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  1. as tweeted by "no class (Worldwide) whatsoever" Donald J. Trump
  2. She should sue the cabinet maker for having her gob smacked by their product.
  3. The question is; why are election promises always believed, again and again
  4. I'm not campaigning, I'm "inspecting a park".
  5. They'll make him an Honorary General
  6. The ruling proves no such thing. He is not yet in jail and chances are he won't be. He will exhaust all his appeals over many years, and then he will become too ill to serve his sentence and after having built himself a sympathetic judge his sentence will be voided on humanitarian grounds. This scenario is exactly possible because he is rich, it's not available to the poor. So, Wichian, it's not the ruling that counts, it's what come afterwards in this Thai Judicial Leopard Soup Opera.
  7. "or other", that about sums it up... The police speaking words of wisdom, distilled from generations of skilled detecting.
  8. a new romance... But what about Kim, and Putin, and Netanyahu, and ... This President is a stallion!
  9. He's just emulating the government, including his mindlessness being a "security officer" and forgetting about the cctv...
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