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  1. All our other tests didnt work.. But this test, clearly proves we are not at fault.. mmmm'kay..
  2. I am constantly thinking I should run that much income through something like shelter (now iglu has stopped doing it) so that in 3 years time I have the eligibility. My current concern is simply being in Thailand at the prescribed dates and times of extensions and review, my business activity isnt something I can schedule around Thailands clock, which is not the way it will need to work in the compliance side for Thailand (and attitude of PR reviewers) so I worry I invest a few years tax, and then due to work, break my extension chain or something annoying while in the multi year applicati
  3. Maybe Thailand isnt the place for older folks, with cognitive decline. Consider it an entry test. What possible reason would Thailand want to attract that sector ?? High spenders ?? Big earners ??
  4. Revolut premium account.. 6.99 a month (airport lounges, cheap FX, etc) and includes insurance for 10 million which covers covid and gets a COE to return. 7 Pounds a month.. And this causes such indignation from farangs. <deleted>.
  5. If you over 50 get an OA.. Yes you need to do some things, do them.. Maybe you have to go to your home country to apply, go there. This is what I mean by howling retirees.. You have a route, you just dont want to be asked to comply, you want it on your terms. Another retiree who was vocally slagging the application process in social media groups and 'idiot Thais', and broken systems, he had done everything as requested etc.. I ended up taking on his COE application for him. Nothing was correctly uploaded, images illegible low res phone pictures, an email from an insurance agent uploade
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