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  1. 60k + lodging and all expenses paid is ok as a starting salary for someone fulfilling most (not all) posted criteria. For fulfilling all, needs 100k
  2. these policies are daft. if anything, bilingual signs should be the cheapest.
  3. two more died in another "run for health" : https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1194485-run-for-health-campaign-proves-fatal-for-two-men/
  4. Sad story... RIP good meaning people. Takeaway: running can be deadly.
  5. I'm looking to get insurance to cover: - damages I could cause to other condo units - damages I could cause in general, to other people or their property during my normal private life what would be a good place to start looking ? is there a recommended insurance broker in Pattaya?
  6. maybe it could be interesting to have a thread like this. the costs of playing golf with a membership are not clearly advertised by most golf clubs, many of which don't even a website. Siam country club advertises memberships here: https://siamcountryclub.com/membership/ but they say nothing about the other costs, such as green fee for member (NO JOKE !!!), compulsory cart, compulsory caddie and the "voluntary" caddie tip. green fee, cart and caddie add up to 1300 baht, and let's add a lowish 300 baht tip for the caddie, meaning a member still has to pay 1600 baht ev
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