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  1. The trick is to have 2 SIM cards, one for your home country and one for Thailand. When you add money, add enough to keep each one valid 1 year. Then when you land you just switch out your SIM cards. You don’t have to go to a shop. You can be messaging when the plane comes to a stop, as you’re going through immigration and waiting for your luggage. “Landed!” Haha. I have found that unlimited internet is a must. The 1 or 2 gigabytes data plan is used up in a few days. In Thailand get a “pre-paid” sim. With that, if you don’t fill it, it cancels automatically after a certain time depending on how much money you filled. With a “postpaid’ it doesn’t cancel but goes on forever unless you take action, also a bill gets sent to your address. I can see an advantage of the tourist sim, they have unlimited internet. Otherwise ask at the shop for unlimited internet. If you don’t use the internet while out and about (meaning you don’t use data) then there are lots of 49 baht SIM cards. Let us know if you get one, how it works out, and if you have to top up with more money to last the 3 weeks with calling and data. Once you get a 49 baht SIM card, you will have a plan that comes with it but you can change to another plan by calling a number or at the shop. And you can top it up to keep it valid long enough for your next trip. Good luck. http://truemoveh.truecorp.co.th/package/prepaid?ln=en
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