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  1. Sorry, typing error... The apps is really Section 38
  2. Yes, and instead of slow pick-up truck and old motorbike the should have real chase car with dash cam that can follow all those guy flying the scene. No need to fire a gun. Actually some nice Toyota Camry and BMW sit in some Immigration office and Highway police use them to escort VIP. Traffic police is not equipped to intercep of chase car on the roads.
  3. I use actual mobile apps called "Section 30 "to report myself for TM30. As long as my landlord did the original TM30, I can report as the Possessor of the residence. I did report on 5 OCT and no problem.
  4. And it is not a real e-Visa like Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.... Thise are simple and you just have to print the documents that you use to enter. For Thailand eVisa ( sorry visa application Online ) you still have to send your passport to he Embassy or mail your passport to get the regular big sticker. It is a visa application Online. How to make a simple process very very complicated.
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