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  1. CP outdone by this guy, and a farang to boot: Phuket chef hands out over 2,000 free meals
  2. next: Zombie Wolverine Back From The Grave coming to franchise real soon
  3. by comparison: Lascaux cave paintings about 20,000 years old...
  4. What is needed now is some thick plod to complement the thickened plot..., I'm sure not a pompem.
  5. The New Normal, Mr. Johnson, is "mask-to-mask conversations". You of all people should have learned the lesson...
  6. however, he remembers discussing the initiative with a colleague next to a Win moto cy stand and there is a good possibility that one of the moto cy taxi drivers overheard them and now was trying to make a baht. But a Thai official would never do something like that!
  7. Look here, the only tourists that can afford to travel immediately post-covid are the wealthy ones. It doesn't matter if they come from St. Moritz or Timbuktu. If you choose to implement a segregation it will bite you in the a$$.
  8. And Thai police cannot find one ? the BMW Smart Cars are not programmed for sex workers, and the 3 times overpriced new Teslas are for VIPs... and that's all the excuses I can anticipate.
  9. He used to perform at the Royal Hawaiian's weekly Luau in the early 90's...
  10. TAS: Thai Airhead Syndrome the root cause for many issues
  11. but the majority of the people has no mind of their own, they elected you after all..., so please make it up for them.
  12. Repairing Democracy post-Trump is going to be an epic undertaking. Maybe Jared Kushner could help with that...
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