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  2. nonsense. get yourself to a market and buy some tasty cheap food.
  3. necroposting is definitely an art.
  4. no, they aren't. to be enforced, laws first need an enforcement decree, and then, most also need a police directive.
  5. the building was less than 100 years old, hardly historic. the previous embassy, before 1922, was also sold to the Siamese government.
  6. seriously? there are many shops selling high quality golf gear in Thailand. but not every item in my golf gear needs to be high quality. number one: clubs. they need to be fitted, correct shafts chosen depending on swing speed, lie and length depending on stature... so the best choice is a shop with a professional club fitter. of course for the clubs and shafts themeselves, reputable brands are of course the best. number two: comfortable shoes. there are good locally produced golf shoes, they sell for about 800 baht a pair over facebook, or you will also find people selling them for about 1200 baht from their car trunk in the car park on tournament days. the rest doesn't need to be of high quality. bought a laser rangefinder for 700 baht 5 years ago, still going strong. At the same time I see adverts for rangefinder that cost 250 USD... why on earth...
  7. I wonder how a US court can pretend to have jurisdiction there and issue court orders ??? And after they will blah blah in all media about "legality" and saying what others do is "illegal" even when it's not their jurisdiction.
  8. Yes ... Restaurants: => I don't eat much Western food in Thailand, and I'm seldom disappointed with restaurants serving Asian food. Regarding Western food, I noticed the combination of cheap dish prices + expensive small beer bottles often indicates poor quality. Furniture: => IKEA is certainly a good price/quality deal. I bought my office furniture at Index, they carry a good selection of high-quality products. Another thing worth exploring is to have it custom-made. I designed my bed, it was only slightly more expensive than a shop-bought quality bed and it's got: - 4 large drawers under the bed for stowing space - full length shelves at the bed head - power plugs on both sides I was really stumped that this kind of design isn't sold in shops. Appliances: => in my opinion, the worst one can do in Thailand regarding appliances is to buy "midrange". Either I buy dirt cheap, fully counting on replacing the thing after a short time, or I buy high quality. Electronics: For electronics, Chinese international brands (meaning with sales efforts in europe or USA) are often a good choice. Sources: I am happy ordering from Lazada. The crappy quality of some products is not their fault, it's the seller's. Choose your products wisely and then order. I always order with pay on delivery and open the package in front of the courier. I have problems with finding high-quality workers... electricians, plumbers, etc.
  9. was anyone successful in establishing what purpose these TM30 reports actually serve? criminals and terrorists won't report TM30... so what is the purpose?
  10. I do absolutely agree with you. Yet this apparently is what the law requires. Or is "must stop" ambiguous ?
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