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  1. Almost never works at national parks any longer.. Nor does pink ID cards or Taxpayer work permits.. Finding someone who breaks the government rules and is slack is hardly a system to praise. You have entirely made my point for me. The system is arbitrary and based purely on race / nationality (my ex cambo GF used to routinely get Thai national rate, while I didnt) and as such has no resemblance to an actual formal system where local residents gain access to local attractions no matter race sex nationality religion etc.. The western one is without doubt fair.
  2. Right so as a multi decade resident of Thailand, how would a farang qualify for local price at all attractions as you are advocating. Otherwise your mixing apples and oranges.. The whole point of the dual pricing problem, is that it isnt based on anything other than what you look like / nationality.
  3. And in Holland, any resident no matter thier nationality can get one of these cards ?? Right ??
  4. Your right.. for someone making an investment, wouldnt you rather one that solidly appreciates, rather than one that depreciates due to shoddy build !!
  5. You have to throw away 1 item.. your passport or your pink ID card.. Your call ??
  6. If you google theres also a paddleboard tour / rental company..
  7. Agreed, would need to be willfully in denial to not see this as a cultural trait.
  8. Any time you enter the kingdom you generate a permission of stay, if you enter with a valid in date O-A visa that gets you a 1 year permission of stay. Even if you arrive 1 day before the 'visa' expires, you still generate a 1 year permission of stay, which obviously is then beyond the end date of the visa. Visas allow you to enter Thailand, permissions of stay allow you to be in Thailand. If you wish to extend that permission of stay, you have to wait until near the end of its duration, some offices specify 30 days but most and I think Chiang Mai, says 45 days prior to the end. You would go to the local incountry immigration closest to where you are deemed resident to do this. If you wish to leave the kingdom, for a short period, after the visa has expired, but while you still hold a valid permission of stay, you get a re-entry permit (single or multiple) which is valid to the end of that permission of stay. Similarly once you extend a permission of stay, if you ever wish to leave and return, you need to get a re-entry permit to keep the permission of stay valid. Visas (generally) come from embassy's and consuls outside the kingdom. Permissions of stay, extensions of permissions of stay, and re-entry permits all come from immigration within (or at the borders of) the kingdom. Understanding the 2 systems are effectively seperate helps to understand the processing.
  9. Elite 5 year Elite Lifetime BOI registered Umbrella company METVs and part year travelling Legit Language study Legit further education No its not as easy as the old days of putting 1000b in your passport and having a new stamp put in there without doing anything, but its not like theres no way either.
  10. For the first few years.. Keep your footprints light. lean to live from a suitcase without much baggage.. Tell no one your working. Get a 6 month ME Tourist visa.. Rent a cheap apartment.. Work at getting a local bank account, SIM card, etc.. Link it all up with online banking so you can 'credit' phone and or electric / water / internet / rental bills easily and remotely (this has become radically easier in the last few years with online banking apps and is a big help to a young digital native who may be in and out.. In the old days every electric bill / water bill etc had to be manually paid in cash, if you were travelling your services got cut off, etc etc etc Used to drive me crazy how much they expected you to go and spend a day to pay a bill). This lifestyle will be a fragile one, any visa run or border hop will have some tension on if this is the time that its 'too many' stamps.. Watch the forum closely, watch which borders are a problem and plan accordingly, carry cash when you transit airports, learn what to say and what not to say. You will be the prime age group for denial and honestly, you are the very reason they are denying people. This perceived 'abuse' is why many will jump on your comments, it is a case where doing what your doing to work around the rules, is making it harder for many others. If you like it here after a year or so of that, and theres not a desire to keep travelling asia for new experiences, consider elite visa (still illegal to work) or umbrella company (fully legal, but a highish cost). Pretending to be a tourist, while trying to be a resident, is something thats getting much harder. Working online, for yourself and not a Thai company is illegal but enforcement is practically impossible. Remember those issues and you can usually do OK.
  11. Not true if you work under the umbrella of a BOI registered tech company. Has a cost of course, as does being legal and paying tax anywhere.
  12. 9400 is barely minimum wage.. When was the last time you actually tried to employ anyone with any intelligence or skill ??
  13. Not true where I come from.. Not true with any private pension.. Not true with any investment income.. Not true with any REITs etc.. Not true with any precious metals programs.. Not true with any Crypto investments.. Not true with (shall I continue) ?? Fact is, given its not true most of the time, why should Thailand continue to ignore it ?? Why not demand as it normal in the developed world, to do 2 tax returns, and demand that the non resident country refunds the taxation or that obligation is then reduced from the Thai one, still having to do a source country declaration and a resident country declaration !! Thats how it works in the developed world. Last year I did tax returns in 3 countries and by law should have done a nil return for Thailand also.
  14. The point is, it IS explicitly directed as a law already. It is a law that hasnt been enforced, much like TM30 reporting wasnt enforced. However those who sign on the dotted line that they bring in 65k of income, as part of thier visa extension, are signing declarations which make them liable under an existing, gazetted, law. There is no aw change required here, merely a change in enforcement which is possible at the whim of any sitting government.
  15. agreed.. as someone who deals with multi territory and cross border workforces, this is very normal.. Peoples insistence on not understanding it, stems mostly from a desire to avoid it.
  16. Sorry but thats normal.. Interest payments are domestic sourced.. Entirely the same as paying income tax while working in a country, to then claim the tax back if your under the tax threshold (as is the case with many farangs) or not resident for the duration required. Far from being unusual, this is exactly how it is in many other places.
  17. Doubt it.. Its what Thai mega rich use to offshore billions and not have income tax even due on it. All legal and above board. The Ultra wealthy Thai set is far more concerned over thier own legal loopholes than chasing us pesky farangs, other much easier low hanging fruit ways of dealing with it.
  18. You do understand that simply 'doing a language course' doesnt automatically qualify you for an ED visa. It has to be a specialist school, with a course approved by the education ministry, who will then have / know all the correct documents. Its not just 'sign up for a language course and bring the receipt'..
  19. Whats the point in quoting cambodian labour law changes at the man ??? He has enough problems with the Thai law.
  20. Yes it is only in the year earned / paid. That is exclusively what is being discussed.. Narrowing declared 'pensions' in the expat income proof sense, to only social security, when many are using investment income, stock dividends, etc etc is exactly the problem.. 'some pensions' are taxed at source from 'some countries' however thats 1) not most and 2) Not Thailands fault. A DTA agreement would allow you to either claim it back from the country of non residence or reduce it from a tax liability here at whichever is the higher rate but still means it is now being paid. None of which changes that a lot of retirees currently pay no tax, and this change would ensure they pay it somewhere.
  21. Wont be possible.. The work permit will require income, official place of employment, taxes, etc etc which will be highly burdensome and real world impossible to obtain. So your either going to get used to the idea your doing it under the table or need a radical rethink..
  22. Lots of confused parts on this.. especially to be sure it is a O-A not an O based on retirement as people often make the mistake of assuming a 'retirement visa' is an O-A when it isnt (did you provide criminal record background checks etc). If its an O-A you will be given a 1 year permission of stay on entry. If you leave and re-enter the country at any time before the 1 year expiration of the visa, you will gain another 1 year permission of stay. If in the second year, after the visa has expired, you leave the country, you should obtain a re-entry permit (single or multiple) to keep the permission of stay valid, otherwise it expires when you leave. At any point, when approaching the end of a permission of stay, you can apply for a annual extension (to the permission of stay, not the visa) if you meet the requirements (800k, 65k a month from outside Thailand, etc). This could be at the end of the first entry after a year, or any subsequent entries. Not forgetting you will need to do 90 day reports for any time you stay incountry longer than 90 days, your TM30 address reporting, and every other monitoring of the dangerous farang that they now dream up. If it isnt an O-A, merely a non imm O, you will get 90 days permission of stay, at any time up to 1 year (therefore good for 15 months careful use). Extensions can therefore be asked for approaching the end of any of the 90 day permissions of stay. Clear as mud ??
  23. Check in with https://www.facebook.com/LooseRidersChiangMai/ Very active community, enduro, cross country and downhill..
  24. Many workers have time off work.. So they would normally go to the beach.. This is about domestic tourism. Its not all about the mighty westerner.. Whats not to understand.
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