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  1. Huawei is a huge problem for the USA because it would be a huge problem to install spy chips on that equipment before it is delivered to clients. It would basically mean 5G networks would go dark for the NSA. Also tells a lot about the security of existing networks. Stolen secrets or not, the case about the woman is very petty and reeks of accusations made in bad faith. The last statement " And Washington has continued to pressure other countries to drop Huawei from their cellular networks over its claim the equipment could be used by Beijing for spying. " is particularly hilarious when one knows what the NSA does to network equipment about to be delivered to international clients...
  2. you are bound to find offensive stuff in anything written by man, except lego montage instructions and medicine leaflets.
  3. heh, you can even get banned for using the wrong emoticon on some posts...
  4. think about it : how crazy is it that in some countries you *cannot* have what you like breakfast? pure insanity.
  5. actually it's not. when there are referendums, the Swiss government always states its position about the issue.
  6. there are always a few looneys like that... I guess you don't "believe" in HIV either?
  7. have a look at twine, sugarcube for an HTML-based framework
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