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  1. Except they did tho.. They came in with healthcare (which Junta is still trying poking around to undo).. infrastructure, roads, water, electric.. They created the OTOP schemes.. They had the 1 million per village development funds.. Etc etc etc.. After decades of being ignored they got all that in one election cycle and thats 'doing nothing' ?? The economic development that came from some small investments in the province powered 6 and 7% growth !! It paid back the IMF loans which were forcast to take a generation in a few years.. It was not only fairer it was massively good economically. One basic simple fact is Bangkok is fundamentally unwilling to share the countries tax review equally. Based on population / budget bangkok gets 400% the spending on education per person as Isaan does.. Bangkok gets 16x the spending that Isaan does in healthcare.. As soon as someone came along and just tried to balance the scales a fraction that was too much, it 'threatened the highest institutions' (because so much of what was done in basic social development was done in thier name) and along comes coup 1. Saying we need actual dictators, to prevent someone the people kept electing as he might get too powerful, is classic doublethink.
  2. experience or ?? The good part about in ground fiber is they are a lot less easy to mess up..
  3. And yet, even with all that, the majority still felt they were the best choice to govern them.. Which tells you a lot about the quality of the governance of everyone prior to to PTP /Tacky etc.. No one had ever done anything for the majority.. 70% of the tax take spent on bangkok with 16% of the population, etc etc etc. All that 'they sold thier votes' 'it wasnt really democratic' well they won 5 in a row, and would win this one if it was democratic.
  4. Ohh he seems truly apologetic and conciliatory.. Fact hes hes just another 1 of 100s... The rot deangs seem to think they have every right to ignore lane markings, parking rules, stop and inconvenience all other road users as they ply thier trade. Its just built in, everyone has to go around or give way to them. The least professional of professional drivers seem to occupy all the seats in the Thai transport industry.
  5. Thinking back tot he time of the coup(s) and so many expats full throated support. We did warn them, we did predict entirely how this would go, they were told.. Once you support the removal of the democratic choice by force, its very hard to get that force back under democratic control.. They've gone mighty quiet now.
  6. Lived there before.. Far fewer restaurants and amenities.. Also much less scenic and a huge amount of bugs from the rice fields at sunset.. Would be nice out Mae On way once the rolling hills start but then you really are ages from town, maybe an hour from some parts.
  7. From where I am theres canal Rd.. Or the main hang dong 108.. Or cross that, in front of wang tan and down the river rd.. 3 options depending on destination and time of day.. Coming in from the north, Mae Rim Mae Joe or Sansai feels worse to me.. I can do my front door to niman in 25 mins on a scooter if I am lucky with the lights. Thats ok for someone who goes in town just a couple of times a week, would get old fast if I was doing it in a car daily (think 45 mins at rush hour) but then I am close to Grand canyon not in at royal flora. I like being out in the villages.. So nahm preah works for me, but I could also do fine in Doi Saket out to the reservoir.. Or a few places..
  8. only a small section actually gets plane noise.. Hang Dong covers a lot of area..
  9. I remember it coming in during the Purachai social order campaign period.. For sure it was stated its reasoning was to prevent youth buying alcohol from schools.. Part of why it had a morning and afternoon timing. Of course selling alcohol to minors was illegal before that, so whats another law going to do.
  10. Applies to bars too.. just unenforced.. They did the same in Chiang Mai for ages..
  11. I will lose +- 500k EUR per annum... Still think it should happen.
  12. www.facebook.com/poolworldthailand.co.th Just popped up on my FB feed..
  13. Where I am (admittedly a fairly wealthy and not totally tourism dominated province) I would say theres a lot more wealthy Thais than wealthy farangs..
  14. Theres 2 things.. First it that the land office collect a transaction tax / stamp duty.. everyone pays this one way or another (buyer / seller / split). The second is that the capital gains is technically income in the year the property is sold.. Few / no one pays this but then its harder to move your money out the country.
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