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  1. I think they are testing a lot but it's not targeted testing, not mass testing. They have IMO a solid and well working contact tracing system, that's why they managed to keep it at bay for 13 months longer than all western countries except Australia and New Zealand. 1500 cases a day, each meet between 5 and 10 high risk (first round), all tested, the same contact tracing procedure kicks in again and again until no high risk identified. They don't test those considered low risk but they are told to quarantine. The system is not perfect but IMO, it's a h*ck of a lot better than what
  2. I think they are Their biggest problem is that lots of private hospitals refuse covid-19 patients. Some things are not entirely logical in Thailand but one would hope they do it because they don't have the medical capacity to treat serious cases. Another option could very well be that serious cases can be hugely expensive to treat. What would they do if the patient / relatives cannot pay? In China (before the government announced that they would cover covid-19 treatment), relatives borrowed all they could and if that wasn't enough, hospitals stopped treatment. I remembe
  3. Haven't found any clarifications of that. They're taking it seriously now so driving through a "red" province is most likely enough IMO. On the other hand, there are no quarantines for interprovincial travel within the non "red" provinces yet. As long as you stay within them you should be OK.
  4. I went on a skiing holiday to Sweden in early March and got stuck there until August. Interesting time for the wrong reasons. There was (for Sweden) a lot of coverage about their "solution" to manage the first wave, the government called it prioritization of course. The strongest news story was about a relative who repeatedly asked for information about her elderly fathers health but was refused, this is illegal in Sweden. She finally said that she recorded everything, did not allow palliative care and threatened with media and court action before the retirement home gave in and sent the fath
  5. They did not restrict freedom of movement but they did many other other illegal things. They instructed retirement homes to not send elderly to hospitals regardless of if they needed hospital treatment or not and instead start palliative care (morphine drip until they die, illegal without next-of-kin's explicit permission). I am Swedish and I read many stories from desperate relatives. CNN ran a story on overwhelmed ambulance drivers confirming that they hadn't had one single call-out to a retirement home - where most of the people who died came from. I'd call sacrifici
  6. Bring in demographics. Large country, low population, most people live in single or small house holds, and especially that there is little contact between generations in Sweden. Also consider that Sweden has been so extreme in postponing "non life threatening" treatment that they don't expect to catch up until 2023. And they are doing really badly
  7. Best oxymoron I have heard in a long time. How do we stay away from an invisible virus?
  8. Sweden adapted and improved their response, that's why I deliberately used past tense HAD in my post. Perhaps your reading comprehension is a bit affected after a few beers in a bar again.
  9. Did they take that decision you talk about at the same time as they did a vastly better job at containing civid-19 than any other western country in the world except Australia and New Zealand? They kept it at bay for 13 months longer than most other countries. That makesthem smarter than the leaders in those countries inmy book.
  10. Sweden has tried it for 13 months, had the highest death numbers in the world per 100,000 inhabitants and they are still very far from it. With number of re-infections rising, anti-bodies providing immunity for 6 to maximum 12 months it seems, I'd say never. Different variants are no problem but will take time, it's relatively easy to combine vaccines to give broader coverage.
  11. Interesting, thank you Moonlover. Have you heard of any travel restrictions / expected problems traveling from Sakon Nakhorn to Udon Thani and on to Bangkok? My 16 year old daughter is traveling back to Bangkok from Ban Muang alone Saturday.
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