, Phang Nga, Krabi, Trang, Satun, Songkhla, Chumphon and Trat. As others have mentioned, border checkpoints may or may not be a factor but if you do slip through then there's a good chance the local health officials will come check up on you later. It's best to get a doctor's form saying you show no symptoms of any illness (not necessarily a full covid test) before traveling. It's a different story for most neighboring provinces (excluding Phuket); for ex. a friend in Krabi said he wasn't bothered when heading down to Trang. And none of the provinces around Bangkok are stopping people from getting in, for ex. Prachuap, Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi. People coming from Phuket also obviously considered "high risk" but after the initial exodus they aren't letting many people off the island until June 1 anyway from what I've gathered. I'm planning to stay put until next month. Govt. has already hinted that unrestricted interprovincial travel will start next month, although final calls are made by provincial governors so could still be a mixed bag.
  2. Yeah some used opium but bubble hash was a lot more common. Obviously there's no way to test it now but the experts I've interviewed think the flower itself was much higher than 5% THC. That is quite weak on the level of modern brick schwag from Mexico. Thai stick was way better than that.
  3. You're right that Thai stick would vary in quality and that much of it would not have been stronger than some of today's crazy 30%+ THC strains, but a lot of it was super strong and extremely well crafted. I'm not old enough to have sampled it back in the day but I've done a lot of research on it (have written articles about it etc.) and in doing so I was able to interview old American guys who smuggled it back in the day and spent a lot of time with growers in Isaan and Laos. These are guys now living in Canada and Cali whose lives are still devoted to cannabis -- they are real experts nowadays. They say that these Lao/Isaan farmers were expert growers who perfected their craft over centuries. Many of the flowers were pretty strong, I'd guess 10-15% THC range, but then the flowers were rolled in bubble hash so the final product would have probably been above 20% perhaps even higher. I've talked to dozens of people who smoked it and every one of them said it was mind blowing stuff. The farmers had perfected their method including the curing and identifying best-performing phenotypes etc. It was grown in loamy soil around the Mekong which is perfect conditions, probably some of the best natural conditions for cannabis on earth. At the time there was no contest between even marginal Thai stick and the best of the Mexican sensamilia -- the Thai stick was really some of the best in the world along with Indica kush strains from Afghanistan. (And of course the cross-breeding of Thai/Lao sativas and Afghani indicas became the base for so many modern strains.) A handful of people still make Thai stick today but unfortunately, as others have noted, Nixon's DEA incentivized Thai military to uproot the entire industry in the 1970s. That had a devastating economic effect b/c this was one of very few ways that people in Isaan were able to make decent money. The end of it plunged families into poverty and many have never recovered. It's a shame that nowadays, as Thailand starts legalizing cannabis, no one in an official capacity is going back to the Mekong valley to try and learn the old ways of Thai stick cultivation. If they managed to resuscitate it and start producing it as well as it was produced prior to the '70s, then Thailand could have a real lucrative boutique export product when countries like the US finally legalize it at a national level.
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