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  1. Lost count.. had maybe 9 or 10 rental houses.. In all of them the only ones I had issues with were 2 western agents on Phuket, and one thai where I broke the terms of the agreement and they correctly kept it. All my Thai landlords were fair IMO. Going by the horror stories I assume I was lucky, but I also accept that I have cultivated a relationship with my landlords (usually the wife of the household) who was on friendly terms. One in fact was a huge support after a wife died and really mothered me, bringing near daily food and checking on me for months. For me it feels like there needs to be a personal bond, if its just business, your much more likely to lose it.
  2. Have asked a few times.. Is anyone compiling a list of the offices that say it isnt needed ?? I havent seen many / any firm reports, yet have seen firm clear (for what thats worth) reports from many saying it is. Trying to gauge 'mood' and thinking more than anything..
  3. Nowhere may it say otherwise.. However it has been 'said' otherwise by many incountry immigration offices, phone lines, head office, etc.. Which is right, the letter of the law, or the understanding of that law by immigration remains to be seen.
  4. This is what I am forced to do currently.. To be honest the constant movement is draining (and I miss my dogs) I need more of a base and then do many short trips from that.
  5. And yet all extensions of permission of stay of an OA visa (even one issued years ago) do seem to require it. It is likely that those will get stamped in up to the end date of the insurance. So why would an extension of permission of stay (and re entry permit) be so different from the initial permission of stay (and re entry permit) ?? And then expecting clarity and accuracy from the 100s of airport IOs. IMO that doesn't reach the 'of course not' level of certainty.
  6. Just get a non imm O, arrive for 90 days, extend the permission of stay. No insurance needed, no real problems.
  7. For an OA re-entry ?? You seem very sure, of a not so certain thing. Time will tell.
  8. The extension cannot be applied for until 45 or 30 days before the end of the period of stay. That then puts a 30 day under consideration period on the end of the 90 days entry. Sometimes (rarely) they need a second under review period. 90+30 minium.
  9. I hear that re-entry permits are still sometimes forged.
  10. Under 50 lived here since 2001. Home here, wife, dogs, many vehicles, etc Now running a business outside of the kingdom and travel monthly or so. Can't get a multiple entry in the country of my passport, can't extend, etc etc. Sure there's always ways, but it's slightly rediculous how difficult it has become for a legit, newly 2 decade resident, well off married man, to continue to visit his home.
  11. But how do you know. Passport comes back stamped, you can only hope.
  12. How so ?? Current price I know 2 people paid recently. One on Phuket, one in Pattaya. Not saying it's the only price, but that's one price.
  13. You need to be there 4 months to secure a marriage extension.. I have had 2 take 5 months. 90 day entry.. 30 days under review.
  14. I wonder if the agents can magically get a non imm O based on retirement without the financials 24k is the price I hear
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