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  1. many thanks for the info Sheryl, unfortunately I have no plans to visit Bangkok anytime soon
  2. yes, there are many areas of employment, such as: in the military, arms industry, firefighting, oil and gas industry, mining, building demolition, landscaping, road construction...
  3. I need to get vaccinated with Zostavax. I saw an ad from Pattaya City Hospital offering it for over 10.000 baht as a special offer , which seems totally bonkers, considering its regular price including the nurse (not subsidized) is about 4000 baht in Switzerland. Are there better options for getting this vaccine in Pattaya?
  4. good question! I would like to know too if Thailand has VIP prisons like the USA.
  5. if the question made sense, it could be answered.
  6. it would be really interesting to know though, and could also provide mitigating circumstances.
  7. as far as I know, the KFC and the restaurant back in the times were established illegally, without approval of the land owner, which is or at least was, at that time, AFAIK, and I may be wrong, the condominium behind it or connected to the condominium. the fence could potentially be there to prevent people from squatting the area - as far as I know, there is a law about taking possession of unoccupied land, and owners have to fence it off to secure it from land grabbers.
  8. so we can agree people would a have "felt" supported if he had stayed and made some symbolic statements on TV and visited some people, to give them a "warm feeling" but not achieving anything material. it shows what people want: hot air. then politicians give them what they want: hot air. all talk for that warm feeling, but no action.
  9. yes, the lie, slope, elevation difference... but also the quality of the stance. for example, if you have unstable footing and therefore can't rotate as much, your swing will lose power. standing in sand equates to about 1 club for me, very soft sand about 2 clubs.
  10. well, yes, if you know the course very well, you don't need a rangefinder. that's to be expected.
  11. thank you for the information! it's not looking bad if everything goes according to plan!
  12. it's much more complicated than that, there are days with insufficient production because of cloudy weather where power has to be bought from the grid, malfunctions, battery weardown, etc.
  13. this I can't comment on, because I don't know him, but the rest is just populist resentment of inequality, fueled by social media.
  14. yeah, let's compare wartime to bad weather, I am sure WW2 veterans will appreciate. I know what my great grand father, who fought in trenches in both world wars and was gassed twice would think about that.
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