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  1. Tried to locate this place: Principle, but can't find it. Must be popular though, since it's mentioned so much...
  2. from the article: Well, he is a magical being and could support them with a song..., which will become a global hit and he will have to go on worldwide tours and be out of the country for a looong time and we could see him on TV doing his dance routine "Oppa U-Turn Style", say what...
  3. Reform, not gonna happen. The government likes its courts exactly as they have made them. Remember how Apirat Kongsompong vowed teary-eyed to reform the military after the Korat shooting? Remember the ever ongoing on and off promises of police reform? Well, they at least may get a new uniform soon... Regarding this loophole: In its view on the qualifications of MPs, the Council of State said a person jailed for two years in Thailand or abroad is not eligible to be an MP within five years of being released, Mr Wissanu said. In this case, the jail sentence was given in 1
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