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  1. I dont know if this will help but,.....I moved to Thailand in Jan and I had a 1 year Non-b visa, i thought it was good for a year,..i never travel outside USA/Can,...so much to my horror when I went to the immagration office I found out I had over stayed,...i went to the office to ask why i had a stamp that said jul 17 whe i was good for a year,...i went in sept,...they had a negative reaction and i just said sorry i didnt understand...so they said just leave and pay later...I left and went to the airport,..i had overstayed for 110 days when i left,...it took 10 minutes of my time,...i said to the offical I am sorry i overstayed,..i didnt understand i never traveled,..he said o no problem dont worry,...he asked me to pay a 20,000 baht fine and smiled and said please come back whenever you wish! I said I love Thailand and ill be back soon, he was happy and I was at ease,...my problem came when I tried ot enter my own country,...rude annoying people,...i was in customs for hours because the ysaid staying in thailand for 10 months was weird,...anyway, I had NO problems with the officals,..very nice :) However,..I did know a judge and lawyers and went with a lawyer to immagartion and had a letter from a offical at the thai immagartion office,....

  2. Thanks you so much everyone! I have a few pm's that have been a god send. Thank you to those people. Also peopel posting here, for the post part, have been very kind and generious to me! I have a public school done, where I was in advanced classes. I went to a private college for Russian and Physics, however that wasnt going to happen when I found out my dad was serious ill. I went home and worked, took care of my family and then after my father passed away I just kept on working. I was in a good job in America, when I met a amazing Thai, we fell in love and married in America. THen we decided to move to Thailand to allow her time to finish college here before we move back to open a business. Well, her family has old thai values and only the mother knows about me, the brothers aswell. So I can not ask them for help, and sadly most of my family has passed away in America. So yes, I agree coming here with little funds and on a dimes notice might have been foolish, but who hasnt done something foolish for love. I used all I had left to pay for a TEFL, and I am now down to enough for the next month and I am broke, no money, no food or nothing. While it might seem embarassing, i posted here about how upset I was and how I felt alittle taken by the whole o god its not a problem with no degree thing. I applied at many places, such as Bang Bon and got rejected, they said no BA means no work permit and I dont want something to go wrong in a Inspection. So I was feeling lost and unsure of what to do. I got some pm's from some lovely people who I belive will help me secure a job and be able to support myself while fullfilling a important role in Thai education. Thanks again everyone, I am greatful!

  3. Hello!

    My name is Nicholas Gayder and I have been in Thailand for 5 months now. I came early for a holiday, took Chichester College's course and I am currently looking for a job. I have been looking at ajarnspace.com and here. But people wont reply to me because I have no college degree, I am willing to work any job, even for 20,000 bhat. I need to find a way to make ends meet because I came here on a one way ticket, and I am past the point of return. I am going to run out of money. The college made me belive it is almost impossible to not find a job. I speak English very well, and use proper grammar. I need anything, any job. Can someone please give me advice, I am very nervious about not finding one. I also realize it was the Thai summer for school in April, but I am not getting calls or emails back. The few places that did dropped me like a hot pancake when I said no college degree!



  4. Hello!

    My name is Nicholas Gayder and I am currently living in Salaya. I am willing to travel anywhere around Bangkok to reach my job. I have experence in teaching on site at my previous work, and have been in manager positions. I did attend college at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. My majors were Russian and physics. Im willing to work in many fields and I am open to almost any job. I have a PDF of my CV which also includes a picture of me which I can send via PM to anyone interested in hiring me. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Yours truely,


  5. Suffice to say: if you are working in Thailand, you are subject to Thai law and therefore you will pay taxes according to Thai law- lower salaries aren't taxed highly; most teachers will pay barely 10% or so- EXCEPT with the potential for a period of exception according to the treaty above.

    If you are a US citizen, you are bound by US laws, which require you to file and to show evidence of your eligibility for a foreign tax exclusion of nearly $100k dollars. If you earn in excess of that, it is taxable by US law. Please go to the business forum (or a US tax forum) if you wish to protest this; it's not an issue of being a teacher in a foreign country but one of being a US citizen.

    I think i get it! I pay 10% and i just prove to the US government i dont make more then 100K usd :) Yes!!

  6. No. As I wrote, Nina is the owner of Discovery Lodge (just discovered I'm not allowed to post its URL, but it's Google-able), the closest guesthouse to the college. I doubt if you'll meet the 'owners' of the college; the head-instructor was/is Steve. Probably no need to book any guesthouse in BKK - very few travelles about.

    They have a cheap guest house for 100$ usd for a month, the Discovery Lodge is 300$!

  7. I obtained ny TESOL at the Bangkok Branch.
    It is hardly a 'college'..more like 6-8 rooms. The course was good however and the instructors were excellent. I managed to secure my own position before the course finished but the other guys and gals on the course all secured positions afterwards.

    Yep. I went to Chichester in 2006: agree with all the above. PLUS an emphasis on practicalities, invaluable for learning the 'easy' way. Check out Discovery Lodge about [from memory] 2/3 blocks from the school, away from MRT's Suthisan station - great atmosphere and 'Nina', the owner, full of friendly, useful advice. Good luck :)

    Nina is the owner? I have yet to meet anyone from there except the person I been emailing, I already paid for the whole course, I just need to go to Thailand now!

  8. Who said they scapped it I thought they'd reduced it further to 15 days x3 over 6 months.

    I could be wrong, but before the deal was that you could get unlimited land border stamps. Then it was that you could get 3x land border stamps in a 180 day period. Now it's unlimited land border stamps for 15 days and unlimited airport stamps for 30....but I've been wrong before!

    So I take my family to Pattaya (or any other resort in Thailand) for a little holiday, but we must all be tucked in our hotel beds before dark, so my daughter doesn't see the antics of all the saddos down the sois. Get real of course we wanna go out for the evening.

    Just out of curiousity....why would you take your family to Pattaya for a vacation? Seems like the last place a respectable upstanding citizen would want to go...unless he or his has ties there...there's plenty of other spots that have MUCH nicer beaches and MUCH fewer lecherous old men 'taking advantage' of the poor, backwards, innocent, youthful flowers.

    I can't change what I see, neither am I trying to, but the government can and are slowly-but-surely, they hate the image they have overseas. if you are acting agrily towards my comments then I guess I must be talking about you.

    Let's see....a couple of areas out of the whole country where it's known world wide for being the prostitution capital versus violence in the South, bombings in malls in Bangkok, airport closures, attempts to reneg on firetruck deals, violent protests, human rights violations, etc.....yeah I can see how the prostitution is the bigger problem in the World's eyes....

    I can't help the way I feel, these people and their antics disgust me and I can't wait for the day that Thailand is full of nice tourists who go home at the end of their holiday, and expats that all settle here do so with their partner, and when they go out it's simply for a few beers (a bit like we see back home in Europe or U.S.).

    Grandpa always said "Sh!t in one hand and wish in the other...see which fills first".

    Hahahahaha ! I love the Grandpa saying!!

  9. I obtained ny TESOL at the Bangkok Branch.

    It is hardly a 'college'..more like 6-8 rooms. The course was good however and the instructors were excellent. I managed to secure my own position before the course finished but the other guys and gals on the course all secured positions afterwards.

    Great to hear! Im hoping I can find a good position where I can support myself without the need for a second job!

  10. I must be in a different circle than the OP and some of U here

    I've found thai men, to be…….

    Very polite, gentle, considered, girl's pleaser, respectful of opposite sex, fun to talk and have ordinary meals with, very funny too, and very family man

    However, they tend to be clingy, a mommy's boy, easily influenced by external pressures and family.

    One major factor that had stop me dating or marrying them is - "the in-laws", they will be too much factor in our relationship, a bit less workable for my western mind

    At first my mom was almost fell down on the floor when I brought home my farang boy-boyfriend over x'mas holiday - during my school break….maaaany moons ago. She had thought most farangs are hard drinker, hard smoker, and womanizing in the sleazy way too much, etc. Just her general sense of seeing farangs in thailand.

    But now she's ok and content with the fact that he's a very nice boy and a good husband. Plus he's non- smoker/drinker/womanizing, and very polite but with back bone, which were also the main major criteria for her future son-in-law

    Just my opinion and abit more………….hopefully I stay on the topic

    That ugly yeah? :)

    Im dating a Thai boy, and they seem nice to me. Usally well mannaered, but my thai boy is jealious and very clingy. But im totally fine with how he is.

  11. Im really excited about the replies so far! Im sure this will be a wonderful experence, while I did go to college I never finished. I took advanced English in high school and did fairly well! I need to brush on on grammer, but Im so excited! I never expected ot be planning to leave the USA and to be teaching in a Asian country. This all happened about 2 months ago, I was wanting a change of pace, I work in a casino dealing cards. I needed to find a job that allowed me to help people and to experence a new culture. My mother always told me that without a broad view of the world you can not really be apart of it or understand it. I came across this college and it looked so great! I have a very close friend in Thailand so this naturally happened! Im looking forward to awkward culture shock, misscommunications and of course learning a new language! Although Thai writing seems insanely hard to read! Imust admit Im worried about fitting into Bangkok and about finding people to socialize with, but a new experence will be to great to pass up!

  12. :) Hello! Im new to the forums and Im also moving to Thailand, Im looking for general advice and also about the school Im attenting to get my degree (TEFL/TESL) certificate, Chichester College! Look like a great school and Im very excited! Has anyone heard of that school?

    I understand that it is part of Chichester College in England. In fact my old college. They run a good and recognised programme.

    Great to hear! You went to the College in England or in Bangkok?

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