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  1. I think in the list of priorities that it's IMMENSELY more important to ensure the police and courts system works properly, meaning guilty people get sentenced, dangerous people don't get let out and innocent people don't get put in jail. That's number one IMO before spending fortunes of taxpayer's money to "take on the protective role" in prisons.
  2. Yes, I agree, yet the beaches are often visited by Thais in large numbers and large groups, making it very difficult for police officers to enforce distancing. So I guess that's why the authorities had to resort to a ban.
  3. premeditated aggravated assault that had the potential of causing death. it's just short of premeditated attempted murder. I'd give 5 years in jail for that.
  4. golfers are not allowed to ride in carts with no distancing. there is a plastic sheet separating the caddie from the player in the golfcart. also, they do not gather in groups of four, they just play on the same hole, normally always separated by even more than the minimum safe distance, unless it's some crazies, like up-close to your face talkers and compulsive huggers. I'd ban these anyway even without covid. AFAIK, golfers currently also can't use locker rooms or restaurant facilities at the course.
  5. golf courses were closed during the first lockdown. I can see why public swimming pools and beaches are closed, it's because Thais like to visit them in groups with practically no distancing, and enforcing distancing would be very difficult for officers. your post reads like "because golfers are high income, their low to no risk activity needs to be banned too"
  6. good post by richard above it makes no sense to close golf courses, as far as I know, there is no documented case of transmission on a golf course (worldwide). yes, some other regulations don't make sense, it's not a reason to extend nonsensical regulations to golf courses too. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/04/13/covid-outside-safety/ https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/15/us/coronavirus-what-to-do-outside.html https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2020/4/24/21233226/coronavirus-runners-cyclists-airborne-infectious-dose
  7. it's a nice theory, but in practice, such a "safe speed" would be about 10 Kph. Even if you drive at 30 Kph, if a kid runs out from between two parked cars, there is nothing you can do, except driving at 10 Kph. good luck with that.
  8. I guess you are not familiar with ABS. It's obvious from the state of the motorcycle and the car that this was a relatively low speed collision - the ABS system would leave no skid marks.
  9. other media say this fall was a failed suicide attempt - why is presented as an accident ?
  10. well, I fit those criteria, butI still often am discriminated against.
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