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  1. Plus plus.. Got a 5xl jacket and its a tight XXL at best.. Even shoes.. Europe I get 45's, a lot of stuff here 46 is tight... How can a number measurement be different, XL etc is perhaps relative but a 12 is a 12 is a 12..
  2. The Thai guy whose making such a big deal of filming etc.. This is his personal FB profile.. Outraged !!
  3. If you want it, the main market in the city (esp 5 6am) has loads of seafood and strangely cheaper for large prawns etc.. But as an Island its the on the menu choice and we both go overboard when we come down, its part of the experience. Up north more likely to enjoy geangs and northern lanna foods. Its all swings and roundabouts, I dont have strong feelings of dislike to any of the balance except high season tourism, everything else is a kind of trade off that has upsides and downsides.
  4. Absolutely.. I 100% agree with you this is the kind of difference.. But some of the Pro Samui posters are making it seem equivalent.. 'everything you need' is easily available and as someone with no particular dog in this fight, and lot of experience in both, I dont think thats really accurate.. Are most of those things mostly available at higher prices and less quality choice ? Yes !! How important is that extra bit or cost, entirely up to the person.
  5. I dont think you realize the diversity and quality and price of Chiang Mai options.. On this aspect, its leagues better if your used to that variety. Some people dont care and hence wont notice.. But its one of the advantages of CM... Theres also of course plenty of disadvantages many of which Samui doesn't suffer and traffic which I think they both do.
  6. I live in Chiang Mai and regularly visit Samui.. Thats the way round I personally prefer it, tho I consider keeping a more permanent island home for more long term visits. I flip flop on the issue but get easily burnt out with mass tourism. Samui has the things your asking for, but it does not have them in the frequency or price that Chiang Mai does. In general the best facilities are concentrated around Chaweng (or at least the east to north quadrant) which I personally find a poorly / over developed mess. I find I have to put much more 'work' into getting high quality meats, bre
  7. Agree.. The real rich probably have multiple homes, somewhere sunny and with clear legal infrastructure, which is a base for thier frequent travel to exotic and exciting places. Its the modest wealth they might attract now at best (I also think they are missing a huge trick for online workers, which wouldnt need much imagination at all to capitalize on, but hey).. The sad fact for Thailand is they were the poster child of exotic and exciting, back in the 80s and 90s.. And then gradually slid down the ranks as it became passe and sold out to mass tourism.. You cant wish yourself into a 5 st
  8. Ahh yes my own gripping (to me anyway) saga of mid 20s early retiree flush with cash, a clifftop villa, and the energy to party till 6am and go home with multiple birds of a night, 5 or 6 nights a week... To almost ready for my geezer visa, bald head, a house in the country and a couple of dogs.. Not quite the Hogarths Rakes Progress but not a million miles from it..
  9. Cant help but think the comparison to a worn out Bar Girl is entirely appropriate.. Scarily so.. Back in the flush of her youth she had a constant stream of wealthy visiting admirers... It was trips to the islands, nice resorts, and seafood dinners, young rich guys from Europe and USA treating her right, getting paid to do what she would have done for free.. Party all night and luxury by day.. All was good in the world and no effort needed.. Then sure her looks started to tarnish but there was still plenty of takers.. Nightclubs till dawn, maybe they didnt spend the whole holiday with j
  10. HNW.. And or VHNW / UHNW.. = 1/5/30m USD HNI is no ones acronym.
  11. Portugal (including lovely Medeira) are offering a whole host of options.. Golden visas, property purchase visas, 10 year income tax discounted entrepreneur visas, online worker options, etc etc etc.. Any useful member of society would struggle not to qualify.. Couple of years of rule following and citizenship offered..
  12. There you go then.. Get the spellcaster general back in and dehex the place.. Obviously the cause of it all..
  13. Yeah I have a acquaintance in the west.. Managed to do well for himself and is approaching triple digit millions.. Rarely flies first class usually private (only trans Atlantic flies commercial etc) thinks nothing of a 250k euro long weekend by jet with him and a small entourage to Cannes, Dubai, or St Barts.. What does Thailand offer this man ?? Really ?? Sun Sand and Sex ?? He has more than he can hope to deal with of a far higher caliber.. There is literally nothing here of unique or high end appeal to attract this mans spending. Hes used to Bentlys and rollers, the hotels going to dis
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