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  1. Army Chief: a collection of ill-intentioned politicians, remnants of communist ideologies and anti-establishment elements Army Spokesman: Army Chief merely wanted to present facts Army Fact Presenter: Can't present any facts today, it's a holiday
  2. his average speed was over 20 km/h. I'm happy when I do 10 km/h!
  3. Here is another one for future robbers: My amulet made me do it
  4. "How did they meet, taking a motorcycle taxi or the BTS? Were they singing at a karaoke, choosing songs with a code? Did they eat som tam together and what would that signify? How did they recognize each other and was there a secret handshake? My mind is reeling at the implications of my delusions...", Apirat continued.
  5. Apirat says: Thailand is facing what he described as a “hybrid warfare” being waged by a collection of “ill-intentioned politicians”, remnants of communist ideologues and then he refers to a meeting of a Thai opposition leader with Joshua Wong, who fights against communist ideology Apirat, you just screwed up your own rationale, but that's what aspiring dictators do...
  6. If he was Thai he could have a position in Prayut's cabinet
  7. Dear Supreme Court, you don't have to explain or justify your leniency to us, we know why and how and what. You are what you are. xoxoxo
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