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  1. Statement elaborated: "I want to milk this legal cash cow for all its worth and I will continue to bill every hour of work and any fraction thereof to the government including the time for statements made from inception to delivery. I will therefore use all legal resources to continue and extend this campaign as long as possible. I really don't care if the election was fair and free, and promises to the American people are just an abstract exercise."
  2. Thunder? Really? Iran and it's poetic metaphors again fail to instill fear. Next time use "lightning".
  3. "Da repeated her warning to her compatriots to be wary of handsome foreigners online bearing gifts beards."
  4. He is obviously a failure at defending the Thai Constitution, so he branched out to defend the Thai Currency. It's easier.
  5. Two points I would like to make. First is technical/legal. Sacoolas was not a diplomat. She was a former CIA operative, married to a current CIA operative (not a diplomat either) who had diplomatic immunity. Don't call it "Diplomatic Immunity" if none of the parties involved is a diplomat. Call it what it is: "Immunity for anyone who commits a crime/felony/misdemeanor and whose prosecution may or may not hurt a foreign relation". Second is moral/ethical. Sacoolas behavior is cowardly and sets an example for avoiding responsibility if you are privileged. A disgrace to herself a
  6. from the article: Avoiding key issues in the complaint, Mr Pradermchai said, “For the construction over Bang Rak Canal, we have not been able to conclude this issue. The aerial photos showed us that there is a canal through the resort land, but from the inspection, we did not see any canal in the resort. looks like they misplaced a canal Yup, lost it.
  7. "This is you Captain speaking: Love Temple on approach in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, start praying, ... praying finished - next temple already coming up: ready, set, go - start praying, or just continue from prayer before, Buddha or somebody will understand."
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