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  1. Surely done in an effort to baffle the police and prolong the mulling stage before the inevitable swooping.
  2. Do you really believe that the military/Prayut acted out of altruism? Imo, Prayut received the go-ahead for the coup from Prem and a select few families, because he would serve their purposes better than the government at the time. The unrests and demonstrations were timed dressing to make everything go down well. Did Yingluck deserve the turmoil? Of course she did, her government was corrupt and inept. But don't make the mistake believing Prayut selflessly saved the day, he had an entirely different agenda: He grabbed power and later did not relinquish it, instead he consolidated an
  3. The military exists to protect a country and society from exterior forces. The police exists to protect a country and society from interior forces.
  4. I know that one: It's the One Baht coin replacing the shorted fuse in the Filter Assembly. Right???
  5. only need 3 steps: Gimme three steps, gimme three steps, mister Gimme three steps toward the door Gimme three steps, gimme three steps, mister And you'll never see of me no more
  6. I saw Vin Diesel kill somebody with a teacup!
  7. Just wondering if he will conveniently catch Covid 19 while in prison.
  8. Meanwhile Top Police Brass and municipal functionaries declared Walking Street free of touts, as they couldn't find any on a recent inspection at 6am.
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