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  1. what this covid crisis has made clear, is the extent to which popular "common sense" has been poisoned by social media. I read a lot of french Facebook posts, and as many other nationalities, many are proud to not follow the recommendations. I guess they feel powerless in their lives and the nonsense theories give them "proof" that the official story is a lie, and rebelling against the rules gives them a feeling of autonomy or freedom. I was reading about the unabomber's philosophy just some days ago and there are interesting parallels.
  2. natural selection. the darwin awards will have a plentiful crop this year.
  3. the real question is, how much money should Grab drivers make in a 8 hour work day?
  4. it's not about farangs. it's about people who behave wrong, the worst being those who are proud of behaving wrong.
  5. I'm quite jealous of you, I did everything I could to see ghosts, but haven't ever been successful My theory is that ghosts must be afraid of me, as soon as I go somewhere, they feel I come or something and then all go away. That's what I say to Thai friends who swear there are ghosts. I say I believe them, and then I tell them my theory...
  6. in my experience (different visa type), the money is first split and then a good chunk put into the paperwork, which then gets approved by higher ups - and the file is streamlined, all unnecessary papers are taken out all paper trail in my file is correctly done, officers are eager to approve, real official stamps are put in... I don't see the harm in that procedure, as I would otherwise face more difficulties and costs for that type of extension of stay. of course I would be happy to do it for 1900 baht, but my "file" wouldn't realistically withstand scrutiny and fulfill all requirements with only 1900 baht in it, so I'm happy that this way of doing things exists. so in my case, it's a win-win situation. where it gets problematic, is when corruption is forced onto people who would otherwise fulfill the criteria, that's where I concur that this is wrong. people who fulfill requirements should get their extension without any need for paying tea money, because that's not a win-win situation. that's where I draw the line.
  7. wait... these are the regular transactions. you get your stamp from a real immigration officer, that's the legit way to do it.
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