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  1. elderly foreigners should stop trying to be casanovas. they should stay at home in their own countries.
  2. this is a worldwide phenomenon. those impacted by this corona virus outcome have to remain strong and brave the situation. this is the price humanity pays some times.
  3. the national image should be of greater concrn.
  4. somebody just posted about goods being smuggled into the country by the staff. how far that is true no one knows for sure, other than the staff involved, of course.
  5. sad to see Thai airways headed that way. it is a good airline.
  6. bars are the mainstay of tourism and it will help tourism the sooner the bars are opened.
  7. sounds like a jigsaw with some pieces missing. police should investigate before any money transaction takes place.
  8. identifying the "dangerous" bars is very subjective. infections can occur under any and all environment.
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